Reviews: A&K Full Metal SR-25K Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Crane Stock

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Model: AEG-AK-SR25K
Location: L6-047

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by Clifford V. on 2009-12-01 13:16:29
"Originally I had my eye on the SR12 & SR25 for a while and couldn't decide which one I really wanted that fit my style. Then I saw the SR25K and didn't even hesitate ordering it on-line. I received it last week Thursday and unfortunately due bad weather and leaving town, I only had the opportunity to test it out in my backyard (1/4 acre). In short, this AEG totally rocks my world.

My review based on out of the box, but only in backyard with mock battle type fire applications:

Internal upgrades are perfect for the price
Awesome ROF
Feels meaty and solid, should take a beating
Extremely accurate within 220ft
Not as noisy as I expected, which is nice
Well balanced weight distribution
Crane stock is perfect for this gun
Mag release is perfect
Rear fully adjustable site is a nice stock item
Hop-up tool is handy

A little heavy (+10 lbs) and long, but ok for a sniper/AEG classification
Probably would've been ok having a shorter rail system
No 3 shot selector feature
Scope not provided in package
Cheap battery charger, recommend not using it
Fairly wide magazine, slows down the mag change in a battle
Excellent sniper weapon, very good for support fire but probably wouldn't be too flexible in CQB

Switch to a 9.6v Li-Po battery, due to ROF, high-torque motor, and version-3 gearbox
Must add a scope, doesn't have to be high-end type-increases accuracy beyond 150ft and looks very se_ y with it
Optional-Silencer/barrel extension gives a SR25 front end look which is nice
Get a battery backup
1 more magazine

If you are the type that likes sniping just as much as field battles, then this gun is absolutely for you. If your strong and agile enough to handle a SCAR or M14 or SAW in field battle scenerios, then you'll like this AEG, cause in my opinion only, it out does all three.

Listen, if you wish your fully loaded high performance spring sniper rifle could manually reload quicker, if you wish your AEG could be more accurate and provide better field support, if you wish you could do either as needed in a given battle, then look no further, tryout this gun and you decide.
by Andrew M. on 2009-10-08 20:52:55
"This gun is awsome I have had it for a while now. This gun is very acurate from a distance too. The power on it is fast over 400 fps. Extremly custamizable with all the railings. Has a good weight to it. It only acepts SR-25 mags the M4/M16 will not fit. This is an exellent gun highly recomend.
by George M. on 2009-09-26 18:08:56
"Sorry webmaster, you are wrong!

The SR25K uses SR25 mags. they're wider then regular M4 magazines. A M4 mag won't even stay in the mag well of the SR25's.

Webmaster: You are right. Here is a link to the correct mags.
by Jon T. on 2009-09-03 17:18:32
"what kind of mags does this gun take..........m14

srry for asking a question

webmaster: Here is a link to the mags that will work.
by chris n. on 2008-12-31 16:07:29
"I have had this gun for over a year now and im not sure if i happened to get lucky and get one of the best however i have had no problems at all and a very tight id say around 6 inch grouping at around 100 feet and this is the most reliable airsoft gun that i have owned use .25s and the hop up must be adjusted to get the best range i dont see the point in upgrading this gun and risking the amazing crafstmanship that lies in this gearbox this gun still chronos over 400 fps a year later.
by rob l. on 2008-11-28 15:22:30
"what is a better gear box version 2 or version 3? reply asap because im getting a gun tomorrow. thanks. sorry it wasnt a review.
by Wallace W. on 2008-11-10 02:29:18
"Measure 5cm from where the magazine feeds until the tip where you want the inner barrel to be (you dont want it sticking out beyond flashhider is the general idea).

That length, is what you want to buy in an inner barrel. Inner barrels have fixed sizes so just get the closest length will do.
by mike c. on 2008-11-07 21:19:28
"would a Matrix 6.035mm Teflon Coated 540mm Tight Bore be good for this rifle?
i am not too sure the size of the default inner barrel.
by Michael W. on 2008-10-01 13:37:15
"Very good rifle,very good accuracy right out of the box.Build quality is also quite good,being very rigid as well as strong.I was able to shoot 1.5" groups at 50' open sited,and 2.5" groups at 75'.The rifle came with a fluted outter barrel,ambidextrious mag catch,sniper charging handle latch,and a metal M4 style hopup.I grafted an EBR rear stock to the lower reciever,installed a Madbul PSG-1 6.03mm inner barrel,and a King Arms 290mm suppresser.Next I plan on installing a Classic Army SR-25 bore up kit to better handle the added barrel length.When completed I will have a very uniquely styled sniper shooting some where between 430-470 fps with select fire
by William M. on 2008-09-16 22:49:03
"I hate asking questions on the reviews but I need to know the inner barrel lenght cause I can't find it anywhere else.

by Chad L. on 2008-09-15 19:45:24
"So what kind of mags does this gun take? I was wondering if you can get a drum mag for it
by Arthur K. on 2008-09-11 02:51:52
"This gun shoots full auto / semi. Great price, nice RIS, I switched out the crane stock to a standard LE M4 stock. (And just use the lipoly stick type battery.) Works better and easier to switch out batteries.

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