Reviews: Condor ADDER Double Bungee One Point Sling - OD Green


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Model: SL-US1022-OD
Location: U8-216 Y9-M09 U7-M14

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by Tyler H. on 2015-03-06 13:51:45
"I've had this sling for a almost a year. I originally used it on my AK47. I wouldnt recomend this for such a big gun like that simply becuase if you let the gun go and star walking, the barrel would bang against my knees (I'm 5'10). I finally got the gun Intended it for which is the kwa sr7. The 2 get along very well. With this size gun, I dont have a problem with it hitting me when I walk, and the bungies are very strong.Both of these guns are full metal and the sling holds them very well. The bungy also stays contracted. Even with the weight of these guns, it isn't pulled or stretched out. I love the clip on on it. This is convenient for removing the sling to fool with the gun when not on the field. I do this instead of un hooking the lobster claw hook because the hook is pretty stiff. The black rubber sleeve cover it up mostly and that sleev is also kinda stiff. Moving the sling from gun to gun isnt the easiest task so I just leave it on.

This a very high quality sling and I would feel comfortable using this on a real steel gun.
by Susanne B. on 2012-05-04 15:33:44
"This sling is STURDY. It feels great, has amazing quality, the bungies on it are very strong and it can adjust to a very large size and small size. Having the qucik dismount is great when playing a fast paced game. The clip on the quick dismount is sturdy. It comes with two attatchments for it. One a hook and the other the strap. I personally use the strap on my M4A1.
Overall a great sling for $25.00
You won't regret it...

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)