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Double Eagle M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Model: Full Stock CQB)

139 Customer Reviews

by Angel B. on 07/10/2012
"so ive got this for 4 years now and its just superb. first off its a cheap weapon to maintain because you dont need gas or a battery

easy reloads
really light
you dont really need any vests at all just a dump pouch and maybe of of those 56 round belts

hard to pump if your weak or your just a little kid
by Tracey J. on 05/21/2012
"just got this gun and its super fun and its actually got good range when you have heavier bbs like .25
pros shots awsome great spread when .20 are in it.
i would recommend the 30 round clips over the 14 round clip.
by Sean A. on 04/11/2012
"Very solid gun, has a nice spread , also, many people say that it is too hard to pump, it's not. I'm not Evan that strong and it's fine , so ya it's an awsome shotgun, very light but if you drop it or smash it..... It's not going too break. So get it, It builds skill.... A very fun weapon
by Chris J. on 04/02/2012
"I got this gun today and I have to say its more than I expected, Its got nice Fps, range, and bullet groupings

Metal Barrel
Top Rails and Sights
Quick shell Release
Good Fps
Good range for a Shotgun
Multi shots
Bullet grouping is impressive

The hardest thing to cock
Stock may slip off when retracting too far
Thats it

Other than that, this gun is awesome... I recommened this to anyone who wants a powerful spring gun for a quarter of a price of a good AEG. But I wouldnt suggest this for beginners due to its difficult cocking action, but it is still an amazing gun
by Matej R. on 02/20/2012
"just get it today and i must say - it is good. Range impreased me.

some rubber parts
good qality plastic
is heavy

hard to pump
a bit too long
by brandon s. on 02/04/2012
"i got this gun 4 months ago and its the best shotgun ive ever friend has one and its lasted him 3 years so far.

good weight
amazing range
good fps +320
great accuracy
durable, i droped it on concrete 5 times
plastic very strong, seems like metal
i painted it woodland camo
makes you bleed

buy more shells
dont dry fire
clean regularly (3 days)
by Joe V. on 02/03/2012
"Just came in today, and so far I'm very impressed. The hard plastic feels very sturdy and reliable and I'm sure will last years. The only issues I've come across is the loose handle/stock when I first took it out of the box. I've seen videos of how to fix this problem but I don't have an allen wrench thin/long enough to reach the screw along with no spare shell that the page says it comes with. Disregarding the small issues, the gun is overall incredible and one of my favorites. For a shotgun that shoots 3 bbs at a time, the precision and accuracy passed my expectations. Shooting from about 25 feet away at a tree, all three bbs hit within nearly an inch radius of one another. In short, this gun is definitely worth the $53 and I look forward to shooting it more.
by justin n. on 12/15/2011
"i have had this gun for about 5 years it was my first airsoft gun in five all that has broke
is the orange tip but that was my fault i turned to quick and hit it against a door frame
but in the last few months when i fire it its shoots like 10 bbs at a time

metal stock
lasted five year
perfect size for back weapon
mine now fire 10bbs pre shot

cant find ris for it
orange tip is permantly attach sort of
mine only has 3 shot per shell now
mostly plastic
by larry t. on 12/05/2011
"I am a pro airsofter and I have to say,this is by far the best 3 round burst shot gun I have ever had, it is a must buy for any airsofter amateur or professional. 5/5 stars for this....
by Jonathan D. on 12/02/2011
"I call this gun "Lucky." First airsoft war I have with this gun, and I got seven people out, spread out over 9-10 battles. Lucky number 7. It does not have the best accuracy, but is great for CQB, especially indoor combat. It is O.K. for playing fields, but only if there is sufficient cover. I went up against guys with 100-200 dollar AEG's, and gas pistols. It is quite simply, a weapon meant for p'wning.
Shell magazine
Adjustable stock
Great sights
rail system

Cons:(if gun is properly treated, cons will not effect you in skirmishes)
Stock/pistol grip is a little wobbily(grip can be fixed with duct tape)
sometimes hard to cock

Overall: great gun, for a newbie or experienced airsoft player.
by Evil Man S. on 05/18/2011
"I just got this gun yesterday and already I can tell this was a fair priced good quality shotgun. First of all, the plastic body is ABS and very durable. The rubber pistol grip is extremely durable and helps gives the shotgun a comfortable feel. The FPS for it seems to be about 350+, which is extremely good for a spring shotgun. The gun is also very accurate and the BB's spread after a great distance. All together this was and amazing airsoft gun for its price and quality. I recommend customers also buy 2 packs of spare shotgun shells and the shell carrying sling. The only thing about the shell holding sling is that it is too big to go around the shoulders, so I recommend you tie it around your waist. All in All this is an amazing shotgun and a must get for all airsoft players.
by Tom H. on 03/24/2011
"Let me start off by saying that I am an Intermediate airsofter. This gun is AMAZING!!!! It is lightweight so you don't get too tired when you're running with it. But it does have heft, so it doesn't feel like some cheesy junk of plastic and metal. The grips on it are very comfortable. The pump is a little hard to pump at first but you do get used to it. The sites are very good for a shotgun. The best feature that I like is it is realistic. You put the shell in the chamber, cock it and shoot. I like the fact that it shoots three pellets instead of one. If someone gets shot they WILL feel it. I suggest getting the six pack of shells for it also. Very high-quality gun for the price. I would recommend this to every one over ten years-old because the pump is difficult to pump. Awesome gun!!

realistic, actually almost everything about it.

The pump is a little hard at first.
by John F. on 03/07/2011
"Good tri-shot shotgun especially for money and if your not trying to drop a lot of money on a tokyo marui shotgun and if you can get past the fact thaty its not metal

but the reinforced plastic is strong and have dropped it many times without problem

very tight, consistant shots everytime, great for CQB


plan on buying a better quality sling then the one it comes with, save you money paying seperate shipping later on like I did

Cheap to run (Shells are cheap)
Hits hard

Not metal besides sling mounts, but VERY durable if you can get over it
Stock came loose very easily when I got it, came like it, but it you find a long T-allen and tighten it, problem solved, hasnt loosened on me since
Sling it came with was garbage

If you want a great shotgun all around at a cheap price, BUY THIS ONE
by chris d. on 03/05/2011
"this my favorite shotgun by far! I bought 3 multishot shotguns(2 fullstock, one pistol grip) and the pistol grip is my favorite , for me it is easy to cock but i suspect that young kids might have trouble cocking it. I lubed and oiled my gun up and now i can cock it with the one hand slide pump trick.also lube the barrel up every so often to give it the extended range to overcome A.E.G"s.i aslo highly recommend extra shells and lotsa ammo .20's or.25 are the best.also get a good sling with it because you will need it when running and reloading.i made one out of some parachute cord and it looks very nice.also you may need to tighten down the screws on the pistol grip because it come kinda wobby,and i put tread locker on the screws to keep a good hold.although being mostly plastic its very stury and will not break and has a rubberized grip and slide,very accurate but requires frequent reloads. you can slam-fire it and it works great but you need to have good hipfire accuracy like me. well worth buying and works great1
by KENNETH d. on 02/11/2011
"this gun is great! i got it for Christmas and WOW this gun is amazing. when i first pulled it out of the box i just knew i was going to be doing some vertical but strokes with this thing i love it. really this gun is good for anyone ive been airsofting for hmm a year and a half and this is one of my favorite guns its this or either my l85

good weight
thick rubber at back of stock
45 dollars cant beat it
makes a deep noise when you shoot it

umm well i guess i dont know what to tell you there really are no cons

over all great gun for anyone!