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KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback - Black (Package: Pistol)

112 Customer Reviews

by stephen p. on 05/18/2011
"this gun is my favorite pistol i have ever i love the fps and blow back on this i recommend getting the additional co2 mag for easier fill ups and only 10 dollars the green gas mag runs out fast and it way more expensive and its much biggger than a co2 cartrige
by Adam E. on 04/05/2011
"This gun is great! the finish and blowback are smooth and the accuracy @ 300 ft was impressive with .25 bb's

full metal
30 round mags
night sights
dissasebly is easy
about 330 fps

must be dissasembled for hopup
no trademarks anywhere
orange tip is ugly and annoying
by Brennan K. on 03/13/2011
"this is perhaps the greatest 1911 pistol out there..i went to the evike store to test some pistols and this one is by far the best...thats why i got it...this gun also looks very very cool in person... it is also very high quality for the price (with the gas mag) if you are thinking about this gun then get wont be disapointed
by Matthias S. on 01/20/2011
"i have owned this gun for almost 2 years now and i have to say its pretty amazing. its very accurate and the kick from the blowback is pretty strong.

pros: VERY accurate, great kick, very compatible magazines, and built well (it feels like it will last a long time)

cons: Low fps (280-320)

All in all a great sidearm. its only con is pretty much drowned out by its pros.
by Ryo K. on 12/24/2010
"This is probably the best GBB I've purchasesd thus far - I have 3 other GBBs and they don't even compare in terms of performance. I've fired both .2s and .25s after alittle hop-up adjustment and both reach at least 100 ft: awesome performance for a pistol. I wasn't able to fire all the rounds but that is probably due to the outside temperature (and also because I was too excited to wait till the gas expanded sufficiently). Although the gun is a HI-CAPA style 1911, with the nice Tanio Koba grip it fits into my Blackhawk knock-off Serpa snugly. I'm already starting to see some wear on the outer barrel but since its chrome-colored its harder to notice. I'm also liking the custom trigger.

I would also like to thank Evike - shipped my gun right before Christmas! Also instead of sending me the C02 mag that I would never use and a less-than-ideal WE mag from the holy-cow deal, they sent me an extra KJW mag!

Full Metal
Great Range
Nice, crisp blow-back
Tanio Koba grip
Fits Blackhawk-style Serpa

No trades
Magazine didn't last (variable)

Thanks again Evike - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
by Kevin S. on 12/18/2010
"I usually don't write reviews but I felt it this product is one of the better products sold by Evike. I wrote another review about another product but it seems it didn't go through. However, this is one of the solid pistols so I felt compelled to put my 2 cents in. I purchased the pistol with the silver trigger and outer barrel. It shoots hard and straight out of the box. I've lent it to my friends and they always give it praise. We've done small competitions with it and it matches up to the ones my other friends who mod theirs, costing them over $1,000. This one is just over $100 and it can compete against their $1,000+ guns. This fits the Fobis holsters for the 1911 and High Capa. I've used it with propane, green gas and the CO2 mags. The CO2 mags can handle 2X reload. The only 1 issue I have with this pistol is that the outer barrel loosens over time due to the vibrations caused with firing the pistol. I'd recommend using Loctite Blue 242 (if you need to adjusted the out barrel, it is best to use instead of the red one). Just be careful because the slide is metal and I've scratched it.
by Thomas L. on 12/15/2010
"got mine about 5 days ago, love this thing.
very reliable, shoots straight with .20g bb's
i have even run it on .12's and it still shoots man size groups.
kick is real nice, its a fast shooter too.
nice weight and feel.
got it with a spare mag, one of em leaks, but thats ok ill probably fix it.
all in all, a great gun
by vai n. on 10/01/2010
"ive had this gun for over 2 months and it shoots like a beauty! it shoots at 290-310 fps. which is powerful and average fps. the blowback feature is very realistic and has a very good kick. the internals are metal and it is very nice to have in a blowback pistol. i had a small problem with the pistol when i got it but it wasn't too critical, the co2 mag made it sometimes shoot automatic so i dnt recommend buying the co2 mags and only use the green gas mag which is very easy to use.

