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by Bradley K. on 2015-06-17 15:18:11
"So I bought 7 of these mags a few months ago as extra magazines and also to replace the crappy ones that I initially received with my first gun, and I was a little worried about the black "lip" that they have on the top of the magazine where the bullets would go in IRL. Thankfully, I have had no trouble with getting these magazines in/out of my rifle, and I didn't have to do any modifications on the magazines or the rifle itself. (I have a full-metal DBOYS M4 AEG from a different website.)
I tested out the capacity on one of the mags by loading it and unloading it 3 times in a row, and the results were that it held 123 the first time, 116 the second, and 101 the third time. I've heard that it's not good to fully load your magazines or keep them full for extended periods of time as it can damage the spring and I really hope that wasn't what was going on with the decreasing numbers...
Anyway, after that I loaded the other 6 magazines up once each and they held 91, 101, 115, 114, 94, and 112 rounds each. That averages out to a little under 110 bbs per magazine, which I think is more than enough considering the real thing only holds 30 5.56 NATO/.223 rounds, even though these airsoft versions are advertised to hold 120bbs.
Another 'test' that I performed on these was to find out if it had a realistic weight. I didn't actually have a scale on hand when I performed the test, so I just estimated by how they felt in my hands. I took a real AR-15 magazine as well as one of these airsoft magazines and proceeded to load/unload them for each part. I found that when both magazines were unloaded the airsoft mag felt a little bit heavier, but when they were both loaded the airsoft one was a little bit lighter. Go figure.
I initially bought these magazines because they are metal and gray in color like the real steel ones, instead of a matte black like most airsoft m4/m16 mags are. However, these mags do have a black "lip" like I stated earlier, but that doesn't really matter because they're going to be inside your gun or your pouches anyway. The paint scratches and rubs off on other metal surfaces like your mag well after extended use, but I think that just gives them character and adds to the realism anyway.
They have a rough texture to them which surprised me a little when I first got the mags. I really had to stuff them into my mag pouch to get 2 of them to fit in each pocket and yank on them while working the magazine side-to-side in the pockets to get them out at first, (I have the Triple M4 / G36 MOLLE Ready Magazine Pouch by Condor / Phantom - Tan pouch from this site by the way), but after leaving them in the pouch for a week or two and periodically working them out of the pouch and putting them back in at different angles to stretch it out, they fit alright now. The problem was probably caused by a combination of the texture of the magazines that made them sort of grip each other, the lips on the mags stretching the pouch more, and the already tight pockets of the pouch.
I've dropped these things a few times and they took it like a champ, they barely wobble at all in the mag well to a point where it doesn't even matter, and they all feed efficiently too.

Durable METAL
Extremely minimal wobble
Feeds well
Mostly realistic appearance and weight
Sufficient capacity
Excellent performance for the price
Paint rubs/scratches (can be a con)

Paint rubs/scratches (can be a pro)

Sorry for the long review, but I wanted to make sure that I put down every detail that I could think of. All in all, if you're looking for a good quality magazine that's not going to break the bank, this is the one to buy.
by Andrew H. on 2014-06-28 05:35:23
"Ordered a set of these for a JG M16A3 I ordered here as well. Not all that pleased. Three don't lock inside the mag well and/or won't feed. Considered returning these for others. Yes, I know budget gun. But it's not my primary. Anyways. Not pleased with these.
by Mike S. on 2014-01-12 19:08:15
"Have 5 from a box set. Feed issues out of the box. ON ALL 5 _ sorry makes me angry (using 9.6v nihd through bone stock classic army sportline) Took apart, had to file down burs and lumps near the top of the feeding tube, (the top part is 2 pieces of rough extruded plastic) Doing this helped, now its every 20th round that doesn't feed till I smack the mag body. Seems like they are going to fight me every step of the way. Wont be buying again.

