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KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback - OD Green (Package: Pistol)

32 Customer Reviews

by matt g. on 01/09/2017
"Great gun for the price, Pretty much fully compatible with any buckings and barrels from some good brands. overall a good buy and I don't regret it at all. your front sight comes loose but it includes a tool to fix it so overall its good. don't worry too much about mag leaks, just buy some Teflon tape just incase. 23/25 solid pistol, and would consider beefing it up with upgrades.
by Andrew J. on 08/19/2016
"Great gun. Very accurate and powerful. The front sight fell off and i had to gorilla glue it back on. Other than that no complaints
by Dylan F. on 11/24/2015
"the gun shoots flawlessly great buy for the price
by Richard Y. on 04/26/2015
"I got this gun almost 6 months ago at a massive buy and sell event at my field. It was a new gun, but it was a lemon, so the guy only sold it to me for only 40 dollars. Honestly, it was the best investment I have ever made. It kicks hard, its full metal, its totally TM compatible so upgrade and replacement parts are in no short supply. The only thing I don't like is the fact it rattles a little, but it really isn't that big of a deal. One thing to note is that if you have small hands like me, you may want to invest in the WE extended slide release. It isn't a drop in fit, but if you just file it to the same shape for like 5 minutes, it should be able to fit.

- TM compatible
-Built well

- Rattles
by Alex E. on 05/13/2014
"Just got this pistol a couple weeks ago and I can say that I really like it! I ordered pretty much the same thing from asgi except it was labeled as a *custom gun*, it never worked, but thats alright because now I have 2 green gas mags, and 3 co2 mags for this amazing gun! Havn't had any green gas to try out the green gas mags with but the co2 mags work really well! .25g bbs work pretty good but I prefer .30s because I feel that I hit my target more consistently.

*It's decently accurate, but i'm gonna look into a tightbore for it.
*Feels really nice in your hand.
*A good weight but doesn't feel really heavy.
*You can get atleast 75 rounds out of a magazine on a warm day.

*First off that mag release button, really easy to press. I'm worried about running with this in a holster.
*Sometimes when the slide is back and you put a magazine in the slide goes forward. Which isn't a bad thing but I like hitting the slide release because it makes me feel cool.
by Andrew S. on 07/02/2013
"Amazing gun, I've had it for just a little bit over 6 months now and it shoots nice and hard still. Be a little careful of the mags as mine are a bit leaky but I'm sure with proper maitenance, the mags would be fine. The gun itself shoots well, no cycling problems, very accurate at medium range (up to 50 ft) and if you take of it, it'll take care of you. I couldn't wish for a better pistol especially at that price! I bought mine when it was full price and have no regrets. Get it.
by Jacob C. on 04/13/2013
"First looks... This is extremely comfortable. The grips shouldn't be worth 60$ though... More like a 30-40$
The sights are pin point. The front sight is wiggly but there is a tool to screw it back on. The mag is full metal. Green gas/propane mag. Slide is full rotation.(The slide goes back as far as the real one. I own a kimber .45 btw) No trade marks... on it says KJW and .45 acp.

Looks.... 9/10 The grip is a little to textured.

Performance.... (DON'T NOT USE CO2 MAG IT LEAKS LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!) The performance with propane is exceptional. I had a friend over and he was jumping on a trampoline. I was about 65 feet away. I took one shot and hit him. Very nice performance for a side arm. You get about a mags worth of bbs per fill up with gas. Co2 last longer but is worse for your gun. Blow back is insane with co2 though. Propane is a bit lower but it is enough for realism.

Performance.... 9/10

Durability.... Made is pure SUS STEEL! With some stainless parts. The only polymer parts are rubberized. It's the grip. The made is full metal. This has not be dropped so I don't how it will take the fall... The Co2 mag is bad though good quality just not good in performance..... Use gas!!!!! You will thank me....

Durability.... 9/10 will last a good 2-3 years with good lubing every 1-2 games. But the sight it the front is a bit wiggly can be fixed though.

