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Double Eagle M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Model: Pistol Grip)

139 Customer Reviews

by Ariel S. on 03/09/2018
"Awesome 👏 Iím an adult who is new to Airsoft and really am in to milsim. This is a really fun first gun. The am I really gonna like this? model. I got the full stock. It was hard to pump at first but itís getting easier. Itís almost all plastic but very realistic is size. Itís just super fun easy to use. Seams like it will last quite a while.
Played for 4hrs straight with this against a lot of AEGs and definitely held my ground 👍🏽👍🏽
by Mike B. on 12/27/2017
"Just got this thing, wasn't expecting it to be all that great for its cheap price tag. I was pleasantly surprised by its performance. It's a great bang for your buck shotgun and a new favorite for me.

The only downside, it had just one shell.
by Dan S. on 11/09/2017
"If you are looking for a cheap, effective tri-shot shotgun, get this shotgun. I got the full stock CQB variant, took off the stock, and epoxied a rail onto the top to turn it into a masterkey for my SRXL Combat Machine.
Note: the 'receiver' is a plastic shell over the actual mechanism. Epoxied that so now it won't come off (It's cheap enough to just buy another of these instead of trying to repair anyway).
This shotgun is great! It's lightweight, so not too tiring to carry around (especially when not attached to another gun). The tri-shot has a nice spread and decent range for a shotgun. The plastic externals are not flimsy and I believe it when people say they've had theirs for a few years. This won't fall apart on you mid-game unless you try to boardslide down a rail with it (joking, but you get the idea). For a ~$40 shotgun, this is the best Bang for your Buck when it comes to tri-shots. Best option for a Masterkey as long as you don't mind some extra length to your rifle, or for fellow airsoft MacGyvers who want to mess around with a cheap beater without breaking the bank.
by Mason C. on 11/28/2016
"Let me first start off with saying that I didn't expect this gun to be as good as I thought it would be, but I was wrong. This gun is quite amazing and a fantastic CQC weapon.

3 round burst
range is fair for a shotgun (accurate within 75ft, but you still have that nice spread)
fps is field friendly
looks amazing
shells are fun to play with
somewhat realistic (with the shells and pump action)
pump action is nice and smooth
lightweight (could be con, but for me is pro)

some may find it hard to pump (the first time I tried to pump it I was surprised by the amount of strength it took)
range is fair (then again, it is a shotgun)
low ammo capacity (BUY MORE SHELLS)

Other than the few cons mentioned, it is definitely worth a few Hamiltons (ten dollar bills) and would serve as an amazing weapon for CQC or even backyard play.
by Curtis L. on 11/11/2016
"I have had this gun for about a year now and I have had no problems with it at all and the feel to it is so nice the stock might rattle that's just how they made it to have a cool reload and it might be kind of hard to cock it at first but it will get easier
by Zach C. on 08/10/2016
"I got this gun just the other day and it's AMAZING. It has a great fps. The 3 round burst is phenomenal. It's just all around a great gun at and great price. The only down side is the sights. They aren't the best but the aren't the worst, still giving this gun a 5/5
by James M. on 10/29/2015
"I've had this gun for about two years now and I'd love to recommend it to anybody looking for a great shotgun. The overall construction is relatively sturdy and should hold up for quite some time. The single shell included will suffice but can crack if too many BBs are forced in. The barrel is metal, with a rubber motor grip and buttstock pad. The rest of the body is plastic. A warning, the gun is extremely long, a problem for smaller users

by John K. on 06/25/2015
"Having got this gun around 2 weeks ago, I have experienced it in an airsoft war and been able to see where it falls short, there of which is next to nowhere.

Lightweight but sturdy,
The Red Dot Sight that I had fit perfectly into it, having perfect accuracy at 50+ feet away,
The accuracy is outstanding, along with the spread being tight, but I did notice one BB, typically the lower one, seems to spread out. I liked this because it adds to the shotgun kind of feel, so it isn't essentially a single shot shotgun,
and that you can have 10 shots per shell.
The shells are a bit hard to load at first; the speedloader slips occasionally, spilling BB's everywhere
The pump is VERY HARD to cock back, but I'm just a 14 year old with mid physical condition, so don't let that deter you.

Final thoughts: I got the sling shell holder with it, the one that goes on the stock. It appears to have 5 shell spaces in the picture, but let me tell you, there's SO MANY MORE. Unless this was a processing error, there are 5 shell spots on the outside, 7 on the inside, (one you can put in the pistol grip of the shotgun,) and 3 underneath where the clamps to secure the gun are. I recommend only having every other space filled in, on the 7 slot one, as it curves into a circular shape if you load all of them. 10-13 extra shells is what I would recommend, transforming you into the beast of the airsoft field.
by Jacob F. on 06/04/2015
"Great tri-shot shotgun! I have had mine for a couple years now and the only thing bad that happened with the gun was the rear sight fell off and is gone. other than that it is a great quality gun, high power, and strong. Mine came with just two shells so I ordered two packs of six and have tons of ammo to use in battles now. great for close quarter and backyard games. If you do not have a tri-shot shotgun you are missing out!
by Christian G. on 04/30/2015
"I own 3 shotguns and this seems to be my favorite, yes they are all tri shots
Of course 3 bbs per trigger pull(and pump)
Adjustable sights
Small rail for any optics
Very nice collapsible stock
Rubberized handguard/pump and pistol grip
Comes with one shell
Metal sling loop
Metal buffer tube
Pistol grip has a compartment to keep a spare shell
Very stiff pump
Good luck getting the Orange tip off
Fixed hop up
Majority of the gun is plastic
Don't expect a video game experience when concerning yourself with the bb spread, it's a relatively tight spread, if u want a decent spread stick with .2s
All in all this is still a fun gun and you get way more than what u pay for
by Kevin M. on 01/26/2015
"Once the box came to my house i was excited to open but i felt like i wanna wait till i play airsoft with my team
by Marcus C. on 08/27/2014
"I have just purchased the M3 Bravo 3 burst shotgun and it is a blast. The cocking action is real stiff right out of the box hopefully it will smooth out with some use.

I'm a novice at the sport, but really love this gun ant price is great.
by ian h. on 05/04/2014
"Ive had this gun for two years its my primary over my G36 and its just a beast. I wish the fps was higher but the 3-shot makes up for it this gun is amazing

Retractible stock
Looks cool
Makes the other team scared
And hurts in CQB(may be con for some)

Inter barrels don't go full length of outer
Stock wobbles a little

Overall best gun I've ever had
by Scott G. on 05/03/2014
"i got this gun about 6 months i love it shots well great for doing CQB

good range

shoots well

3 shot keep tight with .25

first 2 weeks it was really hard to rack back ( soo if your weak might take while to get it not soo hard to rack back but once you do it like the real thing rack back like it nothing)

all and all i love this gun i give it 5 out 5 stars for this shotgun
by Kyle L. on 11/25/2013
"This is an amazing shotgun, it might not be that powerful but it does serve its purpose CQB. I have a couple of gas guns and they both don't work in the colder weather but this shotgun never gives up. Once you buy this I bet you will want it as a primary.
good weight
accurate(for a 3 round burst)
looks great
adjustable stock
nice sights
good FPS(for 3 round burst)