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Real Hard Wood Furniture Kit for AK47 AK Series Airsoft AEG

7 Customer Reviews

by Raphael C. on 09/30/2013
"Great kit, I bought it to install on my Classic Army (SAS M7).
The stock and pistol grip fits without modifications. The hand guard requires modification, but all you will need is sandpaper and patience to cut the ends to fit.

The wood color is exactly as shown in this image:
by KENNETH S. on 07/24/2011
"I ordered this in april, it finally showed up in July. Honestly the only bad part about these is the wait.

I put these on my CYMA CM-028. they're tight, but they will fit. Except for the stock. You have to get a dremel tool and take about 1/8th of an inch off the top of the inside of the socket. you also have to file the end of the metal part down a bit. it was a tight fit, but it ain't gonna wobble at all.

It also has a foam pad in the stock, which is for the battery. I took it out because my battery wouldn't fit with it in.

Of all the pictures shown above, it looks most like the one with the red stain The stain is red, but in daylight it's more of an orange. Looks very nice.

I would give it a 4, for the work i had to put into it to get the parts on, but it wasn't exactly made for my gun. It's also really the only kit out there, except if you have a folding stock. Good price too.

Overall, it feels and looks very nice. VA airsoft! Wooooooh!
by Karin E. on 03/09/2011
"Rocco V. i dont know where you buy your ak's but a $90 real steel Ak sound ethier really bad or you dont know what your talking about. but this set is very well made and gives any ak a nice finish and feel you just cant get with plastic or cheap chinese wood.
by Jerod M. on 02/12/2010
"I bought this kit and am extremely impressed. It is as authentic as it gets. The stain color is PERFECT, the wood is very thick and sturdy, and the feel is just amazing! The wood is a hard wood, not soft, not sure what it is but its definitely not going to give easily. I would recommend it over any other kit.

However do BE WARNED some carpentry skills MAY BE REQUIRED depending on your gun!!! I have a TM Compatible JG AK-47 which came with the RIS system, the kit required a good deal of sanding and some carving to get it to fit as well as a small groove i had to make in the top part of the front set to accomodate a pair of screws.

Also the stock is a good 1.5-2" longer than the standard JG stock, great for holding a bigger battery or any custom wiring you may have done yourself.
by Rocco V. on 09/23/2008
"I've held a real steel AK and I like how the wood feels very much, but you can buy a full real steel AK for less than what this kit costs.
by Nicholas M. on 07/22/2008
"good Kit for the AK47 series rifle to replace the imitation wood with real wood; gives the aeg a new feel. makes it much more realistic and fun, for a price.
by Paul H. on 12/04/2016
"This is a nice kit for the price, but it is nowhere near the quality of E&L or even LCT. The finish is decent enough for most folks but the quality of the finish and the type of wood are lower quality. It chips, cracks and scrapes easily in its stock form, so you would be wise to either polyurethane or shellac it before mounting it on your AEG. Further to this, the kit is designed for APS AKs, so modding will be required to mount it on to other brand AKs.

If you're not a fan of the color of the finish, you can strip it pretty easily and the wood will accept other stains. If you strip it though, be sure to seal it with poly or shellac because it's quite frail in it's raw form. You won't be able to get away with oiling it with teak oil or linseed and just leaving it unless you intend on using your AK as a wall hanger.

Buy this kit if you're looking for a budget way of upgrading to wood furniture, but be aware that it is not high quality and will require mods. Further to this, you may receive a kit without the lower rear handguard retainer/cap. That's the black metal bit in the pic. I've gone through 3 kits from other retailers and the retainer was missing in all of them. The all said it came from the manufacturer like that. Evike is very good about not false advertising though as they are an AWESOME retailer, so you shouldn't have to worry with this item on this site.