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Model: SG-M56B

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by Jacob F. on 2015-06-04 22:23:39
"Great tri-shot shotgun! I have had mine for a couple years now and the only thing bad that happened with the gun was the rear sight fell off and is gone. other than that it is a great quality gun, high power, and strong. Mine came with just two shells so I ordered two packs of six and have tons of ammo to use in battles now. great for close quarter and backyard games. If you do not have a tri-shot shotgun you are missing out!
by Peter X. on 2013-09-24 08:51:47
"Great tri-shot shotgun and powerful. Is a little hard at times to cock and shoot but overall would definitely recommend.
by Joe S. on 2013-08-14 19:04:47
"Very good! The pump is easy, not sure what others are talking about

-Fair range
-FPS is good for CQB
-Good sidearm for when it is too cold for my GBB
-Good spread
-Cheap spare mags/shells
-Easy and smooth cocking
-Sturdy sling mounts
-Reliable safety
-Nice rubber grip and pump

-Fair range ( is a shotgun)
-Hard to quickly aim down sights
-Only came with 1 shell
-Plastic barrel (it got deformed from when I melted the glue off the orange tip)
-Somewhat loud

Overall better than I expected!! Highly recommend it

Note- the little shell holder thing they try to sell with this won't fit anywhere on this gun, dont waste money on it.
by lyndon w. on 2013-03-12 20:10:18
"this is a great shot gun it's a bit longer than i expected(that's what she said) but still works great for cqb it has a solid body of some sort of a.b.s but is extremely solid

*really good range with .25 for a shotgun
*1/2 the price of a Gbb pistol and preforms just as good for a sidearm
*shell holds 30 rounds(10 shots)
*perfect fps (rarly exits though a can unless you shoot it at point blank)
*pump is easier than other reviewers make it out to be

* plastic(but very solid)
*only 1 shell comes with it(BUY MORE!!!!!!! OR YOU WILL NOT LIKE THIS GUN)
*occasional jams in one of the barrels
*sights kinda low and hard to use but it does not matter because at under 50 feet you probably wont
A.D.S and firing from the hip at that range you wont miss
by Mark G. on 2013-02-11 23:13:59
"This shotgun is awesome! It's a little hard to pump, I wish I would have bought
the shotgun with a stock on it. But other than that, it shoots hard, pretty accurate.
Solid build.
by Casey S. on 2013-01-23 21:06:05
"I absolutely love this gun! I sling it with a shotgun scabbard on my back and i barely notice its there. Absolutely get this gun if you are looking for a cqb primary or secondary.

Good grouping at close range
Easy to lug around and light weight
Fun gun to use
3 Shot system is awesome!
And lastly the fact that it uses shells instead of magazines

Not much to complain about
by Paul C. on 2013-01-17 08:24:30
"This shotgun is a good sidearm for a budget player. It is build good and feels very solid for a $50 plastic gun. Iron sights are terrible but its a shotgun. If you are planing on useing this a a sidearm at all I would stay away from the full stock versions. So on to performance. When I first shot this gun with .25 gram bbs it was horible. The spread was like 5ft after 30ft. Then I clean the barrels and the range and accuacy greatly improved. Shooting at 30ft the spread was about 6 inches. After 30 ft the spread starts to get bigger. I would say the max range would be about 100 ft but it wont be very consistent. I would say the Max one shot or effective range would be about 80-85 ft.

I would say worth the money but remember its a shotgun not an assault rifle.

Buy more shells!
by Kimberly S. on 2012-12-17 21:35:50
This shotgun could be better as far as durability... Anyways performance wise is where it shines. Not much too say over a spring shotgun other than triple shots. Do NOT get the retractable stock or full stock they break easier if you hit it on a wall while running the pistol grip is less likely to snap off... yes the stock can snap and you might as well throw them away. I personally had no love from them... And i take care of my guns. My personal experience with these has been fantastic but the cheap plastic does get in the way.

Range (For indoors)
Fixed Hop up
Shells are cheap
Rubberized grip and pump

No rails available

*Do NOT use these outdoors they're indoor weapons.
*Use a sidearm(GBBP) it will help when you want a more accurate shot
*Be careful with this its not polymer, pot metal, or high quality ABS, in fact its really cheap ABS.
*I personally mounted my own rail with some modification i personalized it to my liking and needs
*Reloading... Lots of it and its not too easy, I switch to my sidearm a lot

My Indoor loadout:

Shotgun(15 Shells)
WE 1911 (2 Mags)

Shotgun - Custom Rails G&P T1 Red Dot, Matrix PEQ II, Vertical Grip _:D, Shotgun Sleeve
WE 1911 - Flash Light/Laser

Dye i4 White/Gold
Condor 4th Gen Chest Rig - Shells in one row of MOLLE
Condor Drop Leg Holster
Matrix Knee Pads/Elbow Pads
Rothco Boots
by eric s. on 2012-11-24 19:17:35
"This is the most beautiful shotgun i have ever bought. It works perfectly and smoothly every time i use it is the perfect back-up to my aeg i cant even count the number of times this gun has save me from getting shot and its super light so its not a burden to carry around on the battlefield.


accurate (up to 35 ft)


difficult to pump at first
need at least six shells to be effective
by chris N. on 2012-11-10 15:38:45
"THIS GUN IS GREAT!! This is the first 3 round burst shotgun I've had and it's amaziing!

Great range
Great fps for cqb
Light weight which is good for running( some kind of plastic)

A little hard to pump but gets easier with use

Overall great gun, and just needs more shells for if your using it as a primary
by Jonathan A. on 2012-10-03 12:41:46
"I bought this gun for my little sister because she likes a gun that doesn't take much skill to be good with.
If you asked me to describe this gun in one word, I call it "BEAST".

It fires a nice even 3 bb spread with each shot that covers an area of:
3 feet at 20 ft.
5 feet at 30 ft.
10+ beyond 50 ft.

It hits hard too. I've been nicked by two from over 50 ft. out and it stung.

You want to buy at least 6 extra shells, because they go fast in a fire fight. They are tough to load by hand, so get a speed loader.

Cocking is hard for smaller kids, but older ones will have no trouble.

Keep mags/shells clean, and don't be too rough with them.

Good weight
Great Power
Spreadshot *works*
Total Boss Gun.

Shells instead of Full mags.
Slightly hard to cock (Kids -16)

Not much beside.

GET THIS GUN. Great spring CQB, and nothing beats a spread shot shotgun. I mean, really.
by Tracey J. on 2012-05-21 20:16:09
"just got this gun and its super fun and its actually got good range when you have heavier bbs like .25
pros shots awsome great spread when .20 are in it.
i would recommend the 30 round clips over the 14 round clip.

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