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JG Gold Eagle Long Type High Torque Airsoft AEG Motor

11 Customer Reviews

by ollie B. on 12/05/2014
"This motor is great and has outperformed the JG blue in my old setup once i switched to my systema motor can. The motor is incredible stock, don't get me wrong, but if you have a pinion puller go ahead and swap out the cans for a NEo-Can, preferably Lonex or Systema spec. neo-cans.
by Bryan C. on 03/05/2014
"the motor feels great in my KWA CQB mod 1 it a good buy
by Lynn P. on 02/17/2013
"Great motor
mine's pulling an M120 at about 20 RPS with 16:1 gears on a 9.6v.
The RoF isn't nearly as impressive as the trigger response which is faster on a 9.6v than a regular motor on a LiPo.
This motor would be absolutely perfect for a DMR build or really any higher power application.
by Dillon B. on 08/07/2012
"This motor is the definition of worth every penny. I've had it for about a year now. I bought it to upgrade my M4, and the gearbox compression was so crappy that my semi was faster on a partially charged 9.6V 1600mAh small type battery. I now have it in an AR based DMR with a 11.1V 30C 2200mAh and its GREAT! Even with the 9.6, trigger response was really snappy. This motor, aside from the Matrix Magnum, is the single best aftermarket upgrade part one can buy. I highly recommend it to anyone.
by mary b. on 02/22/2012
"this motor was in my friend's JG M4 Commando, he put a LiPo in it and burned everything in the gun up except for this motor. he gave it to me and it is now in my Matrix SR-15. im only running a 9.6v 1600Mah battery in it and this motor is pushing an m140 spring at just over 1100 rounds per minute. both the gun and the motor have lasted more than 6 months of almost constant action and i haven't had one issue out of either of them. if that doesn't express how good this motor is, i don't know what will.

by Debra L. on 01/22/2011
"This motor is extremely durable its funny though because i have the 2008 version m4 s and thats the motor in it. i have emptied at least 1000 450 rd mags over time and three different endurance competitions emtied my 5000 rd. mag 4 times. This motor is great i have never had to do matenance.
by De Niro E. on 03/25/2009
"I love this motor! I am currently pulling an ELEMENT M145 ($10)spring with no problems the motor doesn't even heat up. I have been shooting this gun for about 1month know with the spring upgrade. All JG internals, JG black Gear Box the reinforced gearbox. I chrono with the Upgrade around 450-478fps. JG internals are cheap and easily upgradable. Buy it and upgrade it! you wont be disappointed.
by Isaiah L. on 11/22/2008
"this is a great motor im getting at least 18-22 bbs per second on the jg golden eagle gearbox with a 9.6 2300 mah battery
by ryan o. on 04/18/2010
"Ok frist off this is a great motor. This came in my m4 which i still operate with today. However after about 3 years of using it stock my gear box wiring could not take the stress of the high volocity. How ever im planning to put all knew internals into my m4 this was a great motor. if i had to rate it from 1 to 10 I personaly would give it a 8. here is the short and sweet verson.

Pretty long lasting
fast and clean working
for some reson magntic

WILL WEAR YOU GEAR BOX DOWN. ( you gear box souldn't go bad intill over 3-4 years depending what gear box you have.
by wade g. on 04/10/2009
"this motor is stock in the JG S system upgraded 2008 version and it compliments the m120 spring very much with the matrix 10.8 battery with peq box. i recommend both. after 5 months of constant use the pinion gear on the motor shows barely any ware. just keep it nicely greased(with silicon grease of course). you can't go wrong with this motor. i'd go out on a limb and say it will push a m130 very well. it's very balanced between speed and torque. consult your AEG owners manual on how to tune the motor after installation.
by George W. on 06/25/2008
"A decent motor. JG used to use the same motor as classic army but now they have this way better motor now. (higher torque and stronger).

But for five dollar more I would get the Matrix magnum. That motor is high torque and high speed too. The magnet power on that motor is so strong my screw driver sticks to my gun's grip if they touch.