Reviews: UHC UG 135 6" Gas Revolver w/ Shell Set (Black)


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Model: GP-UHC-135
Location: U13-192

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by Joe C. on 2012-04-10 07:44:16
"This revolver functioned as I expected out of the box. It looks very nice.

In the box, there are 8 shells; I suppose they provided two extra in case of loss. The shells are light plastic with a small rubber bit at the back end, but they should hold up fairly well.

I used propane while shooting this gun, and the FPS, while I didn't chrono it, looked to be in the high 200's or low 300's.

The accuracy was decent for a pistol, but left some to be desired. At 50 feet however, the general range this gun would likely be used at, I can't imagine having any problems with the accuracy or range.

Overall, this gun is a great package and a bargain for $55. While you do only get 6 shots, the performance and the appeal of the revolver make it an excellent choice for most anyone.
by Jin K. on 2010-04-02 21:38:52
"I just got my revolver today, and I am pleased to say that it did function it it was supposed to. Even thought it is not all metal, couple important parts were. Not a bad gun, the only thing I wished that i would have a speed loader for the shells.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)