Reviews: Matrix Newest Version Full Metal AK74 UN Airsoft AEG (Im Wood)

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Model: AEG-CM035-RK01-STD
Location: L5-004

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by Riley D. on 2015-01-28 17:19:21
"This gun out of the box is simply amazing. The riveting is really nice, the rate of fire even with an 8.4v battery is pretty high, the stock is very sturdy for being a folding stock. One thing I don't like is the loose sling point on the stock and the magazine is not super high quality, other than that for the price you get an amazing deal and, you probably will not find another like this.

1. Loose sling point on the stock.
2. Low quality Magazine.

1. Just about everything else.
by Leanne T. on 2014-09-27 17:46:40
"Does it come with a battery? or should I but one?
by Zachary S. on 2014-05-12 07:46:49
"I got this AKS-74u last summer and before I shot even one clip the gear box broke. I returned it and Evike sent me a new gun. This AK has full metal construction, except for the handle which is a very hard plastic and the fore grip which is imitation wood, again very hard plastic. The butt is full metal and is very sturdy both extended and collapsed. This gun is very rugged. I've dropped on tree roots laying across the ground and I've fallen on it while running. It comes with a CYMA v.3 gear box. The fps is pretty impressive, around 450. The Russians made this gun due to the fact that the fight was transitioning from open fields to urban warfare so it is great for CQB though some may argue that the fps is to high I would say that the fps is great for CQB and open skirt sites. The only reservations I have about this gun is that the muzzle brake is attached by a screw that is about half a centimeter long and will get loose sometimes. Also the fire selector gets loose after turning repeatedly. Lastly the aft sling ring jingles a lot unless there is a sling attached and the noise is loud when your walking and gets annoying (but you could tape it down.) So here is my take:

Full metal construction
Very rugged
Impressive fps
Great internals
Nice weight
Takes almost all AK clips
Adjustable sights

Muzzle gets loose sometimes
Fire selector gets loose after repeated turning
Aft sling ring makes can be loud

This gun is a must for all air soft arsenals whether your a beginner or a expert at air soft this gun is so good that I personaly think that the price is too low and should be raised to at least its original price. I encourage anybody and everybody to get this gun.
by Danny M. on 2014-03-05 23:07:33
"I used this in a winter game and it worked great. After a day of 12 degrees and a foot of snow, most of the weapons we were using were starting to fail, but this gun was working just as well as it was out of the box. Only problem I've had is that I couldn't put my scope mount on it right away. I had to take a metal saw to the back sight in order for any mounts to fit.

Overall, it's one of the best low price guns I've seen. I recommend it
by Jeannette D. on 2013-05-13 22:34:04
"Great gun, full metal so it's very sturdy. the handgrip is a very hard plastic, but it took me a while to notice.

Full metal
great FPS and ROF
9.6v battery

the mag it comes with is not good

This is an excellent gun, Buy it!
by Scott P. on 2013-03-01 22:06:28
"CYMA really makes great AEG's whether you're new to airsoft or not. The internals are great. Needs re-shimming if you're increasing the ROF (like I did). Perfect for CQB . The external body is full metal and a very sturdy build. The foldable stock is great for mid to close transitions. Battery compartment is a good size. Stock battery is not bad at all would definitely recommend a 9.6V though. Lube up the hop up and the bb's fly smooth (after a few hundred rounds). Tight bore needed for better grouping. Other than that its dead on. I'm very satisfied for the 74u's stock setup. Great buy. Worth every penny.
by Jerold P. on 2012-03-21 10:26:14
"For it's price it's very good. I just played with it outside and the distance is impressive and it hit's quite hard and good ROF with 9.6v. My friend shot my other friend up close and it made him bleed...

Extremely Sturdy
Shoot's Hard
Work's well Outside
All around good Gun for $130

The button to release the chamber that encases the battery will shoot out sometimes (easy to put back in)

Mag isn't very good... Not horrible but I would get Mid Caps or a different High Cap (I like Mid Caps way more personally)

For $130 definitely worth buying very good gun but i do suggest getting spare mags and a new battery.
by Daniel P. on 2012-03-05 12:53:55
"I recently installed a Matrix Turbo 3000 Motor (you can purchase it from Evike's website) and it is able to withstand that with the STOCK INTERNALS. So if you are interested in increasing your rate of fire, than you can get that motor without any problems (but it is still good to eventually do some changes.)
by Senad H. on 2011-12-16 16:32:51
"I bought this gun a week ago and it came in yesterday, and i gotta say, I'm very impressed. It's made very well, the FPS is outstanding, and the range is excellent. though if you are looking to buy this gun and you live in america THE WALL CHARGER IS EUROPEAN. IT DOES NOT PLUG INTO AMERICAN POWER OUTLETS. i have an Rc car smart charger that i use for charging, and it charges in about 30 min. here are the pros/cons

o Very good FPS
o The ROF is amazing
o Well built and mostly metal
o The IM wood looks realistic, all my friends thought it was real wood.

o Metal scratches easily, but for me thats a pro becuase to me it looks cooler all scratched up...
o As I said, the wall charger is European, and does not plug in American wall outlets.
o It said it would come with a sling, but i didn't get one. Also the manual is in horrible English, like most of these chinese guns.

Overall, out of 10, i would give it a 9. It is probably the best gun you can get in this price range... and amazing FPS and range...
by Daniel P. on 2011-09-24 15:26:18
"I received this gun during Spring Break of 2011. The gun came in a plain ol' long cardboard box with no Matrix design on it. I opened it up to see the stock side folded to fit the Styrofoam cutout. All of the included items were nice and snug in their own little Styrofoam cutout as well as the AK74u. When I took the gun out of its place, pieces of the foam was coated on the barrel (inside and out), the checkered type cuts on the back of the stock, and the checkered design pistol grip. This wasn't a biggy but I would've liked to have to not take the time to sit there just to fish them out. After cleaning the foam out of the gun, I took out the other items. The sling was crap, the wall charger was like any other charger, and the battery was..... a 9.6v?!! Yes, to my amazement the battery was not a 8.4v like most companies included. Talk about a lucky package. From what I read it didn't say a 9.6v but maybe I just got lucky. Due to the high FPS, it is meant for field unless you want to get hit up to about 460 fps indoors. The ROF is unbelievable. I was even told by most of the people I have hit complaining they got sprayed on full auto. Overall, this gun is GREAT for beginners or to people that are on a budget due to the price $130.

Full Metal
9.6v Battery
Rate of Fire
Side Folding Stock
Adjustable Sights
Lightweight (if you can hold 7lbs)
Very High Capacity Magazine (600 rounds)

Crappy Included Sling
Side Rail (So You Have To Buy A Mounting Set)
^All of these are not so much of a problem but overall there are no seriously bad cons!
by Kathy H. on 2011-03-10 18:01:53
"This gun is outstanding i have had it for about 4 months now and it is very nice. I penatrated through some stuff for an airsoft gun. I still have the 8.4 volt batery that came with it, but it really needs a 9.4 volt to stop the performance from lugging. Other than this i really love this gun because when i shop for airsoft guns i look for a price that will get me a full metal gun and that is made of good quality and will not break with ease. Very nice Dboys!
by Ben J. on 2010-10-18 21:49:19
"this is probably the best gun you can get for the price, worth about 30 bucks more.

-folding stock
-sling mount
-very strong
-awesome fire rate

-cant really install anything easily on it unless its internal
-shoots a little to the right, but is consistent, even on full auto
-mag is a little loose, i would recommend getting a full metal 1, hi-cap if u can

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