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WE-Tech M9A1 S.O.C. Special Edition Gas Blowback Pistol - Gold

11 Customer Reviews

by austin l. on 10/25/2016
"I have been using this pistol for about two years now running two extended mags and two regular mags all hpa tapped. The CQB russian hpa valve fits perfectly in them btw.

-Nice kick very snappy
-Great gas efficiency
-Durable everything is metal so even without a mag it has a real steel feel
-Great trigger response, fast as you can pull it
-With the better bucking and .25s you get some pretty long range shots for a pistol
-And come on it's gold the thing is a head turner

-The barrel is not threaded like the other one but this one has the better valve, barrel, and bucking. Although they make a replacement barrel for 20 bucks takes two minutes to replace.

All in all after two years of heavy use, and basic cleaning and upkeep the thing still works beautifully.
by Leonardo E. on 04/05/2016
"Best pistol ever.
It is super accurate, you can hit a golf ball like from 60 feet, you can trust me about that i have done it.
The magazines are great about the gas because with one fill you got 2 full magazines (52 bbs) , but they are likely to breake when falling because they have one piece of plastic in the tip and that is the piece that prevents the bbs to fly away.
I recomend you to put a piece of scotch tape or tape in each side of your magazines because if they fall the metal pin that holds the piece of plastic could get off and it is very small.
by Leonardo E. on 11/30/2015
"A great buy.

-gold paint is awesome
- feels exacly like a real gun
- it is super heavy
- it is super accurate
- kicks like a mule
-maybe it is too heavy
- my mags leak, I think that can be fixed easily
- maybe mags are too heavy

Note: you will look like a boss playing with it.
I think it is my green gas, but in the last bb the slide don't stays back. I ran out of green gas shooting like 12 mags, it is fire power green gas I don't recomend that at all.
by William L. on 07/27/2014
"had this pistol for awhile, after a friend and i did some research we found that the gold on this is a very thin layer used as part of the finish for the pistol. on top of the gold is another finish to stop the gold from fall/chipping off. kind of a two tone finish i guess

PRO in my opinion
slightly louder than some other pistols
good fps for all situations

CON in my opinion
heftier than the m9 i remember using even when unloaded
slightly wider than the m9s im rember using
iron sights could be a little better(hard to see in moderate light)
says 45ACP on the side even though its an m9
by robin a. on 03/19/2013
"I bought this gun today at the evike super store and i have nothing negative to say about this gun. First off the customer support was fantastic and they made sure i got this gun. The employee who helped me made sure i was 100% satisfied.

this gun is AMAZING, when this gun gets in the grip of your hands, you will not want to let it go. The weight of this gun is perfect, but not for kids. The gun operates and handles perfectly (i have shot it numerous times) and the gold plating is outstanding. This gun holds 25 rounds and each shot gets the job done. this gun is also very accurate and powerful, not meant for long range obviously.

excellent weight
plating looks great
operates great
25 round mag
VERY realistic
amazing look
good size
nice grip
fantastic detail

by Dave B. on 09/12/2012
"330fps with .2 bbs
marui compatible
50 shots out of a single fill while spamming trigger
gold is beautiful and better than picture
nice rubber grips
good groupings out of the box
VERY consistent
very nice railed frame

Gents, if you want the most realistic m9 money can buy, get a kwa. However, if you are a fan of dazzling people before you shoot them and want to stand out, then this is your gbb m9.
by Jefferey J. on 09/05/2012
"This gun is BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love it! I would definitely recommend buying this gun!

Pros: Full Metal
24k gold plating!
shoots around 350-380 fps
loud (could be a con)

Cons- The slide lock is just a bit jiggly

This gun is the first gas blowback sidearm I've owned, and it is EXCELLENT. Love WE _3!
by Jana P. on 07/16/2011
"I have bought this gun about a couple weeks ago and absolutely no flaws occured while it was shipped. This gun has a higher fps than said to maybe around 350 with .20 gram bb's. This gun is sleek and smooth and about 95% of it is full metal. The guns orange tip may also be easily removed with a pair of pliers. This gun is also extremely accurate. I have done trick shots with it and wherever it was aiming it went. The slide also stays cocked when you run out of bb's making it exactly like a real pistol. This pistol is also double action. I love this gun!!
by phil v. on 10/13/2010
"i had this gun for about week now and im truly impressed with the quaillty and performance of this gun.

GOLD is legit
amazing gas capacity(2 mags for 1 refill)
full metal
rubber grip
well built

Cons: Non lololol roflpwn
over all 987667897654 out of 10
by Clay G. on 09/19/2010
"Where to start...

The actual gun's gold is shinier and gold-er than the image show.

Performance wise it is the same as your ordinary WE or HFC M9, which is good, because this M9 has the original Marui design and this makes your life easier with tons of parts available after-market or factory.

Sorry to say, but one of the reason I hated Western Arms and all the Japanese guns guns is because they are fragile and parts are impossible / very expensive to find. They are simply not for USA players because they use a gas not exist in USA.

WE M9 is made to abuse, last and to shoot, you will love it. Spare magazines are easy to find.
by Wallace M. on 09/07/2010
"This pistol is don't describe.

Awesome power and awesome realism.