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Matrix P90 300rd Hi-Cap Magazine for P90 Series Airsoft AEG by JG

23 Customer Reviews

by Alex L. on 11/28/2011
"This mag is good not great and here are some reasons why....

1. misfeeds are common, but a few smacks to the mag will do the trick

2 sometimes during a game i will have to hide, take out my mag, and wind it whick is a pain in the ass

3. otherwise, nice capacity. and i reccomend buying two of these mags
by Travis R. on 04/07/2009
"This magazine is alright and just alright. It doesn't fit into a TM p90 very well as the plastic isn't seamless and seems of lesser quality to that of the marui's. It does misfeed alot. However if you properly wind it it can fire a full magazine on a single wind. I am a tactical player and rarely shoot on full auto, usually only 3-7 round bursts. I find it handles bursts with ease and when it does mis feed, simply take your finger off the trigger you will hear it spool bbs and then you may fire again. The high capacity is a life saver however.

* high capacity
* able to feed all if not most of the bbs on a single wind
* very handy pertaining to the amount of bb's it can hold. p90 magazines are long and hard to carry many at a time.
* affordable

* misfeeds during full auto
* does not fit mag well with precision (must manually engage the spring catch on the upper reciever)
* Cheap semi brittle plastic
* obvious leeky molds (plastic nubs or sanded down nubs)
* not as asthetically pleasing as the marui mid cap with the fake bullets

all and all i recomend this product for its practicality and price. However do not expect to laydown adequate support fire. (this mag is the anti spray and pray)
by Rob G. on 01/07/2009
"After purchasing my lovely E1 P90 i knew i had to get myself a hi cap, and luckily enough i found one.... just one interestingly enough. However I've not had the best time with it.

I know the rest of the reviews here are all praising this thing but i want other customers to realise what they're getting.

Hi cap - 300 rounds
No constant reload of mid caps

In order to wind this thing, you have to take cover, unclip, wind and reload. There is no accessible gear.
Man i HATE that when i'm in the middle of a fire fight and i'm shooting air. The last thing you want to do is unclip and wind.... Unlike other weapons with the gear being at the base of their mag, few strokes and back in business.

Also, this thing does NOT feed well. I've been using this for 4 games so far, and even when its fully wound, you will notice bb's then air, air, air bb's, bb's.... the way the mag has been developed hasn't allowed for the movement of bbs to be easy, stopping it from feeding into the gun smoothly.

That being said, regardless of my review, I still find it important to have one on hand at all times, its a great mag over the mid caps.
by I luv A. on 11/09/2008
"does this clip fit the echo p90? anyone???????????????????????????????????????????????????
by Sean P. on 03/31/2010
"Would not recommend this product. It had a few issues before catastrophic failure:

1) Quick winding port on he bottom rounded out after a couple uses. Winding it without a tool was a slow arduous process. Marui plastic holds up better to this abuse.

2) Binding and misfeeds are common. A couple hard taps does alleviate some of the problem. Lubrication is helpful.

3) After a couple months gears and spring failed.

A few good points:

Plastic looks good. Nice capacity. Better than the stock midcaps, for the most part.

Id recommend the MAG 170 round magazines. Carry 2 of those puppies and you've already got more ammo than one of these, without misfeeds.
by stanley n. on 05/24/2016
"Matrix P90 300rd Hi-Cap Magazine for P90 Series Airsoft AEG by JG suck this poop doesn't work on my first time using it.
by James D. on 05/20/2015
"I ordered two of these mags and both had problems feeding and unwinding. I tried them in two different guns with the same results. I sent both back as they were unusable.
by Eric L. on 03/23/2015
"No not even waist your time buying these..


Oh, you can wind up the spring, put the mag in, and hear the spring unwind itself instantly. If do doesn't do it instantly, it will fire maybe 10 shots before it just stops feeding. You gotta smack it a few times, then it might feed, or unwind the spring again.

They are a pain to load, even though I figured out a fast way. The stock mag that comes with the KA P90 doesn't unwind itself but these do. The stock mag and these both have feeding issues. No, its not my gun, cause you pop the mag out and there is no bb in the slot. Until you smack it and then it goes into place.

The P90 is wonderful in every way but these mags are just horrible. The idea is great but THEY DON'T WORK..

Go, and buy yourself a box mag and get it over with. They are only $35 and 2 of these lovely things are $15 ea.

If you buy these.. its your loss.. You've been Warned.