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M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Riot Shotgun - Full Stock

72 Customer Reviews

by philip c. on 12/27/2010
"dude I hate when people say this thing is hard to pump, you have to learn how to hold the thing when you cock it its not that hard. good gun though.
by Jordan N. on 10/10/2010
"Overview: I've had the gun for about a month, playing at least once a week. For a $45.00 gun, it's got decent power, haven't chrono'd but I'd ballpark right around 300. Groupings for the 3 shots is pretty much dead-on at 10 feet, the farther you go from there they start to spread out. Fairly light, so it's nice for a run and gun sort of thing, if you're into that. It will make people duck, that's for sure. Strongly suggest buying more shells. I bought a single pack of 6, and I've had plenty of shots to last for long games. Check around locally, I found a 25-shell holder belt at a store that sells hunting supplies for $3

Pros: Great value
3-round burst is decent for room-clearing
Shell magazines are a nice realistic touch
Rubber-like pump and handle for comfort
Iron sights are painted, again, nice touch(not that you really need them)

Cons: Stock seems sort of flimsy, afraid it'll snap off later on down the road. Stockless version seems more well put together.
Will sometimes fire more than 3 rounds, pretty rare
Included strap is junk

Overall, not a fantastic gun, but great for the price and a good weapon for CQB situations. If you're on a budget, or like the idea of a shotgun that actually does what a shotgun is supposed to do without shelling out $150 or more for a gas shotgun, this is for you
by Raymond H. on 03/11/2010

awsome rbber grips
real looking
shots dont spread mutch if useing 20g or more

a little hard to cock
by Michael G. on 10/05/2008
"Well, I have had mine for about a month now it had jammed right during a skirmish and the slide wouldn't pump so I took paper clips and pulled most of the bb's out (5) and then it still wouldn't work so about a week ago I figured F it I would either break it or unjam it by pumping it hard so with all my might I pulled the slide and all of a sudden it sounded and looked like the spring flew out but to my amazement it was a white bb turned black by a dirty barrel after that it worked fine so from then and forever I am definatly cleaning my guns even if they are "Springer's"!
by CJ E. on 09/15/2008
"The TSD multi-shot is the same thing as this with a metal barrel. It's worth the extra $5 to get the TSD instead.
by Brian C. on 12/05/2016
"The shotgun is great, but the grip and stock got loose and i thought it was fine but a couple weeks latter it got more loose. it never came apart, but it got so loose you couldn't pump it without it going side to side.
Over all its a pretty good gun, it just needs some improvements.
by Paul G. on 11/16/2015
"It's the gun I like to hate and hate to like. Before buying it you have to know what it is and isn't:

It isn't:
-At all like a real shotgun
-Built to last (my butt stock and grip are already coming loose)
-Fixable (once something breaks it's trash)
-Accurate (It will hit in the general area around 7 out of 10 times at 50 feet. At 60 plus feet it's way off usually hitting low or off to the side and have about a 4-5 out of 10 chances of hitting)
-A far shooter. Max range is maybe 35-40 yards, maybe

It is:
-Good for a close range (under 60 feet) weapon
-Good for backyard or casual players in CQB fields
-Fun to have the shell magazines for the look
-Easy to cock

Which is why I can only give it 3 out of 5 stars. It's not the worst but don't believe the hype that it's anything like a real shotgun or is accurate because it's neither. What it is is a fun cheap gun to play around with or something you want for close range fields that's fun to use and won't break the bank.
by James N. on 05/23/2015
"First thing I want to say is there is nothing really bad about this gun, I just really think you should save your money for something better because this is very low fps.

1. Decently heavy and large, about 4 to 6 lbs. (could be a con)
2. 3 shots at once
3. Looks pretty neat and is extremely realistic

1. The shell occasionally jams (couple seconds to fix though) and sometimes it just doesn't shoot until you take the shell out and put it back in.
2. Low fps (feet per second) 300fps to be exact. I was using .20 gram bbs and they shot like 75 feet. Accurate at like 40 feet.
3. Hard to cock! Do not recommend anyone under 12 buying this!
4. Just probably better to save your money for a better gun.
by steven f c. on 12/22/2014
"Great Gun But has some problems,
Pros: Shoots hard, Looks cool, accurate, sling works with any gun
Cons- Stock comes loose, you have to tighten, mine broken from dropping it on grass(stock and grip cracked off) stickers on shells come off easily
by GARY H. on 11/16/2008
"i have had this gun for a year and it has been good until the past month. the spring is starting to completley wares down and it sounds like a dying dog. after a year the shells have alot of feeding problems and they eventrully dont feed. so try to find another shotgun spring and buy some more shells. at first i thought it was a gift from god now i dont. now i think im going to sell mine for parts.
by Patrick B. on 10/04/2008
"This gun maybe working for you noiw but its long term life is not guaranteed after about 4 months they begin to jam up and only start to shoot 2 bbs
by sedric f. on 04/18/2017
"So I bought this couple days ago and he finally came in the mail and so I put the strap on it and basically tested it and the strap broke and the gun broke too I kinda fixed it but it's not the same. Also and it wasn't that far from the floor.