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by Alex I. on 2016-06-07 21:10:00
"Ive only used this in a few games, but over all I am very impressed. Holds alot of rounds and was very reliable.

Feels very solid.
Can basically rebuild entire gun with common parts.
Good hop up.
kicks like a .22lr

Is a little heavy.
Difficult to find a usable holster. (Blackhawk and uncle mikes didnt work out, and too heavy for cheaper leg holsters.)

Would not hesitate to buy again, excellent pistol.
by Hank B. on 2016-05-28 12:44:47
"I have owned this gun for about a month, and I use it as my primary weapon because I do pistol only loadouts, it is real accurate and has good range. However if you are using co2 mags you will need some silicone spray because without it you can only get about one mag per co2 canister.

Beautiful externals
great range
great accuracy
feels good in hands
slide locks back when ammo runs out

huge mags
doesn't fit in BlackHawk or Safariland kydex holsters
by Canyon S. on 2016-03-21 15:00:06
"This is the best GBB pistal I have ever owned. It is a great gun, ive taken on the course many times and functions really well. I would definitly reccomend this gun to anyone who needs a reliable sidearm.
by chase h. on 2015-10-02 07:35:04
"As soon as I unboxed my pistol I fell in love. It is built extremely well and weighs nearly identical to the real version. I got mine with the extra co2 mag and let me tell you it is worth the extra $10 for sure. I ran 2 1/2 mags worth though the co2 mag with only one co2 catridge and still had gas left. It has decent range and the best part is you could nearly rebuild the entire pistol with replacement parts, you'll never have to worry about finding a part that's broke ever again. Another great thing is that extra c02 mags only run $29, may seem like a lot but for a kwa usp you're out $50 a piece, and they're not even co2! I did have one small problem when the trigger mechanism failed to release the gas but that was fixed with a little silicon oil. If you take care of the gun it seems like it will last forever.
by Gene C. on 2015-09-16 11:18:00
"This pistol is amazing. The instant I saw it, I fell in love with it. I got it for $102. It shoots amazingally well. And the Hi-Capa mags hold ALOT of gas. Even after I use the whole mag, I can re-fill it with 10-15 rounds and still fires. Plus, I'm a sucker for a 1911. So overall, I get what I pay for and I recommend this pistol.
by Evan C. on 2015-07-24 10:33:22
"I bought this gun about 2 weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE this gun and I cant say enough but just like every airsoft gun it has its downfalls and its uppoints:
1. great FPS (335 on average)
2. Capable of shooting green gas and co2 magazines
3. super sturdy
4. tac. rail
5. Loud (could be a con)
6.Many replacement parts (TM parts capable)
7. Upgraded internals come stock

1. sluggish with green gas mag
2. front sight came loose (simply screw back in)
3. Cant change grips
4. horrible on gas consumption ( about a mag to a mag and a half per fill)

Over all this is an AMAZING gun. love it
by Joseph R. on 2015-05-17 11:29:47
"My first GBB pistol, I picked this because I could use the co2 magazines in winter and propane for warmer temps. I do not recommend using co2 that much because I heard its bad on the internals.

I was shooting 100+ feet with this testing, on par with my AEP jg vz-61 ( I recommend both for CQB!!!!!)
insane FPS for a GBB, out of the box I was 345-355 constant.
can be used in both winter with co2 and summer with propane!
use propane it is much cheaper than green gas
magazine last about a mag and half.
upgrade parts easy to find! unlike EF 1911

evike forgot to send my upgraded co2 magazine
bb's dont always line up loading and you dont get a full load. I get between 23-27 bb's per-magazine
it jams on bad quality bb's (typical of guns)
you don't have this yet :)
doesnt have lanyard :(
its a hi-capa you can't put custom 1911 grips on :(

I now have 5 magazine (3 factory KJW recommend these) and two silver WE hi-capa magazines they are nice but OEM is best. Both these magazines last a magazine and a half. I kept them loaded all day and they worked. Use speed loader to reload quickly another 10-15 bb's until gas runs out

Lube the gun when you get it, I am using 30wt silicone oil on the outter barrel and on the slide rails. I use 10wt oil for the o-ring seals. It's important to keep it lubed.

If it wasn't for the co2 option I would not have bought the gun, I wanted the 93r but realized I couldn't use it in the winter..
Almost bought the green OD grips but just wanted a all black 1911.
Didn't buy the TM hi-capa either because it wasn't co2.
Didn't buy the EF 1911 like everyone else I know because no upgrade parts!!!
by Randy T. on 2015-04-20 12:14:42
"I was looking around for a good hi-capa that i could use in a few upcoming cqb games and found this. when i saw it i instantly fell in love with it. for the price of 120-130 dollars it is completely worth it i must say though i had a very small inital issue because when i shot maybe my 3rd-4th magazine (Co2) the kick from the blowback was so strong that the front sight fell off (The screw also got "Cut" in half) but to fix the issue all i did was put locktight on the screw, screwed it in further (not too far) and then used some superglue to reinforce and it works fine

Nice kick
Great for cqb
loud (for intemination (:
by Christopher S. on 2015-04-06 13:28:43
"This is my second gbb pistol and I am overall very impressed with this weapon. The pistol I owned before this was the kjw 1911 A1, so I had high hopes for this weapon. I love the 1911 design, both real steel and airsoft. Although the kjw 1911 single stack design was very comfortable I disliked the low gas capacity, which at times had trouble finish firing 1 magazine. because of this I opted for the double stack mag with baisically double the amount of gas capacity.


