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KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback (Package: Black / Pistol)

144 Customer Reviews

by vinh t. on 09/23/2008
"great pistol! make sure to get the co2 mag! really really great pistol
by kevin d. on 09/17/2008
"Probaly one of the best pistols i have ever played with. Its powerfull and accurate. I got it to play with just as a side arm but i find myself using alot more than just that. It will leave welts on your enemy. Definattly buy this gun
by Chip S. on 09/15/2008
"ha ha that happened to me what you gotta do is get a screw driver and make sure theres no co2 cartrige in the mag then on the back where the fireing pin is if you look at it is like a big screw put the screw driver in the back and push down on it and tighten the screw it gets loose do to regular use and or leaving a cartrige in the mag hope this helps
by Matt B. on 09/12/2008
"Yo, once you screw the CO2 in, it will start to leak, you just have to loosen it a little bit until you no longer hear it leaking anymore. Basically tighten it really good, listen for the leak, and slowly loosen it again until it stops because when it stops, the air has been sealed. To make sure it worked, the CO2 mag should have a silver button on the back side of it. Push it, but don't hold it, just push it and if you did it correctly it should shoot out a burst of air. Hope that helped. If not...just use the regular mag and sell the CO2 one.
by Ramy L. on 09/12/2008
"Hi, i'm kind of new to airsoft cuz my friends got me into it. I just got this gun and it is REALLY nice. Handles real nice I love feel. I also got the upgrade for the co2 mag cuz it seemed like a good idea, but one problem tho is that i don't know how to work the co2 mag. Even my friend who is experienced with airsoft guns doesn't exactly know how to work it. I just slipped the tube in and then after i tried screwing the cap back on, but the gas jus leaked out like crazy. Some help would be GREATLY appreciative! Thanks.
by matt k. on 09/11/2008
"hey im looking for a nice 1911 and I saw this one is it any good?
and does it have a sensitive trigger?
by Michael J. on 09/11/2008
"If you want a Hi-CAPA this is the best one to get! Lots of features! (Useful ones!) Love the grip, railed frame and the way it is constructed. SHOOTS HARD AND ACCURATE!
by Michael G. on 09/07/2008
"I got this gun last week and just got done with our sunday war of 6 rounds of 45 minute combat in woodland and CQB and the gun performed flawlessly. with red gas and .25's the gun was accurate and powerful. sending bb's much farther and more accurately than any of the other pistols by alot. the custom grip is great and gives the gun a very solid feel and was admired by everyone who held the gun.
full metal slide handles abuse well and the Real safety features in the grip add to the feeling you are holding a real 1911 not just a bbgun.
blowback is powerful and the gun feels solid and reliable with very little rattle or wiggle in the slide.
magazines are metal and solid. handle abuse well and are reliable.
the gun can shoot nearly 2 magazine clips worth per fillup on red gas
CO2 is about the same.
Excellent Gun! thank you Evike!!!!
by Matthew E. on 09/04/2008
"I got the gun i thought under neath the grip would be metal but its plastic but it makes sence because when you have the magazine in the gun it will balance it out instead of having a top heavy gun i havent used the green gas magazine but i probally wont i will stick with the CO2 mag.Nice gun pistol shoots as far as my JG M4 and M16's.
by Bryce F. on 08/29/2008
"This pistol is sick! I bought the OD Green version. First things first, take advantage of the promotional offer for the Co2 mag, you'll get it for 10 bucks as opposed to buying it seperately at around 30 bucks(like me). This pistol is everything I wanted in a GBB, its heavy, loud, and REALISTIC. The blowback is smooth and moves just like it should. Everything about this weapon is impressive. However, it does not come with the barrel as shown in the photo, as per U.S. law, its about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch longer and painted orange(which comes off real easy with nail polish remover, for those of you who want the authentic look). Fires fast and hard, havent had it on the chrono yet, but its a real nail driver. Love this pistol, BUY IT. (Also for anyone wanting the Tac-light in the photo with it, I found it at Airsoft Atlanta. G&P M3 flashlight for about 70 bucks, great deal cause everywhere else is sold out. Happy hunting)
by Juliet R. on 08/23/2008
"WOW, was expecting a WE Hi-CAPA (which is really nice) with a special grip, but this pistol has a much more explosive blowback, much more accuracy and looks so much better! Definately worth the few dollar extra! Magazine is compatible with marui and WE Hicapa series.
by kevin d. on 07/29/2008
"This Gun is amazing. I use it as my side arm when using my M16 and my Sniper Rifle. if your looking for a great pistol this is the one. Its very powerful
by Millard D. on 07/26/2008
"This gun is absolutly amazing. i shot 5 shots from 120 ft, and got them all within a quarter. Good on gas, easy to use, easy to look at. Love it.
by Sean M. on 02/10/2017
"KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas.
Got This Gun two days after ordering it. I was impressed by how everything looked, but after firing around two mags through it, I got frustrated with the fact that it won't even fire a whole mag before running out of gas. i'm using the original mag, which holds 30+1 rounds, and the gas ran out after 23 rounds. I'm not trashing this gun or its looks, but its internals need an overhaul to be worth the money.
by Evan C. on 07/24/2015
"I bought this gun about 2 weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE this gun and I cant say enough but just like every airsoft gun it has its downfalls and its uppoints:
1. great FPS (335 on average)
2. Capable of shooting green gas and co2 magazines
3. super sturdy
4. tac. rail
5. Loud (could be a con)
6.Many replacement parts (TM parts capable)
7. Upgraded internals come stock

1. sluggish with green gas mag
2. front sight came loose (simply screw back in)
3. Cant change grips
4. horrible on gas consumption ( about a mag to a mag and a half per fill)

Over all this is an AMAZING gun. love it