Now for the good. They are metal and drop freely. Hopefully they will break in. That is all... lol
by ron f. on 2013-01-02 17:21:49
"I got these magazines a few mouths ago and I love them I have played a lot of cqc games and dropped them allot. They can take a beating. Never had a feed problem I run these with my vfc h&k 416 and there amazing
by Colton W. on 2012-02-09 18:25:17
"Purchased these magazines for a new Classic Army M15A4 that I got, nor will it work for the old style CA M15A4. None of them worked. The magazines will not go fully into the mag well, and when I go to remove them it requires a considerable amount of force to do so. Otherwise the build quality is decent, all metal with a semi-matte black finish. Seem durable but I can not use them with my current AEG. Also take note that in a majority of the other reviews, other players have had to modify these in one way or another.

All Metal
Nice Finish

Will not work for Classic Army new or old
Others needed to modify to make them work
Extremely tight fit in mag well.
by Darlene B. on 2011-07-07 12:03:56
"Guys, if your gun takes STANAG magazines, then these WILL work. The only exception is the G&G FN2000, which the mags needed to be slightly modified.
by Nestor S. on 2011-02-10 17:57:21
"When i received these a couple of months ago, i was pleased to see them individually packed. I opened the little boxes and none of the magazines had even a slight blemish, scratch, dent, nick etc... But the first thing that i DID notice was that they were slightly smaller than real steel magazines. I don't know if it was easier for the manufacturer to do it this way, or if it had something to do with the spring... I don't know. it's not necessarily a con, because ALL of the magazines fed flawlessly. I loaded all 10 of them up and fired off all 10 without any misfires, jams, or double feeds. at first, i thought i was all ready to go, but then noticed that they didn't quite stay in the magazine well. The magazine catch didn't secure ANY of them on my G&G/Combat Machine Blowback M4. I took it with a grain of salt, because all of the Pros outweighed this one tiny Con. All i had to do was dremmel down the top portion of the receptacle, bit by bit, so they wouldn't be too loose in the. So, let's recap:

1) Outstanding finish on each of the magazines. They truly are a thing of beauty
2) All of them fed BB's without fail.

1) Slight modification needed.

The rating system doesn't give these things enough justice. I'm going to give it a 4 out of 5, but believe me, it's a STRONG 4
by Richard C. on 2011-01-23 18:08:30
"These are fantastic mid-caps. They feed well, and the full metal shell is smooth with no rough edges. They don't wobble in the reciever, but they still slide out on there own when you hit the mag release (on a metal bodied Matrix Tactical at least). Overall, I am very satisfied with these mags, and would recommend them.
by Jake K. on 2011-01-14 19:26:57
"this mag is great and to my conclusion it actualy hold a little more than it says matrix never falls short in thier products and these are probly the best mags outthere escpecialy for the price
by Billie P. on 2010-09-21 16:41:46
"I was wondering if anyone could tell me if these are compatible with the jg m4 "tank" assault pistol? Thanks for the help, any help or info is appreciated..
by Adam P. on 2010-04-18 18:07:12
"These are excellent. I own a VFC M4ES 145R and these things fit better than the $20 per magazines that are available for my gun. They are very durable and fit better and feed better than the standard magazines for my gun and the paint doesn't scratch like the other ones I will most likely be buying more of these in the future.


Excellent Fitting
Excellent Loading
Very Affordable
Very well made and you can't beat the price!
More realistic
Silent (All mid-caps are)
Better than the more expensive ones)

I would recommend using silicone oil when you first get them to work them in a little and they might double feed at first but after a couple reloads and unloads they will work fine again. This isn't really a con but a recommendation.

I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone that has a gun that this will fin in including the above in the description and any VFC M4 E-series gun.
by Brian C. on 2010-02-04 10:19:13
"Overall these mags are great, good feeding, tight fit with no wobble at all. Only problem I had with them was that they dont fit in the Jin Jong S-System without some slight modding. Any gun with a metal mag catch will probly have a problem with them not locking in do to the fact the mag catch is bigger so you have to take off the shell and file it where the catch slots in. Other than that like I said great mags!

Tight fit
Realistic fit and feel
Decent capacity

Some modding required at times
Not actually the right color

That last one is personal prefference for me, real m4/m16 mags are more grey than black but not really that big a deal.

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