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M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Riot Shotgun - Full Stock

72 Customer Reviews

by Mike S. on 09/13/2010
"This gun is great i ordered it after selling my KWA m4 and downgrading. This gun shoots about 320 FPS accuratley to 60ft with .28 g&g bbs which i also highly recommend. The gun has fully rubber finish on handle and pump as well as metal on the important parts. I love this gun.
by Matthew C. on 04/22/2010
"First, this is the first shotgun I have bought and I am not dissappointed at all. Great power, decent accuracy. Only problem with accuracy is it shoots a little low. I get about a foot group at 50 feet. It has great weight and feel. The cocking action is very realistic.
by Jack H. on 01/13/2010
"This gun is an amazing weapon for CQB or as a side arm. I highly recomend it for every skill level if u are a experienced or if u are a beginner.


shoots 3 at a time

shoots hard

fun to shoot



only comes with one shell

hard to cock some times

not as many metal parts as i would have liked

All around though i give it a 10000000 out of 10 hope my review helped!!!
by Colleen h. on 09/17/2009
the utg m3 shotgun is one heck of a deal for the price.
feels solid, and shoots hard for a springer
i love the realistic feel of the shells

its not a question, get the gun!!!!!!
by Joseph G. on 09/17/2009
"I bought this shotgun about a month ago and it has become my favorite out of the other 4 guns that I own!
For an all-plastic gun, it really feels quite rugged. The pump action feels nearly as real as my Winchester 12 gauge. I love the added realism of loading the shell in the underside--just like the real deal.
Now, let's be honest here....Performance-wise, this shotgun shoots about 280 FPS. It's TRUE effective range is approximately 30-35 feet. Now, if you take this to an outdoor field, you'll be shot well before you you get into combat range of this shotgun.
For me, this is strictly a CQB masterpiece. With the short ranges of CQB, you'll find that you can hang with any AEG or gas shorty-style machine gun or machine pistol. The ability to "sweep" the smaller "streets" of a CQB field will amaze you. You will also notice that your tactics will change for the better. It's now up to YOU, not the AEG, to effectivley use cover to deliver ONE well-placed shot, instead of the "spray and pray."
Buy one of these, people. You will not regret it.
BTW, I bought the Matrix sling/bandolier with it and I am quite satisfied. It makes reloading a snap!
by Ted L. on 09/03/2009
"Just ordered this and spare shells, looks awesome on youtube reviews.


So if anyone knows, can you upgrade this gun in any way and where can I find the parts?

Thanks, and sorry again.

BTW: EVIKE has the best price I can find on this and many other items after looking EVERY NIGHT for hours for 3 weeks at different sites.
by Patrick O. on 04/28/2009
"I just got this gun and I loooove it. It is kinda pricey but it is worth it. I only wish it came with more shells and that it came with a shell holder.
by Daniel C. on 03/30/2009
"I've been playing airsoft for over a year and this was my first gun. I still use it and I've held my own in all AEG matches with this gun. The shell loading is cool and you get about ten shots per shell, which is fairly realistic, if you're a purist. It's effective up to about thirty to fourty yards as long as you're using decent bbs. I recommend .20s, better quality will get better range. It's all plastic but it's extremely durable. I fell on it, what was below me being a log, and it didn't crack, nothing broken at all. Anyone can be a close-combat specialist with this gun.
by Renee L. on 03/14/2009
"I got this shotgun about 3 months ago. It is a really good gun. The only problem i have with it is that after shooting for a while it shoots out like 6 bb's at once now instead of 3. I am not exactly sure why it does that now but it doesn't matter i have alot of shells for back up and it still shoots great with great accuracy. When i went airsofting with my friends i shot my friend in the face about 50 feet away.
by GARY H. on 02/19/2009
"now now kids this a pro airsofter tellin u this gun is a stone cold killa for any expierenced airsoft player!!!! I bought this gun close to 3 years ago and i havnt had 1 single problem not even a jam!! now i bought this for my vietnam loadout as a cheap substitute as a m870. with some slight mods i made it look like the shotgun BUNNY uses in PLATOON the movie. we reanact vn battles from that movie. we have huge 100 on 100 at dusk and night and man this thing has saved my but alot!!! i mean alot!!! in the battles i sit in a fox hole with 2 other guys who got m16's and grenades!!! its very tough to take out 50 guys charging u with 400fps aks with grenades m16's and a shotgun!! but i found out to upgrade it!! lube up the spring and internals so that it can pump easy. my pump i can pump 1 handed!!! but i wear my shoty on my back have 2 bandoliers of 12 m16 mags and another MOLLE shoulder rig with 8 more mags and 2 mag dump pouches and a small shotshell pouch plus my helmet and my backpack!!! Man i got alot of gear and puttin this shotgun on isnt really that bad cuz its light with my mods !! so in conclusion if you want a good P.T.W shotgun go for this one!!! make sure u folo my tips and u got yourself a $70 P.T.W!!! P.S= buy at least 3 packs of extra shells cuz in a firefight they go fast!! i carry so manny mags cuz they are all 30 rounders so there u go!!!
by Patrick a. on 12/03/2008
"I got this shotgun about 3-4 months ago and it's awesome. If you shoot a can, it completely destroys it. It also hurts. I shot me friend in the leg 2 times and it left 6 black and blue marks on his leg. My other friend tried to steal my bike and I accidentally shot him in the cheek. His cheek swelled up for a week. Only thing bad about this is it's hard to cock. It also shoots pretty far and it's accurate.

Shoots 3 BBs at a time
Long Range
Looks and feels like a real shotgun

Hard to cock some times

I would recommend this to everyone!
by dillon b. on 11/23/2008
"THIS THING ROCKS!!!!!! I've had it for about 4 months and still shoots great. shoots like 300 fps and shoots 3 bbs at once so it hurts alot more. totaly recomend this gun.
by Amjorry h. on 11/06/2008
"THIS GUN ROOLS!!!! i dont play against any guys with 300 dollar aegs, but i bet this gun would hold its own against em i play in backyard wars where i have the best gun. i take them on 5 on one and i own. the stack is a bit wobbly on mine, but i think thats just mine. one reccomendation use .23 gram for best velocity and accuracy and you will own.

P.S. read my name out loud, but not too loud
by Johnny L. on 10/05/2008
"Patric, sounds like all you need to do is lubricate it. There are no magic in Airsoft guns, they need lubrications like real steels.
by Adrian W. on 09/28/2008
"I bought this gun about 6 months ago and have used it as my primary since purchase. I have had absolutely no problems with it until very recently. The tri-shot fires a good distance at a high acceleration. I have heard on many occasions how intimidating the weapon is with its tri-shot capabilities. The stock fits very well on your arm and gives the gun a great balance when aiming. The weight is excellent and the spring is very sturdy, causing a slight difficulty when pumping the shots, but this isnt really a problem, unless you are substantially weak. However, as I have mentioned, I have had one and only one problem with this particular gun. The barrel is metal, giving it a good weight, and the stock has a good weight; almost the same, giving the gun an equal balance. The problem here is that the gun is separated with these two pieces right at the pistol grip, so, overtime, the middle section will give due to it being the middle ground between both weights. My gun has recently broken in two, creating quite a conundrum. The gun still works amazingly, its just without a grip or stock now. I am going to attempt to JB Weld it together, or use an otherwise similar product to graft it back together. If you do not want this problem, get the pistol grip, as im sure it is only a problem with the stock version.