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King Arms M4 / M16 Metal Hop Up Chamber

10 Customer Reviews

by Nicholas B. on 03/15/2009
"I heard it didn't work in ICS I put it in my Car-97 split gearbox M-16 sniper rifle, and it worked perfect. not sure what the standard ICS gearbox differance is.

(bought it for my Echo 1 because I bought a metal body and head to get a now hopup to work with it. just swappin parts to see why it wasn't compatable with ICS)

WORKS ON ICS CAR 97 split gearbox!

I havn't used many other hopups so I don't have much to compare to, but had major improvement over stock hopup!
by Pierre M. on 09/20/2008
"this hopup Fits "Marui compatible" m4 series with metal body.

ICS M4 series use a different gearbox / hopup system. If you have an ICS or KWA M4 series AEG, you must get ICS hopup or (KwA will need modification to work because it use a two peice hopup.)

This goes with Systema PTW series too.

This hopup is for AEG that is metal body and not ics or kwa.
by Mathew D. on 09/04/2008
"Yes any M4/M16 can use this amazing hop up. This is a great buy.
by Andrew H. on 06/12/2008
"Hands down best Hop Up assembly made to date... The "extra" features built into this unit make it a step up from the rest. The barrel lock, actually LOCKS the barrel in place for a change, with minimal, if NO barrel twist at all. Use an H-Hop Up Bucking, and a good quality Hop-up Rubber (Systema, or Prometheus), and it'll shoot straighter and truer than you've ever imagined!
by gary a. on 09/27/2009
"Thank you Nicholas B i was waiting for a hop up that waiting for some 1 to say that is worked in the ics i bought the systema $40 hop up and it didnt work. So thank you very much i will buy this and post some reviews for ya'll .

Ya'll keep wearing yo cowboy boot!!!!!!
later partners!!!!
by ED O. on 10/30/2008
"I just bought the AG-K M16 metal reciever and noticed that i need a new hop up, will this work in a JG M16 A4? Please answer.
by Kip N. on 09/18/2008
"Although this is a very good hop up, it WILL NOT work in ICS AEG's.
by Howard H. on 05/15/2008
"Great chamber if you are having problems with you hop up backing off after a few shots then this is the chamber for you. It has a rubber ring that goes around the base of the biggest gear to keep it from backing off. This chamber also has two o-rings that help it to seat better in you gun, one goes at back where the chamber goes into the gearbox and one goes around the feed nozzle at the bottom of the chamber(where it presses into the mag). It also had a differend barrel clip than is normal (copy off the prometheus design) but it will hold you barrel in place and keep it from rotating at all, due to two little tabs that stick out of the barrel clip and fit into notches on the chamber. This can make it a little hard to get on and off, but to get it on you have to make sure the barrel is perfectly centered and the cuts in the side are equidistant from the edges of the hop up chamber and they you just put the clip on as normal, and to get it off you need a small object (small screw driver, etc) to pryout one of the tabs and the barrel clip will just pop off. I give it a 4 because it comes with no instructions which could be a problem if you dont have a lot of experince with this type of hop up chamber. And the spring that pushes the chamber back towards the gearbox falls off its nub and gets lost in a matter of seconds, and the screw for the main adjustment wheel is a bit too long, you can either get a different screw, of file down the end of the screw to make it the right length.
by Matt P. on 11/29/2008
"Will this work in a jls scar? my hop up is shot and it has got shot by my bro on purpose. I have been looking for a metal hop up and couldnt find one.
by Kip N. on 09/18/2008
"The only down fall to the king arms hop up is the barrel clip. This clip has a unique design that has a better lock on the barrel, but is not universal like most other hop up clips. This clip is very easy to mess up / break taking off / putting on, and once broken you will not be able to purchase just the king arms clip. My clip broke while replacing the barrel, and now I have to purchase this entire new hop up.