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Model: AEG-CM036

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by richard n. on 2016-06-27 14:47:14
"First I would like to say this gun is good but
full Metal
high fps
single and full run good

The screws come out very easy for me
a little on the heavy side
the battery it comes with is better to be throw out or given away
by charles a. on 2013-12-30 22:15:21
"This akm is a really great for intermediate players ,as myself, I used this ak in many war it usually a uneven team me with the less people but with this it help even it out. Only issue I had was it jamming , but I was using bad bbs so it explains that. Pros good fps( I got around 350 to 375 with .20) good aceracy with .20. Cons it a little heavy at first, not a big problem, you will get use to it
by Zach T. on 2012-03-05 10:55:43
"This AK is a pretty good gun. The only cons about it, is that it is a bit heavy. It's 7lbs. The fps with .12 Bb's is 487, with .20 bb's it's only 377 fps. This gun is very accurate, especially with .20's, but the 8.4v battery it comes with sucks. It doesn't even last that long before dying. I recommend buying a 9.6v battery. With a 9.6v battery, it shoots twice as fast and the battery lasts twice as long. Also, the mags hold 550 rounds not 600. It's not A big difference, I'm just trying to tell you facts.

Overall, very good gun. Best part about it is the accuracy.
by Jessica F. on 2012-02-08 17:02:59
"Amazing!!!!!!!! i bought this gun about a year ago and it is amazing. the original fps was around 460 for mine but it slowly went down to 445 but thats because i use to not relax the spring. it is accurate as can be (with hop up just right u can hit a can at 175 feet and a ring box at 100) granted it weighs around 11 to 12 pounds (i added a custom made solid wood stock with an external battery pack. the firing rate is pretty good (800 rpm).

450+ fps
800 rps with 8.4v
accurate to 200 feet
can beat out many pros if you are good enough
beats out my other two aks(even with heavy upgrades)
all metal
epic and sexy

original stock and battery that comes with it is terrible

over all get this gun
by Dante G. on 2012-02-01 16:53:29
"this ak is very amazing so if ur staring at this guns picture and want to learn more go to youtube and look up kalashnikauv review from
by Galen S. on 2012-02-01 16:53:13
"GREAT GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GREAT RANGE, AWESOME FPS. ONLY CON is size and a bit heavy but that's how I like EM.

This or the Dboys RK-01 makes a great, inexpensive ready to go AK!!!!!!!!!
by Nick B. on 2011-11-17 16:15:24
"PLEASE YOU MUST READ THIS, THIS IS AN UNBIASED REVIEW OF THIS GUN. This item is definately one of my favorites so far. The only reason I have not given this gun a 5 star rating is because of the FPS. Your probably thinking 'oh god i bet it has sucky fps'. Actually it was the exact opposite of this. The FPS was chronographed at 460 FPS. This extremity is illegal to have at most fields so I would suggest buying a less stiff spring. The over-all build quality is exceptionally robust and solid. My observations of this gun have been that the magazine breaks and is cheap. THIS IS FALSE. The only reason for this is because of improper ejection or insertion of the mag. This will then result in a broken feed lip. If all procedures are followed correctly and it does not feed try putting either silicon or Rem Oil in the magazine. Another reason might be the improper use of infurior bbs which are not seamless.Overall 4 out of five stars.
by D-trick H. on 2009-02-06 19:56:41
"WOW, i am amazed of all these good reviews, i mean when i got this gun it was amazing but like 3 weeks after i got it, it just completely fell apart, the selector switch got so loose to the point i couldnt even use it!

if you want a good gun, now seriously, go with the jg m4 enhanced, it is amazing thats what i have and i have had no problem, or jg g36c is also amazing, and the jg g3 is amazing by far, or just not this brand, cyma suck horribly,just go for a cheap good brand like jg or echo 1

Webmaster: Some Echo1 guns are made by CYMA. Selector switch getting loose is only 1 screw to fix. Please refer to our video and you can get your full metal AK working right away. For experienced players that understands that all Airsoft AEG will virtually never break and works better after you tune it, the CYMA AK series are still great buy as any other brand will charge you twice as much and the selector screw is still a selector screw....just my two cents.
by Ben P. on 2008-12-31 17:08:28
"like justin said i had one of these to at one time but i got the ak-74u instead. I HIGHLY recommend u get this gun. it can out shoot most snipers on the market.

by Marc C. on 2008-12-18 13:56:02
"SUCH A GOOD GUN!!! It looks so much better in real life! Its got power and accuracy and very heavy!
by will s. on 2008-11-17 14:55:04
"this gun is probly the best gun for the money if u need a review on it this is my review of it the only reason i gave it 4 stars i cuz my mag broke in like a week but its a good mag if ur looking for extras that will fit get star mags they work flawlessly
by Jason Z. on 2008-10-23 19:44:01
"Actually it should go further than the listed range. After all it says effective range so the bb does travel much further. You can always use a heavier bb to increase the effective range if you are willing to sacrifice the overall range.

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