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Model: GP-KJW-615-B

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by Dan M. on 2010-03-31 16:10:46
"EXCELLENT GUN! Realistic weight and feel, easy to clean, and overall awesome look. I think I might have to get another one...
by Jason R. on 2010-03-21 23:37:11
"OK, first off I am basing this review on using the KJW 1911 Tactical for training compared to a real 1911.

The gun is heavy, same weight and dimensions as a real 1911, except most of the weight is in the magazine on the KJW. The main thing I don't like is that the safety levers are extra large at the base. I have large hands and ride the 1911 in a high grip. The safety rubs into my hand on both sides and I need to grind or file it down. The beavertail seems excessively long. The grip is also a little too wide. The airsoft gun doesn't rechamber a new mag with a slide pull, you have to use the magazine stop/release. Sometimes if you slam it hard it chambers.

It shoots around 100' feet I guess. The BBs seem to sway in the wind really easy...can't rapid fire too fast or you lose quite a bit of power. Up close the BBs seem to do good damage. The gun is very loud and has a little kickback.

Overall a good training tool, but I wish it was more powerful and shot straighter. Hard to make the long distance shots.
by edmund p. on 2010-03-10 20:15:43
"ok,so i just got this gun yesterday and its a BEAST!Its pretty cool,looks pretty realistic and acts like a real pistol,but what pissed me off is that it has a plastic grip,in the information for this gun it says its full metal,so i thought the whole thing was going to be metal,but the only plastic part on this gun is the grip,everything else is full metal,other then that it still looks and feels pretty realistic.I was also hoping that the orange tip could come off like my friends marine corps blowback 1911,but his is from WE-TECH,and this is a KJW gun,but WE guns have orange tips that can just be twisted off,so i was hoping for this gun to be the same but that doesnt really matter to me,i dont care about the orange tip.I was thinking about buying the same pistol like my friends 1911,but that pistol is 320 fps and it only took green gas and this gun takes both green gas and co2 and plus its stronger,340-370 fps,so i chose to get this gun.I hate green gas so i bought the extra co2 mag for this gun because co2 is stronger and it lasts longer,it can take 100 shots and green gas takes 20 shots and then you have to keep on refilling,which is especially bad in an airsoft battle.I read in another review for this gun that when you use the green gas mag it feels softer and not as strong as the co2 mag,so if you want REAL POWER,use the co2 mag.The green gas mag does fit into the gun,but when you put it in,it doesnt really look like it was really fully designed to fit in,but the co2 mag fits in perfectly,you can easily tell that this gun was meant for the co2 mag,not the green gas mag,they should have made the green gas mag the extra $10 mag,but im not complaining,i have two mags,so thats good for me.Also the co2 mag is longer then the green gas mag.I dont have any gas on me right now but when i do im going to waste it all and im also going to loosen the trigger so ill go trigger happy,but overall,this is a tite gun,if your looking for a for a secondary firearm around $100,this is the perfect gun for you.

-looks and feels realistic
-extra co2 magazine is only $10,when if you buy one alone,it costs like $50
-when you do buy the extra co2 magazine,you have two magazines,but if you only want to use one of the gases then theres not really a point of having the other magazine
-acts like a real gun
-has some weight to it,probably as heavy as the real thing
-very good fps(340-370)but if you want a stronger pistol then your missing out on this gun

-has a plastic grip,but still feels realistic and the rest is full metal
-orange tip cant be taken off,but in a way thats good for legal reasons
-you can only flip up the safety when the hammer is pulled down,you cant flip it up anytime,only when the hammer is down

So in all this is a very tite gun,this is going to definitely save me in an airsoft battle if i ever run out of ammo for my g36c(also a beast for a gun)but this is a hella raw pistol,so if your reading this reviewright now,STOP READING AND BUY THIS GUN ALREADY!
by Cameron B. on 2010-03-06 18:34:04
"Yes, you can use propane in this gun...with the adapter and silicone....and ALL gas guns NEED silicone or you will majorly screw up your mags
by Peter G. on 2009-10-30 11:58:04
"Very nice gun, metal every where thats needed. Very realistic. It has a good recoil system. I got this in August and it has seen many battles. It hasnt broken yet but there is definetly wear on the gun. It is still shooting at about 315 FPS with green gas and .2's. One of my complaints is the mag release. It works fine, but the button sticks out so far that no matter what holster you put it in, the mag will fall out. Mag capacity is great with 30 rounds, but i am not as fond of this because im all for milsim so a 30 round mag is a little much for me. I havent tried CO2 yet but its a great deal at only $10. Overall i would recommend this for all players because you dont really need any more than what this gun presents.
by Tyler K. on 2009-09-21 15:53:18
"I have one question... can you use propane with this gun, if so do you need to use silicone also? Lastly, about how many rounds can you shoot with 5 seconds of propane? thx
by Vicente F. on 2009-09-09 19:52:23
by JEREMY H. on 2009-09-04 19:14:12
"Really good gun the only problem is that the magazine leaked but all you have to do is tighten up the screw on the mag but besdes that its a really good gun.
by Julie l. on 2009-09-04 15:21:51
"i just ordered this gun and i cant wait to get it!!
by LAURA G. on 2009-04-26 16:41:04

CO2 MAG 10$$$$$$

by Blake G. on 2009-04-18 19:09:55
"Mason B.,
I get about 1.5 - 2 magazines out of one CO2 charge.

This gun is absolutely amazing. I couldn't be happier with it. I did have one problem, however: the CO2 magazine began to leak gas after a few uses, but I fixed that very easily with some teflon tape aroung the bottom "screw". (Don't know what else to call it). Now it works perfectly.
One more thing: the blowback is somewhat catchy for the first few shots, but it fixes itself and is smooth and flawless after that.
by Blake G. on 2009-04-10 16:18:40
"All I can say is that this gun absolutely the best. The only problems I have had with it are some leakage with the CO2 magazine and the slide catching at first use. However, the slide gets better with a few shots.

Displaying 49 to 60 (of 110 reviews)

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