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Full Metal AKS-74U / AK-74 Airsoft AEG Rifle with Imitation Wood Furniture by CYMA - (Package: Gun Only)

39 Customer Reviews

by Chris K. on 09/02/2008
"Deffinately get this. The full metal body and real wood foregrips makes for great external work. The internals are good and might need some work down the road but with a chrono of 360 average, what do you expect.
by Don S. on 07/24/2008
"i just bought this and the Cm037. this came chrono'd as 421 fps avg. and the beta chrono'd at 478 fps avg!
they are pretty good. sorry evike for not buying them here
by Chris K. on 07/20/2008
"I've had this gun for a few months now and i love it. Mine was chronoed at 360 FPS and the accuracy is a good 150 feet. Full metal except an ABS plastic hand grip. I got the wood version and its awesome. Very sturdy, ive dropped this several times. It even got jammed between 2 rocks and there was only a scratch on the upper reciever.

Getanother magazine though

Overall i love this gun, hard hitting/ accuracy/ sturdy

Buy it
by tyler b. on 07/19/2008
"by far the best aeg i have ever purchased.i love it so much.
by Sean-Patrick C. on 12/02/2016
"I bought this rifle about a month ago and when it arrived it didn't quiet perform the way it should. When shooting within ten feet the gun is dead accurate(what gun isn't?), but after that the bbs begin curving to the right and by twenty feet hitting a target is impossible. I figured that the hop up needed adjustment, I then found that my hop up didn't change anything. The bbs curved to the right and nothing would change that. Hopefully I just had a fluke rifle and my hop up is the only thing broken. Even though I had this problem with my rifle I would still recommend this to anyone who is looking to buy this rifle. The externals are outstanding for the price point and this rifle has some heft to it.the imitation wood looks decent and the finish on my rifle seems to be fairly decent. Also it fed pretty well and didn't seem to jam at all. I'd give this rifle four out of five stars.
by Mac O. on 03/29/2015
"I've got to say this gun is an excellent bang for the buck. The gun is full metal aside from the pistol grip and the handguards. The handguards feel a little flimsy, but I changed them out anyway so it doesn't matter. The gun shoots fine and it will serve me well.

-Mostly metal
-Quality built
-Great for those on a budget.

-Flimsy handguards (I would recommend the real wood version unless you're just going to change them out.)
by tyler b. on 11/13/2008
"u can mount a scope on it
it mounts to the left side of the gun right above the trigger there is a peice of metal that looks like it does nothing but it does.
i got this gun 3 months ago and the only problems with it is
1. the pin that keeps the top forgrip in it fell out ant my last team practice but i just taped it up with black athletic tape.
2. i got a retarted gun because the fire selecter swich is always coming loose and i cant put it into safe, the the metal top cover of the gun sticks out blocking me from sliping it all the way into safe.
other than that its a great gun my friends have systemas and they were talking about how much they like it and its especially good for a CYMA since they dont have the best track record for amazing guns.
by AUSTIN D. on 09/14/2015
"this gun is a lemon as soon as i brought it out to the field it broke every other shot would go like 15 feet at most. and it was only shooting at 320 fps after i fixed those problems i took off the flash hider on the gun and the threads on the gun stripped also the metal on the stock is crappy it bent after i put a one point sling on it. but i have to say the battery included is actually pretty good and the rof is not bad i actually really like that feature on it but that doesn't help when its in accurate.
good rof
nice weight

bad hop up
cheap metal
not accurate

i would suggest spending the extra money for a kwa, e&l, g&g, or an evike custom made gun
by Matthew T. on 05/09/2016
"I received this CM035 from Evike a week ago. i called to inform them of the front sight wobbling. I tightened the screw as I was advised to do. Took it out, shot it, problem repeated itself. Apparently the TINY screw and the place where it threads into is all stripped out. The front sight wobbles and not the inner barrel assembly does as well. Sending back to Evike. Such garbage.