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M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Riot Shotgun - CQB Pistol Grip Model

65 Customer Reviews

by Johnny S. on 07/13/2008
"When you punp it it will chamber the arounds and spring. Pull the trigger tos hoot. Hope this answer your question.
by will s. on 07/10/2008
"I SO want to git this gun but can you pump it it twice and shoot 6 shots if you cant im ok with that plz tell me
by Harrison R. on 07/10/2008
"god i hate this gun but i love it ... prob the best spring gun on the market for the price ... just to explain the power of this gun, i shot my friend in the gut at about 10 yards about a month ago when i first got this, and he still has the marks ... only problem i have with it is you'll bust your elbow pumping it ... it needs alot of force ... otherwise an amazing gun
by donovan e. on 07/02/2008
"Man this gun is great to use a a back up. Its perfect for building clearing and is fun to use.
by shawn h. on 06/22/2008
"i thought it was a good buy i mean 60.00 bucks for a hard hitting 310 FPS monster is good . make sure and buy extra shells cuz this sucks in battle w/o extra's , i personally only have 2 but if u are a good enough speed loader you can make it work .

so pro's and con's.

pros: heavy weight
300+ fps
spring ( good reliability )
doesnt jam
3 bbs at once

cons: low mag cap.
short version isnt very good , GET THE LONG VERSION
abs not metal , ( STILL VERY STURDY )

All in all get this gun , but in the long version .

airsoftsniper out.
by Nick S. on 06/22/2008
"uhh for the shells look in magazine , grenade shells and scroll down.. they will be there.

Anyways i just got this gun and i love it! its soo cool. I havent taken it to a battle yet but im looking forward to it! I thought this was really cool I have two palm trees in my back yard that are about 2 feet away... I fired and two hit one and the other bb hit the other! Thats like two people out (if you are playing one hit) well its a great shot gun!

Buy it!
by Dick C. on 06/06/2008
"Very nice shotgun! I have the full stock version, same same! I notice after I shoot my load, my bb's tent to hit to the right, any one know hot to fix, I pay compliments. BB's go right after 30ft. It's also very hard to cock, but not if you practice cocking it. This is a great backup gun. If your looking for a good backup to strap on your back, this is good one, trust me! Great strap on. If you play in the woods, this will easily go through branches bushes and stuff. Over all a great strap on for playing in the bush!
by Corey B. on 06/04/2008
"I give this gun a 5 out of 5 just for the price alone! I love this gun! shoots 3 shot bursts, much better feel then the single- shot shotguns out there.

Aside from what another reviewer wrote, the M3S dose NOT have a metal barrel or metal sights. The lower faux-shotgun-magazine (the part that the pump grip slides on) is however, metal.

the 2 best things about this gun are the 3-shot-bursts and the price! I think the fact that there is so little metal, and mostly plastic parts, is what makes this gun so affordable. Hopefully in the future there will be a 3-shot-burst, shotgun, like this that IS all metal, but for now this is great!
by Nicholas M. on 05/11/2008
"The best Shotgun around besides a $300 one.


-3 shot burst
-high quality
-many metal parts


-pretty hard pump
-the shells have a nice looking wrapping, but if you press even slightly on the place under wich is a screw holding the shell together, a bad looking dent will appear.
-not much else.
by Joe S. on 08/14/2013
"Very good! The pump is easy, not sure what others are talking about

-Fair range
-FPS is good for CQB
-Good sidearm for when it is too cold for my GBB
-Good spread
-Cheap spare mags/shells
-Easy and smooth cocking
-Sturdy sling mounts
-Reliable safety
-Nice rubber grip and pump

-Fair range ( is a shotgun)
-Hard to quickly aim down sights
-Only came with 1 shell
-Plastic barrel (it got deformed from when I melted the glue off the orange tip)
-Somewhat loud

Overall better than I expected!! Highly recommend it

Note- the little shell holder thing they try to sell with this won't fit anywhere on this gun, dont waste money on it.
by Paul C. on 01/17/2013
"This shotgun is a good sidearm for a budget player. It is build good and feels very solid for a $50 plastic gun. Iron sights are terrible but its a shotgun. If you are planing on useing this a a sidearm at all I would stay away from the full stock versions. So on to performance. When I first shot this gun with .25 gram bbs it was horible. The spread was like 5ft after 30ft. Then I clean the barrels and the range and accuacy greatly improved. Shooting at 30ft the spread was about 6 inches. After 30 ft the spread starts to get bigger. I would say the max range would be about 100 ft but it wont be very consistent. I would say the Max one shot or effective range would be about 80-85 ft.

I would say worth the money but remember its a shotgun not an assault rifle.

Buy more shells!
by naod e. on 12/19/2011
"this is buy far the best shotgun i have ever seen it is not to heavy so you shouldent use it as a primary wepon and the only reason i gave it 4 stars is because its a little hard to cock but you should get used to it.
by Ricky L. on 12/04/2011
"I LOVE MY SHOTGUN!!! Definitely worth the price! Perfect for CQB games. The tri shot spread makes hitting targets so easy when firing from the hip. Very durable and feels spectacular!

Accurate (It's a tri shot!)
Durable material

Hard to pump (takes getting used to)
Sometimes bb's will roll out of the barrel. Not sure what is happening there
by Mina C. on 09/11/2010
"i havent gotten this gun yet but ive seen many reviews about it and you would notice that this is very high end, i got to see the full stock virsion up close and i have to say its very sturdy, i dont know what people are saying about the pump being really hard to cock, i find its pretty easy to do. one thing thats really annoying me not is it said it would come in 5 to 6 days because i also ordered a shell pouch but thats besides the point but its been 8 days and the package hasnt come yet. so i give it four stars out of five becuse its sturdy and well built, its not that hard to cock and its pretty authentic, though the shipping isnt really what they said. also as a P.S. the shells only hold about 10 shots worth so get extras
by Travis B. on 04/29/2009
"Mine was excellent while it was operational. The range was great and the fps was painful. However, overloading the shells can cause them to stop feeding. Mine eventually jammed up beyond repair and is sitting idle against my wall, but keep in mind I let many rookies use it.


solid construction
good range and fps
Interchangeable stock


shells can jam
difficult to disassemble
near impossible to unjam 2 of the 3 barrels