Reviews: M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Riot Shotgun - CQB Pistol Grip Model

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Model: SG-M56B
Location: L5-039 WO8-T09

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by Corey B. on 2008-06-04 23:29:29
"I give this gun a 5 out of 5 just for the price alone! I love this gun! shoots 3 shot bursts, much better feel then the single- shot shotguns out there.

Aside from what another reviewer wrote, the M3S dose NOT have a metal barrel or metal sights. The lower faux-shotgun-magazine (the part that the pump grip slides on) is however, metal.

the 2 best things about this gun are the 3-shot-bursts and the price! I think the fact that there is so little metal, and mostly plastic parts, is what makes this gun so affordable. Hopefully in the future there will be a 3-shot-burst, shotgun, like this that IS all metal, but for now this is great!
by Nicholas M. on 2008-05-11 18:14:12
"The best Shotgun around besides a $300 one.


-3 shot burst
-high quality
-many metal parts


-pretty hard pump
-the shells have a nice looking wrapping, but if you press even slightly on the place under wich is a screw holding the shell together, a bad looking dent will appear.
-not much else.
by Taylor H. on 2008-05-11 16:37:05
"So, you want to try out a shotgun that actually scatters? And you don't want to blow $300 on it? Well my friend, I have the perfect gun for you:

Size & Build Quality:

This version has a very compact feel. It has a sturdy ABS plastic body, rubber pistol grip, rubber pump grip, metal shell door, metal barrel and pump construction, metal sling mounts, metal sights, metal trigger/saftey assembley. It has an extremely durable coat of paint, tough as nails build, and is a manageable sub-compact shotgun. The sights resemble that of a Glock handgun and help you zero in on moving targets. But a downside is that instead of trades you get a warning etching on the fake ejection port.


It has a though pump action that gets annoying after a while, but it's worth the price cut. Distance is great, this thing reaches out two around 100ft with 2g bbs and at that distance has about a 7.5ft spread at 25ft it has a 2.5ft spread and has a perfect spread rate, very easily controled and judged; Spread ratio: +bb weight=-spread and visa versa.


Magazine capacity is great for a shotgun, the shells are a nice addition compared to the almost to common occurance of bad mags of cheap single shot mid powered shot guns.

Pro's and Cons:

- Great Build
- Shells are cheap as dirt
- Scatter
- Very affordable
- Good sights
- Warning instead of trades
- Not a very clean look, they're are a few random levers that just get in the way, but that's Benneli's fault
- Hard pump

INSERT PICTURE of gun with accessories if you have them, or of where accessorie can/can't connect


I love this gun, even though the pump is annoying, the pros simply overload the cons. I feel that UTG has really done well, and I would be overjoyed to see more shotgun type weapons go into production from them. The UTG M3 shotgun blasts 8 scatterd bbs, out of 10.

8/10, Great buy for the price.

Displaying 61 to 63 (of 63 reviews)

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