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by Alex D. on 2015-03-26 00:16:23
"This gun was the first AEG I bought for airsoft. I can truly say that I made a wise decision. This gun has yet to disappoint me. High rate of fire with the 9.6 stock battery. It's actually a good battery, no problems ever. Very accurate with the stock inner barrel. Full Metal except the stock, and pistol grip. RIS is full metal and one piece. Would highly recommend for all airsoft players as a DMR or a Sniper weapon.
Full Metal
High ROF
Great range
Sniper accuracy
Heavy (Feels Real)

No front sling mount
Does not accept m4 mags (Only SR25 mags)

Well worth the money, go buy one
by Hansen J. on 2015-03-26 00:15:19
"This Gun is spectacular, If you are looking for a tacktical mix between an FAL and a G3 than this is it. Got it last week, ive been to four games with it so far and the performanse is awesome, the only bad part i found are figuring out the tricky parts of the gun(refer to note under tips)

good weight
good feel
shoots about 75 yards out of box
has a slight kick ween shot (adds to realism)
comfortable grip
easy to upgrade
iron sights work wonderfully
Very durrable, I slipped on icey pavement yesterday and dropped it, came out with just a scratch to the paint, still works
very sturdy, cant really tell from the picture but the rails and barrel on this gun are tough as nails.

Needs rail covers or you need to wear gloves, the rails can be rough on your hands.

It is a great gun for the price, and there are only a few things i would recomend.


-get a spare battery(just in case), no worrys though, the battery is quality
-get an acog, or perhaps a good reflex or red dot sight
-use polished, .25 BB's
-buy a spare mid cap mag (only if u hate spinning that gear on the bottom of hi-cap mags, i do)
-upgrading gearbox, motor, and barrel length always help but are not really neccicery with this gun.
by Jason W. on 2015-03-26 00:13:17
"Just picked up one today at Evike super store.

Heavy / good feel
Accurate (1 feet grouping at 50 feet)
No wobbling / free float type RIS

by Aaron L. on 2014-03-23 14:35:32
"This gun is just awesome. Before this gun i was planning on buying a Scar-L until I saw this. For only nine dollars more you get higher FPS and a full metal body. To make it clear, here is a list of pros and cons of this gun

-Full Metal
-High Fps
-Great Value for Money
-Tons of Rail Space
-Comes With Forward Grip and Rail Covers
- Really Accurate

-Plastic stock can be a pain to load battery

Even that con is minimal compared with all the great things this gun has to offer. 5/5
by Shawn G. on 2013-09-29 14:23:29
"Just got done putting this gun through the paces. Was able to score multiple kills through thick foilage in my last game using .25s. Great accuracy and feels like it can take a beating. With an inner barrel upgrade and maybe a bucking upgrade this gun will out class most guns, even those far above the price of this one.

High power
Built very well

Foregrip sucks, but that's not what you are paing for here.
by ti n. on 2013-05-11 22:26:38
"Excellent gun right out of the box, it shoot hard and far, but I did upgrade it with a Bravo 509mm 6.03 tight barrel & a Madpul bucking and it shoot even better. I have not chrono it yet but I can tell it better then stock. I use a Zippy 7.4v 30c 5000mah Lipo & the best mid-cap for it is the Magpul PTS 120rd.

I got this gun for $204 shipped!!! from here with some code ^_^.
by chris c. on 2012-04-10 20:12:22
"awsome amazing and for a great price feels good in your hands and alot of attachment great fps,rof and range well rounded gun
by max w. on 2011-02-22 17:16:25
"I've had this gun for about a year now and I have to say, it's a great gun.
However, it is probably the Paris Hilton of airsoft AEG's.
It is kind of high maitenence, seeing as it is made my A&K.
A&K isn't the greatest gun maker on the market, but I clocked this gun at about 435 fps with .20 gram bbs. Getting the battery in the crane stock is a pain in the butt, but once you get it in, you dont have to take it out unless you need to charge it.
The battery isnt great, so i reccomend a 4200mAH battery for high capacity
It shoots very fast and definitely packs a punch. I got a dot reflex sight for mine, and I highly suggest you get a scope or a sight, because the iron sights arent great, especially for night airsofting.

This gun is great for sharpshooting and assault. It's alright at coverage, but you'd need more than one magazine. At CQB, i dont reccomend it. it shoots way to far to be consistent and is heavy and long.

I actually change my vote to 4 1/2 stars because the only issue is that it needs some maitenence but other than that, its a great gun. AND IT SHOULD BE IN CALL OF DUTY DAMMIT THIS THING WOULD RAPE
by Clifford V. on 2009-12-01 13:16:29
"Originally I had my eye on the SR12 & SR25 for a while and couldn't decide which one I really wanted that fit my style. Then I saw the SR25K and didn't even hesitate ordering it on-line. I received it last week Thursday and unfortunately due bad weather and leaving town, I only had the opportunity to test it out in my backyard (1/4 acre). In short, this AEG totally rocks my world.

My review based on out of the box, but only in backyard with mock battle type fire applications:

Internal upgrades are perfect for the price
Awesome ROF
Feels meaty and solid, should take a beating
Extremely accurate within 220ft
Not as noisy as I expected, which is nice
Well balanced weight distribution
Crane stock is perfect for this gun
Mag release is perfect
Rear fully adjustable site is a nice stock item
Hop-up tool is handy

A little heavy (+10 lbs) and long, but ok for a sniper/AEG classification
Probably would've been ok having a shorter rail system
No 3 shot selector feature
Scope not provided in package
Cheap battery charger, recommend not using it
Fairly wide magazine, slows down the mag change in a battle
Excellent sniper weapon, very good for support fire but probably wouldn't be too flexible in CQB

Switch to a 9.6v Li-Po battery, due to ROF, high-torque motor, and version-3 gearbox
Must add a scope, doesn't have to be high-end type-increases accuracy beyond 150ft and looks very se_ y with it
Optional-Silencer/barrel extension gives a SR25 front end look which is nice
Get a battery backup
1 more magazine

If you are the type that likes sniping just as much as field battles, then this gun is absolutely for you. If your strong and agile enough to handle a SCAR or M14 or SAW in field battle scenerios, then you'll like this AEG, cause in my opinion only, it out does all three.

Listen, if you wish your fully loaded high performance spring sniper rifle could manually reload quicker, if you wish your AEG could be more accurate and provide better field support, if you wish you could do either as needed in a given battle, then look no further, tryout this gun and you decide.
by Andrew M. on 2009-10-08 20:52:55
"This gun is awsome I have had it for a while now. This gun is very acurate from a distance too. The power on it is fast over 400 fps. Extremly custamizable with all the railings. Has a good weight to it. It only acepts SR-25 mags the M4/M16 will not fit. This is an exellent gun highly recomend.
by George M. on 2009-09-26 18:08:56
"Sorry webmaster, you are wrong!

The SR25K uses SR25 mags. they're wider then regular M4 magazines. A M4 mag won't even stay in the mag well of the SR25's.

Webmaster: You are right. Here is a link to the correct mags.
by Jon T. on 2009-09-03 17:18:32
"what kind of mags does this gun take..........m14

srry for asking a question

webmaster: Here is a link to the mags that will work.

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