full metal
great fps
perfect back up weapon


by Kevin O. on 09/24/2010
"Got mine a week ago and it works flawlessly. If you lube the slide rails with silicone spray before you use it the first time you won't have any problems with the slide sticking. Shoots 330 w/green gas and 350 with Co2. I get a mag and a half out of a charge of green gas and 3 full mags out of a Co2 cartridge if I don't rapid fire them. Accuracy is very good, just once in a while I get one that takes off completely away from the rest. This gun saved my butt the first time I played with it. When my ICS M4 went down, a squad of 8 charged the small building that I was in. I hit 4 of them at distances of 50 - 100 feet and forced the other 4 to take cover until help arrived. The only con was actually with the $3 holy cow magazine that I ordered with it. It came in a box marked in bright red letters "LEAKS!" And it did. At least it was an easy fix.
by Zac W. on 09/11/2010
"my friend has this gun and iv'e shot it, taken it apart, and put it back together and i must say that it is nice, but DO NOT go with CO2 because it's very hard on the internals. stick to green gas if you can.
by dan c. on 06/05/2010
"I have had this gun for a little over a month now. So far I think it is good. After putting about 4000 rounds though it and uesing almost 5 cans of gas on it. heres my pros and cons....

Clean look
all metal (heavy)
extremly easy to disassemble and clean
you can get about 1000 rounds out of one standard can (I buy 5 cans at a time from evike)
good distance and power (for a pistol)
fits in my tornado holster perfect
great mag cap (my freinds slightly diffrent 1911 only holds 15 rounds per mag)
no problems with mag realese
blow back never fails and when ur clip is empty it locks back
great price this is the best side arm anyone would need
you can buy an extended mag 52 rounds of awsomeness

Orange tip non removable (I never remove during game only for pictures)
slid wiggles and rattles a bit when u shake it ( almost all blow backs under $200 do)
mags r expensive but I make due with 2

I love this gun as a side arm(I would no recomend as a primary) it complements my JG AEG M-4 S System well and when I am forced to use it, it never fails
by Elena F. on 06/03/2010
"this gun is amazing, even for beginners to gas airsoft pistols. it has well oiled internals to start and as long as you use silicone with your propane or just use green gas, everything will be fine. CO2 on the other hand, is harder to maintain. using CO2 with this gun makes it inaccurate after a while and you have to lube it. I reccomend not using CO2.
by Ryan P. on 04/18/2010
"Very good pistol for the price, and the pros definately overway the cons. The most impressive thing about this pistol is it's accuracy. At around 25-30yrds I was able to hit a human sized target with two quick shots right where I was aiming.

Great Accuracy
Metal Slide
Nice Sights
Nice trigger pull
Good Weight
Awesome Grips
.45 ACP trades on the barrel

The mag is more of a Beretta mag than a Colt
Slide sounds fake when closing
Takedown is fairly difficult on your fingers

All and all great pistol great price, but the one thing that bothers me more than everything else is the orange tip is not glued on or threaded on, but they over extended the metal barrel than put thick orange paint on it. Warning!! do not try to take the tip off with plyers. If anything saw it, or I hear nail polish remover works well on the paint.
by dan c. on 04/17/2010
"i got this gun a few days ago and i was impressed. i can dissasemble and reassemble just like my real colt (also making it ez to clean) the slide locking when empty worked well and it was a great feel in my hand. i got the extended 51 round mag and i love it makes me feel like a BA. it is very accurite and hits hard. i say the only way your going to get a better pistol is if you pay $200 + this thing is great 9.9 out of 10
by Dan M. on 03/31/2010
"EXCELLENT GUN! Realistic weight and feel, easy to clean, and overall awesome look. I think I might have to get another one...