The first thing that caught my eye was the price. I got this for sale on evike for $108 with both the C02 and green gas mag, and I also got the holy cow mag special. for very reasonable price, I brought a gun and three mags.


the gun was very comfortable to hold, it has the same grip profile as the 1911, which for those who do not know points very naturally, the shooter does not have to cock their wrist at an unnatural angle, they gust raise the gun up to their eye and the sights are right in front of the shooter. One thing that I did not like about the grip was its thickness. This is an inherent trait because it is a double stack magazine. The Trigger:
The trigger on this weapon is phenomenal, the travel is very short and has a nice, light clean break. Follow up shots with this weapon will be quick and accurate.
I really did not like the ambi safety on this weapon. While it was nice to a have an extended ambi safety, the right side safety was very loose and had significantly more travel in it than on the left side. The safety was also was very large and got in the way a lot. The safety was also a two-piece and the fit between the two pieces was not tight. I ended up switching it out with the solid one piece 1911 a1 safety from my retired gbb and I am very satisfied with it. The grip safety is very comfortable to and is very satisfying. The hammer is a commander style hammer, which adds to the cool factor, its serrations also help with cocking the weapon. The mag release is nice and big, it is easy to reach yet not to in the way where you will accidentally eject the mag. The slide lock is a basic 1911 style slide lock, itís nothing special but it works. One thing that I love about this gun is the sight. They are high enough profile that they pop out, but are not too high that they are obnoxious. The sights also have nice big white dots that allow fast target acquisition. Overall besides the safety, the ergonomics on this weapon are fantastic.

Fit and finish

Weapon finish:
If any of you have owned a KJW before, you will know the thick coat of black paint they have on their weapons. This coat is nice because it offers a good deal of protection to the weapon, however, the paint does wear and can dirty up they inside of your side. That being said, worn paint gives your weapon a nice weathered look to it.
Chrome parts
The trigger, barrel, hammer, and recoil spring have a brushed stainless finished and has a classy two-tone look to it. The chrome brushed barrel has a wide profile and is of a bushing less design. The barrel is not threaded and has a big fat orange tip to it because of the bull barrel and the non threaded tip, you will have to get a different barrel in order to put on a muzzle device.
The lower portion of the frame is different than any 1911 I have held because the frame is metal, but the grip is completely made of a tough polymer, even the hammer spring housing. A rail is included on the metal portion on the frame if you want to put an attachment on your weapon.

My biggest complaint is that there is a huge amount of play in the slide. While this is not a real steel weapon, I would like my pistol to not sound like chattering teeth when I shake it.


The first thing that I noticed was that the C02 worked much better in the gun than the greengas/propane did. The overall performance was increase when CO2 was used(fps, accuracy, recoil, reliability). That being said once broken in, the gg/propane mags worked like a charm, the recoil on the gun was very similar to that of a .22 lr., it shoots about 300 fps on propane and abut 330-350 on c02. The gun is also very accurate out to 100 feet. The sights make for quick and easy target acquisition; paired with the natural grip angle, the gun can be as accurate as some rifles. In short, this thing handles like a in warm weather dream. Speaking of sights, the C02 has so much kick that it knocks the front sight loose when shooting. Keep an eye on the front sight, if it needs tightening KJW included an allen wrench to do so. The gun starts to fail when the temperatures drops on propane. The fps drops and the slide gets sluggish and sometimes the slide will not lock back when it is out of ammo. I got to use this in a cqb game and it performed admirably. This game was during the winter and temperature in the field were in the low 40s but the gun still was able to compete with aegs. This gun is perfect for cbq because its accuracy, fast handling, and compactness. It could be used in the field as a secondary, while it is accurate, it does not have the range of a rifle.


If you are thinking of buying this weapon, I encourage you to do so. Besides the rattily slide and two piece safety, this weapon is flawless. While you can upgrade this gun I recommend leaving it stock, the gun works. The gun is also very affordable and you can get great deals on extra magazines.
by Jonathan C. on 2015-03-31 17:32:29
"Great gun, very sturdy. Shoots great, and feels nice for someone with big hands. No complaints so far, gas magazines get through the clips no problem.

For those looking, a good holster is the blackhawk serpa concealment holster for colt1911 & clones, model number 410503 (the 03 is the size). Fits tight, but does lock in and works great.
by Larry R. on 2014-01-26 16:06:57
"After a few weeks of play time I feel like I can give this thing an honest review, and I can sum it up in two words...pure beast! The weight is excellent, and it gives the hi capa an almost indestructible feel. It seems quite efficient on gas, as I can get usually around 60+ shots or so per fill. There are a plethora of upgrades and replacement parts available everywhere. The recoil is excellent with stock springs, an on co2 it is very snappy.

As far as the issue with Serpa holsters goes with this gun I can tell you from first hand experience that the knockoff $20 Serpa on Ebay does indeed fit the gun, but it is VERY tight initially. I put the Serpa in the oven @225 degrees for about 6 minutes then shoved the gun in, and now it fits great. It doesn't drop in, but it's still nice and snug. A Blackhawk branded Serpa will not fit this gun without cutting.

The We Tech nickel hi-capa barrel does fit this gun, but it requires modification with a file to get the inner barrel, and hopup unit installed. I used the included barrel as a guideline of where to file, and all it took was about 5 minutes work.

All in all the gun is excellent, and as a sidearm it is tough to beat.
by Ramez F. on 2013-10-20 19:06:32
"I just bought this pistol and can already tell its great. nice weight to it and sturdy. about 330 fps and has a nice kick to it. Good range and is pretty accurate, mags are pretty efficient can use about two when i fill them with gas.
Pros: Nice weight, good kick, gas efficient, good fps, good range, accurate, looks cool, easy to take apart
cons: non except orange tip is kinda ugly but its like that on all guns
defiantly recommend, so just buy it

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