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Intellect 9.6V Small Type 1600mAh Airsoft Battery Pack (Butterfly Configuration)

59 Customer Reviews

by Tyler G. on 05/01/2011
"I got this battery for my birthday last year and it has not worn down!!!! Its great with my M4. Its ROF is rediculous!!! I went to a tournement for 3 days playing 6 hrs a day and I didnt need to recharge it once. I highly reccommend this battery to any airsofter pro or begginer. But for my birthday this year I am getting the Evike Custom G&G Blowback full lenth Carbine Combat Machine Airsoft AEG. Will this battery fit that gun???? Also does this battery come with a charger???
by lee s. on 03/04/2011
"this battey is amazing! it fits into basically any aeg exept places for stick type batteries. it makes any gun you put it in fire twice as fast (at least mine did). i put it into my cyma ak tactical and my src m4 and it makes the response time and ROF so much better. the MAH is about 500 more than your basic 8.4 1100 MAH battery so you can play a bit longer.

fits all aeg battery compartments exept stick type compartment and peq box
makes your gun fire a lot faster
makes your trigger response better
lasts longer than a standard 8.4
all in all perfect battery!

absolutely nothing
by Connor P. on 01/18/2011
"Good battery, used this on my combat machine GR16, hasnt ever run out on me in a game.
by Joseph B. on 12/30/2010
"This battery is one of the only ways to fit a 9.6v battery into the same spot as an 8.4v. A lot of compact rifles like the G36, G3 SAS, A&K Masada, and many other forward hand-grip rifles barely have room for 8.4v batteries. Luckily this very compact battery can fit in these spots with ease. And with 1600 mAh, you should have enough battery power to last all day on one charge. Other 9.6v batteries of this size only have 1400 mAh, so this is definitely the one to get.
by Nathan H. on 12/19/2010
"This Battery is great.... it holds up and keeps on going even after 4-5 hours of play. Fits in almost every gun because its so small and has a really good life to it. The only con (and this is probably just in my gun) is the wires were supprisingly long.. so i had alot of coiled up wires in my compartment... but thats nothing to complain about. Overall a very good battery, highly recomend.
by Zach G. on 12/14/2010
"I really love this battery as its battery life is way better than most brands! I would really recommend this battery
by Patrick E. on 12/05/2010
"Initial thoughts were, this battery is pretty big! Length wise, it's about half a battery longer than my stock 8.4v 1100 that came with my JG MK36C. Surprisingly enough, it fit! The Butterfly Configuration was definitely a smart choice as it was a little easier to maneuver. My biggest gripe about finding a battery that would fit my G36 was vagueness. I couldn't find the answer anywhere!!! When I found some leads, many said they had to shave the inside of their compartment to fit any small type 9.6v.

I decided to make the jump and buy this battery. I repeat IT FITS INSIDE A JG MK36C. It will take a few tries to get it in there since it's almost too large but when it fits, you'll notice a huge difference! I'm all about response time and sound. With my stock 8.4v, my JG felt somewhat laggy and the sound was more electronic than forceful. With this battery installed, this thing POPS. Response time is around 40% better and the RoF jump is about 25-30% faster.

I'm afraid to let loose on this thing around my neighborhood (commercial buildings everywhere) because on full auto, this thing sounds intimidating as hell! Stock, I was shooting around 340-350FPS, with the 9.6v, I'd say around 380-400FPS.

No Brainer, instant jump in ROF and FPS
Makes your good sounding AEG sound GREAT
Cheap upgrade...Definitely a mandatory first upgrade on any AEG
Fits my JG MK36C with NO extra room to spare

Must get a smart charger to bring out this battery's potential (extra $30)
Fit extremely tight in my JG, I may need to sand some unnecessary plastic parts to prevent wire scraping/damage (Though, I'm running into no issues, atm.)
by Jake P. on 11/06/2010
"i got this battery from a different site for a wayyyy... higher price than Evike's. this is a great battery for all aegs that it fits into.
just 1 questing: im getting a new gun for xmas and i want to know if i it will fit the echo 1 mk16 so i dont have to buy a new battery when i get the gun -.- Staff: Yup!
by Doug E. on 08/27/2010
"This is an excellent battery for an awesome price! :D And for all of those wondering YES it will fit in a KWA M4 S System. I bought this battery for that very reason and it works like a dream :)
by John T. on 08/24/2010
"This battery is purely awsome. I bought it when I was on my way to an airsoft arena and decided to buy the battery at the super store, and the guy who sold it to me said it was barely charged but i still used it in the games and it lasted me all day! It fit better than even the battery that came with my gun (JG M4 with a fold able stock) and it almost trippled my cycling rate, and it wasn'teven fully charged!!! I would recomend this to anyone who is in the market for any battery. BUY IT!!! (or monsters will eat your head)
by Kalen D. on 04/17/2010
"GREAT battery. And at 28 bucks, can't get any better.
Fits perfect in my Echo1 G36C. You just have to cut off the little tab that is supposed to hold 8.4v battery.

FYI. Batteries do NOT change FPS, they only change the ROF (rate of fire) The higher the voltage, the faster your gun will shoot. The higher the mAh, the longer your battery will hold a charge.
Most important, USE A SMART CHARGER. This is such a nice battery, you'd hate to ruin it by over-charging it.

Great price
High mAh for a small type battery
Increases ROF dramatically.
Fits G36C

by david b. on 03/31/2010
"i just recieved this in the mail today and i noticed it was already fully charged (good or bad?) but anyways, i poped this into my AEG and WOW! this increased rof by almost close to double (my AEG was slow to start with) and i would recomend this to anyone. amazing for the price!
by bob j. on 03/07/2010
"IF YOU ARE GOING TO WRITE A QUESTION REVIEW THEN DONT PUT ONLY 3 STARS PUT 5!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way, great battery, long life, and gives your gun an extremely high ROF
by ryan b. on 03/14/2009
"this is an awesome battery it boost rate of fire by a boatload and holds it charge really well and it fits in my jg m4 so easily
by Nathan m. on 03/09/2009
"Will this battery fit in a tokyo marui mp5 R.A.S (inside the rail system

Webmaster: Tokyo Marui recommend to use an 8.4V. The hand guard might be too small for a 9.6V.