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M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Riot Shotgun - Full Stock

72 Customer Reviews

by Erik D. on 09/06/2008
"I've had this shotgun for a few months now, and It's fun to shoot, solidly built, and the 3 simultaneous BBs have tight groupings. However, being that it is a spring shotgun, I bought it knowing that I would have a hard time competing with players wielding AEGs. But I've never had more fun getting "out". And besides it gives you that much more satisfaction when you do hit someone. ;p

ps: the quality sling is that good.
by Matthew O. on 07/02/2008
"By buddy has the TM version of this and to be honest i can barely tell the difference. The spread is just about perfect making it a lot easier to hit a man on the run. The mags are nice, and even though they aren't every big its surprising how long they last. I am very happy with this gun and would recommend it to anyone.
by donovan e. on 07/01/2008
"This shotgun is great for C.Q.B. and has ok range. Its the best shotgun buy for its price and I really like it.
by Dick C. on 06/05/2008
"Solid build, accurate. Best thing you could buy for $70 as far as airsoft guns at this moment. Best thing, period. I use mine outdoors in the woods for close encounters. Fps is only about 300ish, but for some reason, three bb's simultaneoulsy at this speed seems way more devastating than one. IMO anyway. Cuts right through to those guys hiding behind bushes. So I recommend you buy this if you like playing in the bush. Use it in the bush!
by Nicholas M. on 05/11/2008
"The best Shotgun around besides a $300 one.


-3 shot burst
-high quality
-many metal parts


-pretty hard pump
-the shells have a nice looking wrapping, but if you press even slightly on the place under wich is a screw holding the shell together, a bad looking dent will appear.
-not much else.
by Matias F. on 04/05/2017
"I love this gun. it's big, bulky, realistic, and shoots DEAD accurate and fast. The only reason i'm rating this 4 star is because its hard to pump and the mag release is on the wrong side if you are a lefty like me. OVERALL GREAT GUN LOVE IT
by Wesley S. on 07/13/2015
"It is significantly larger than the picture makes it look. Don't be fooled.

I love tri-shots. They are reliable backups in case something happens to my AEG.
No feeding problems.
Solid FPS

It takes a long time to get used to pumping it. I'm not a particularly strong guy, so this was a big deal for me.
It was a lot bigger than I was expecting. For some reason the first photo on the store page lead me into believing it would only be about 30" in length. That is my fault.


Solid! I like it, definitely recommend this.
by Blake D. on 10/20/2014
"Ive had this gun for about a year and its amazing! great price great performance. got so many kills with it in a CQB match. The only thing i have to complain is that the stock seems to be loose but nothing to worry about. Buy this gun its great!!
by Mykal W. on 12/29/2012
"I love this gun!!


- Shoots Hard

- Light

- Feeds well

- Pump in not hard to pull back

- good rubber grip


- Plastic

- The shells dont feed well

Well worth it for CQB, Barrel is kinda big for small rooms. LOVE iT
by shawn s. on 10/14/2012

accurate until you get past 50 feet
fires 3 bbs
makes you feel awesome
pump handle feels nice
light weight


can be loose were the trigger and stock meet
not reliable past 50 feet (unless you arc it a bit)
You need to buy more shells
Takes A LOT of skill to use and be good with
No ajustable hopup

In conclusion for the price you pay it is awesome for cqb and can compete really well in cqb areas. You should buy more shells with the gun when you buy it cause 10 shots are not enough. It looks really nice and I feel if they came out with a version that had ajustable hopup it would make the gun so much better than what it already is!
by marcus h. on 05/12/2012
"WOW!!! my first im pression was that it was a very sold gun for it being almost all plastic. it is very durable and shoots great. i would say this is my new favorite gun by far just because it takes so much skill and is so much fun to use. its also the best gun i have ever bought for under $80 at only $50.

the sights are painted white
rubberized pump and pistol grip
very accurate for shot gun
no wobble anywhere

you need more shells ( i bought 8 extras)
no rail space ( you can buy a tac rail)
by Elmer H. on 12/02/2011
"I got the gun today and tried it out a bit. From what I learned so far its a really good gun.

Surprisingly enough its really accurate for a 3 shot gun.
Decent Range
Shells go in and out with no problem

Hard to Cock, and made of plastic.
Thats it.

I do suggest getting more shells and maybe a sling the one they give is
acceptable, but you can get a better one. That is just about it, all in all its a good shot gun.
by anthony v. on 10/29/2011
"this gun is pretty good. it gets the job done some says i haves sum problems though

hurts hahaha
not to heavy but has a good weight
looks real rubber griped handle and pump
has a working saftey near trigger like a real one
perfect for C.Q.B
shells are cheap for it

hard tp pump for first couple of weeks
shells hard to get out
if the pump is already kocked back and u put the shell in it wont fire when u push it foward u have to rekock it.
by Christine m. on 06/21/2011
"pretty good gun hard to cock but good for close quarters
by Henry K. on 05/07/2011

- Strong body material
- 3 Burst Shot
- Good Weight
- Pretty accurate


- A bit of strong resistance having to cock it

Overall its a great CQC weapon I would recommend.