Side arm choice.... It is an amazing side arm. The classic 1911 look with a quick hair trigger even not adjusted. I love it.

Side arm choice.... 10/10

Price.... 11/10 You are defiantly getting what you paid for. Even you will get a little more.(yes I mean 11/10)

Over all.... 4.5/10 Not perfect.. but pretty dang close
by Michael D. on 11/03/2012
"It's not really a review but I had a question it says its gas/co2 could you please help is it co2 or gas or do you order the upgrad co2 clip for an extra $10? Please help thank you
by Matt S. on 06/22/2012
"This is just a really really nice pistol. Blow back is crazy hard. shoots 350-355 with .20g. Can get 2 full mags out of one co2, and since they are 30 round mags that is really like 3-4 mags worth of shots, so it is pretty efficient. Hop up is real nice. Love the custom grip. Can't say enough good things about this pistol. Only issue is the painted on orange tip. Don't buy any other pistol. Buy this. Iff you need another pistol, but 2 of these.
by phil k. on 05/21/2012
"This pistol is great and worth the price. It has an all metal construction exept for the amayzing abs plastic grip. There are nice novak style sight along with the ajustable hop up, which makes it deadly accurate. I have had this pistol for about 4 months now and have put many rounds through it. This thing has taken so much abuse and still functions like it came right out of the box. I was not suprized when the dissconnector bar broke and made it shoot full auto, so after ordering the part in my friend shippment, it should be back to new.

full metal
light trigger pull
great gas efficency
withstands abuce

brass outer barrel comes unscrewed ( fix with super glue)

Great gun. A must buy. And don't forget to buy the holy cow special!
by Caleb R. on 12/21/2011
"Man, let me just start by saying thank you, Evike. I ordered my gun on the 11th and got it before Christmas. When I took this gun out of the box I was amazed at the weight and feel of this gun, so nice! We'll, I couldn't get my hands on any gas that day, so I was content breaking down the gun and just racking the slide and stuff like that. I got gas today and shot it in the backyard. DANG, this thing kicks, so hard. I LOVE IT! Then I did an efficiency test. 75 bbs fired on a single fill of gas! AMAZING. Anyway, if you were considering this gun, go ahead and get it. For $100 it can't be beat, and is SOO much better than any WE-Tech pistol. Just do it, you'll love it.
by Nick P. on 04/03/2011
"THIS GUN IS PERFECT...i got this 6 months ago and it still functions like new, i would tend to go with the green gas over the co2 mags because i have had issues with the co2 mags (the mags work beautifully but i think they are to high maintenance). The gun shoots strait as an arrow and has a nice weight to it doesnt feel plastic at all because the plastic grip is well constructed out of super thick super tough ABS....over all this gun is perfect for anyone and a blast to shoot
by Linda S. on 04/21/2010
"This gun is GREAT!!! I have had for a few weeks now and have not found nothing wrong with it yet. its all metal, great hop-up (ajustable), and its shoots very hard for a pistol.
by Harley H. on 11/10/2009
"First off, Excellent gun.
Ive had it for about a month now as i wanted to wait to write a review
green gas is the way to go
all metal (save for a couple little things)
metal slide
fun to shoot
Accuracy- great for a pistol i can hit a person, center mass, at 40 yards away
Feel- works well in my hands, i have bigger hands so probably not too good for younger kids
not a gas guzzler, can get a full 30 rd mag off with one fill of a semi full green gas can
I've used this as a primary and trust me, you need at least one more extra mag
easy to clean
replacement parts readily avalible on most sites
if you are borderline on getting this gun, go for it, you wont regret it
by jesse c. on 02/18/2009
"i have had this gun for about 6 months and i love it. I first tried to use the co2 clip and it worked ok sometimes but most of the time it failed to blow the big heavy metal slide all the way back. and i would get maybe half a clip out of 1 co2 cart. then i switched to the green gas clip witch worked great until it randomly broke for no reason. The gun is awesome the clips just suck but the green gas is the way to go...