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Model: SG-M56B

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by Dick C. on 2008-06-06 11:49:03
"Very nice shotgun! I have the full stock version, same same! I notice after I shoot my load, my bb's tent to hit to the right, any one know hot to fix, I pay compliments. BB's go right after 30ft. It's also very hard to cock, but not if you practice cocking it. This is a great backup gun. If your looking for a good backup to strap on your back, this is good one, trust me! Great strap on. If you play in the woods, this will easily go through branches bushes and stuff. Over all a great strap on for playing in the bush!
by Corey B. on 2008-06-04 23:29:29
"I give this gun a 5 out of 5 just for the price alone! I love this gun! shoots 3 shot bursts, much better feel then the single- shot shotguns out there.

Aside from what another reviewer wrote, the M3S dose NOT have a metal barrel or metal sights. The lower faux-shotgun-magazine (the part that the pump grip slides on) is however, metal.

the 2 best things about this gun are the 3-shot-bursts and the price! I think the fact that there is so little metal, and mostly plastic parts, is what makes this gun so affordable. Hopefully in the future there will be a 3-shot-burst, shotgun, like this that IS all metal, but for now this is great!
by Nicholas M. on 2008-05-11 18:14:12
"The best Shotgun around besides a $300 one.


-3 shot burst
-high quality
-many metal parts


-pretty hard pump
-the shells have a nice looking wrapping, but if you press even slightly on the place under wich is a screw holding the shell together, a bad looking dent will appear.
-not much else.
by Taylor H. on 2008-05-11 16:37:05
"So, you want to try out a shotgun that actually scatters? And you don't want to blow $300 on it? Well my friend, I have the perfect gun for you:

Size & Build Quality:

This version has a very compact feel. It has a sturdy ABS plastic body, rubber pistol grip, rubber pump grip, metal shell door, metal barrel and pump construction, metal sling mounts, metal sights, metal trigger/saftey assembley. It has an extremely durable coat of paint, tough as nails build, and is a manageable sub-compact shotgun. The sights resemble that of a Glock handgun and help you zero in on moving targets. But a downside is that instead of trades you get a warning etching on the fake ejection port.


It has a though pump action that gets annoying after a while, but it's worth the price cut. Distance is great, this thing reaches out two around 100ft with 2g bbs and at that distance has about a 7.5ft spread at 25ft it has a 2.5ft spread and has a perfect spread rate, very easily controled and judged; Spread ratio: +bb weight=-spread and visa versa.


Magazine capacity is great for a shotgun, the shells are a nice addition compared to the almost to common occurance of bad mags of cheap single shot mid powered shot guns.

Pro's and Cons:

- Great Build
- Shells are cheap as dirt
- Scatter
- Very affordable
- Good sights
- Warning instead of trades
- Not a very clean look, they're are a few random levers that just get in the way, but that's Benneli's fault
- Hard pump

INSERT PICTURE of gun with accessories if you have them, or of where accessorie can/can't connect


I love this gun, even though the pump is annoying, the pros simply overload the cons. I feel that UTG has really done well, and I would be overjoyed to see more shotgun type weapons go into production from them. The UTG M3 shotgun blasts 8 scatterd bbs, out of 10.

8/10, Great buy for the price.

Displaying 61 to 64 (of 64 reviews)

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