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Intellect 9.6V Small Type 1600mAh Airsoft Battery Pack (Butterfly Configuration)

59 Customer Reviews

by Matt B. on 05/12/2016
"This battery works perfectly on my G&G GR16 Crane Stock. It lasted for about 5 hours and I highly recommend this battery.
by Ethan A. on 04/05/2016
"Lasts longer than any other of my 9.6 v and gives me a higher rof
by Cynthia P. on 02/20/2016
"This is the best battery I have ever owned. Long lasting, improves trigger response, and will last you all day. Highly recommend.

Long lasting
Improves trigger response

Cons: occasionally is a bit hard to get out of a scar stock. Otherwise it's great!
by Erik V. on 04/25/2015
"This a good all around battery. I bought two for my A&K M60VN. However my batteries only last about 3 hours of continuous use. Before you make any judgement s, beware that for the M60 it draws more power from the batteries because both the gun and the magazine operate of the battery. Throw in a stronger spring and it drops the battery life from 8 hrs down to 3-4 hours of use. However in my FN2000 the battery last closer to 6-8 hrs which is very good. Over all a very good and reliable battery.
by Nicholas B. on 04/11/2015
"This is an amazing battery. Please note that this is off for $8 so buy it quick! I used this battery on my Kwa Cqr Mod 2 and let me just say it is amazing. I am getting a 20-25 rps with this. It is small, nice, and affordable. So if any of you airsofters are out there and are looking for a good battery. This is the one for you 7.4 and 11.1 will work on your guns depending on the connectors. But this one is right in the middle, meaning it has an average fps. If you get yours, it will probably say g&p because when I bought my batteries at the store. It said g&p instead of intellect best whatever. Overall this is an amazing battery!
by Tucker W. on 02/06/2015
"Great battery, holds its charge and fits perfectly.
by Elijah S. on 01/16/2015
"So I am coming back with an updated review with this battery. I use this as my primary for my 249 para by CA and I had this battery for over a year and I am not having any problems like I am reading on other reviews. This battery makes my SAW sound like its from hell honestly because it fires so friggin fast. Given that the SAW, at least I would assume, isn't easy on power consumption either, this battery still last me the 8 hours + longer and has only died on me once and that was because I didn't charge it for roughly a month. Luckily I had a spare. I honestly don't know why so many people are having problems with their batteries. Mine is still holding up like I just got the damn thing.

SAW fire rate is demonic because of this
Still last me well over 8 hours (unlike some)
Fire rate staying strong (unlike some others)
Above statistics apply to my many M4s and my AK

Long wires are annoying

I still thoroughly enjoy this battery and I would recommend it but it seems like the new line of these are coming as lemons so get one at your own risk I guess. Mine works effing awesome for me.
by Nelson F. on 12/22/2014
"This battery is a pretty good one for the value. I had some size Issues of my own but this DOES fit in the Elite Force style crane stock that comes with the 416 and M27.
Lasted me about 8 hours of usage on semi automatic.
by Aura F. on 12/12/2014
"does this fit in a APS AUG ?
by Jordan D. on 07/27/2014
"Great battery. Good quality and rof.
by Deb M. on 03/01/2014
"I love this battery. In my G&G CM16 raider 1 of these batteries lasted 3000 rounds. Defiantly going to buy another.
by Carlton A. on 12/14/2013
"Great battery, I bought 1 of these 3 years ago and it is still working like brand new! I highly recommend it!
by James D. on 10/03/2013
"This is a great battery, I use it in an Echo 1 mp5. It does fit in the front candidate. I put 1 inch foam insulation on the rear of the candidate to keep the battery from showing. Works great.
by Elijah S. on 08/20/2013
"So I got this on last thursday, Aug 15, and used it when I went on a camping trip with my friend. I sorely needed a second battery and this appealed to me as a good buy from some reviews I read about it and it did not disappoint in the least bit. To be honest it actually increased my rate of fire which is now parallel to my friend's CQB m4 which he continuously bragged had faster fire rate. Well now I can shut him up about it. On a full charge this battery lasted me eight hours of continued use. I was very pleased with it's performance and it was my lifesaver. Though, while me and my friend were going against each other, we were at their cabin in a forest at 8,000 ft and had a problem with this thing heating to a rather concerning temperature, but the same was happening with my friend's as well so I am assuming that happens with all batteries at high altitudes... or we're just really unlucky airsofters.

Actually increased my RoF
Lasts me eight hours
Fits easily in my hand guards
Beat my expectations by a lot

I guess this thing heating up to a point it actually burned to hold my hand guards which scarred the hell out of me since I just got it was the only real concern that is not present anymore but still worth noting.
Other than that, no real cons I can think of at the moment (still to early to tell)

This thing is amazing! It completely lightened up my day and allowed me to come out on top. Definitely recommend this to anyone!
by Kevin P. on 07/20/2013
"Just in case you were thinking of trying, this will not fit in an mp5 handguard _._ I had a 9.6 that came with a G&G CM. Great ROF in that, and it's never come close to dying on me, always a quick recharge after a full day usually maxing out on 5,000 bbs a day. Same voltage and mah, but i can't really talk about this particular battery. But I assume... it works