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KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback - Black (Package: Pistol)

112 Customer Reviews

by Michael G. on 01/17/2009
"this gun is very good and solid and very powerful for the price. i took of my barrel and let the tip sit in paint thinner for 10 min i took it out sprayed water on it and the orange tip was gone and no scratches just the chrome underneath
by alec n. on 12/08/2008
"you can replace the grips you need either a philips head or an allen screwdriver depends on the model, also the slide DOES lock back unloading all of the shots.
by Sean D. on 11/26/2008
"This gun was a good buy in my opinion. It's big, heavy and loud, so it's definitely got the intimidation factor going for it. It shoots fast, seems as accurate as my aeg, and uses 30 round clips, so I often use it as my primary or give it to a friend to use. I HAVE had some problems, all while using CO2. The first time, after firing, the slide got stuck in the back position and was a real pain to fix. Second time, the back safety popped out of the grip and i had to take it apart to get it back in working condition. Strange seeing it's well taken care of.
by David L. on 10/25/2008
"I am very interested in this gun, only question, does it have a threaded barel?
by James H. on 09/10/2008
"This is my first GBB and I have to say compared to some peoples guns who are experienced, it's pretty good. The bad thing about this weapon is the acuaracy, sometimes it shoots straight and other times it will curve, I adjusted my hop up to where I consistently shoot straight.

by Cory G. on 07/31/2008
"Only problem I found with this is gun is that the normal cartridge (the one that uses green gas, propane, or red gas) leaks a considerable amount. Every single time I reload the bb's I have to put a full charge of gas in. Other than that, it shoots far, is very accurate, and an overall good gun.
by barry s. on 11/27/2008
"i hate using the review thing for questions. but is the orange tip removeable. i need it for a collectiion. and it needs to look realistic.
thanks to whoever replys