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KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback - OD Green (Package: Pistol)

32 Customer Reviews

by FRANK R. on 10/08/2008
"This gun has an ideal weight (doesn't feel like junk), disassembles great for cleaning/maintenance, and the realism on everything from the trigger to the dovetail safety and sights are amazing. The OD grip also has a great texture. BUYER BEWARE TOUGH, the gun is engineered to use both Green gas or C02 magazines (Thats a pro) but Evike has it listed as coming with a Green gas magazine, and mine showed up with a C02 mag in it instead. The C02 mags are more powerful, but some places won't let you play with them because of this. C02 mags are more maintenance because you have to partially disassemble the mag at the bottom to replace the C02 cartridge when it runs out, and if you don't tighten the bottom enough you could have it fail in competition. Stick with green gas,
quicker refills between matches.
by Jeff S. on 03/15/2014
"(SORRY FOR IT BEING SO LONG BUT ITS WORTH TO READ THE WHOLE THING) I have had this gun for about a year now. Out of the box this thing was amazing! I loved it . the blowback is really hard (and I don't say that lightly), the mag it comes with slides in the magwell like a dream, And out of the box I didn't even need to ajust the hop up with .20s. The first time I played with this gun i didn't have a primary because mine broke the day before the game i was going to. This thing preformed great as my only gun, it would shoot really far and accurate with ease. The only problem was that later in the day the mags started leaking but i put some silicone in there and it worked fine. After i got home i replaced the seals and it seemed to work fine. Then i inspected it a little more and the slide wobble would annoy me tremendously and so would the mag wobble. But who cares as long as it works fine. So i played another game with it as my secondary and let me say that it was not reliable at all. My primary is kinda long so when i go in bulidings i want to take out my pistol and it fires like 5 shots before it runs out of gas. Game after game it does the same thing. And that's a big deal for me cause if im gonna get a seconday i want it to be reliable so when i need it the most it will work for me. And with other Hi capas this has happened too i guess. i just thought KJW might be different but nope. So in conclusion if you want a hard kicking CQB gun for your primary i would sugesst to get this and tac it out and stuff. it would be cool. but if u need a reliable pistol this is not for u. i would suggest getting the 911 tac by EF of The ACP by APS or a KWA because of their reliability.