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Model: GP-KJW-615-B

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by Red U. on 2009-03-31 20:38:28
"this is my first GBB and this is the best i would have to say my friends all have WE-Techs and KWAs but i got something different this outperforms all of there except for the KWA PTP but this one is a lot cheaper. this gun gets about 2 mags off 1 co2 canister great gun for the price!!!
by Gabriel V. on 2009-03-12 17:58:35
"This is my 3rd GBB and i'm impressed by performance. It has almost as much range as my friends TM MP5, and is pretty heavy for a pistol. Kick is what you expect from a GBB not very impressive.

There were a few bad things about this, some major some not. The first is that it has less than average gas efficiency. I can barely get a full mag out of a complete fill. The other con is pretty major in my opinion but doesn't affect the performance. The little plastic piece on the top of the mag broke off at the second game i used it at. Now i need a new mag which will cost me $35+

Overall 3.5 or a 4. I would get a TM if you have the money but if your budgeted (like me) get this.
by Red U. on 2009-03-06 15:00:01
"i have had this pistol for about a year now and wow this performance is still same ever since i bought it the first day the quality is great i would recommended this pistol for any looking for there first gas pistol the only problem with mine was after the about 6 months the o ring died on it so now i have a new and 2 mags awesome pistolb
by Joseph L. on 2009-02-20 20:10:24
"Though it may seem expensive, it's the only sidearm you'll ever need -- highly reliable, sturdy, realistic, and beautiful. Highly recommended.
by mason b. on 2009-02-08 22:26:39
"This gun is superb. My first shot was at about 330-340 with green gas. It is a lot stronger than the tokyo marui 4.3 becasue this one is FULL METAL. And it has a really big kick. I would say bigger kick than a .22 ruger. YES more than a real gun. I am only 13 but i know what a good gun is. This is the best gun ive had yet. I hit a plastic container about 50-75 feet away and punched 4 holes in it. So it shows that is gun is strong! One of ur best evike!!!!!

PS. How many shots can u get off of one co2 cartridge? I would like to know because i got the co2 mag
by alan k. on 2009-01-28 21:44:01
"i just got this gun a couple days ago and i love it! the power is amazing' it is really accurate' and lets not forget how beautiful the gun is. drawbacks when i got it it had a small problem jamming but that is pretty much done with. and i do not have a holster to accommodate it with my laser attached. overall i rate this gun a 9.5 out of 10 and i received it 1 day after i ordered it. great job evike team look forward to doing much more business with you in the future
by Red U. on 2009-01-25 20:31:55
"This pistol is my first it is such a realistic feel and blow back the one flaw on mine is after about 50 battles one of the pices of the barrel fell off i JB welded it and know it works like new very very accurate.
by Michael G. on 2009-01-17 09:21:51
"this gun is very good and solid and very powerful for the price. i took of my barrel and let the tip sit in paint thinner for 10 min i took it out sprayed water on it and the orange tip was gone and no scratches just the chrome underneath
by Billy K. on 2008-12-30 20:07:11
"Excellent gun! Very sturdy, I let my friends play with it and they dropped it several times. Still works fantistically! Very accurate, blowback action is awesome. Real feel, weight, looks.
by Brian K. on 2008-12-29 21:50:43
"Which threaded barrel is the one i should get

Webmaster: The Threaded barrel for WE Hicapa works for KJW and Marui
by Cruz Q. on 2008-12-28 13:38:53
"I just ordered this GBB from evike and it looks awesome i also went to their store but they did not have it i stock but i got to hold the OD green model of this gun. It felt solid decent weight and a whole lot of metal the body and the slide was metal and the grips were hard ABS plastic though they might be hard it was still comfortable i would give it a 5 of 5 for looks and feel i hope performance and power would be the same thing a 5 of 5 so far........

feels awesome
looks great
best GBB for your money
CO2 magazine for only 10$ more
power and performance (i still don't know but i heard its one of the biggest recoils a GBB can have)
price (so cheap and you could use a coupon for cheaper price)
and many more things

nothing!!!! (I hope)

i would think it is the best GBB i can buy in this store recommend it to every one who is looking for a 1911 colt style GBB
by Abraham Q. on 2008-12-27 16:42:10
"I had went to the store before and they did not have it in stock but i got to hold the OD green color one and it felt really solid and the slide was completely solid very little wobble this gun is all metal except for the grips (of course) beautifully designed one of the best GBBS ive ever held cant wait untill the full black with chrome is in stock 100% sure ill by this GBB........

Webmaster: Its in stock now.

solid feel
full metal(except for the grips)
very comfortable
comes with a CO2 magazine for only 10$ more
saves gas(i hope)
and many more things

Not in Stock!!!

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