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M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Riot Shotgun - CQB Pistol Grip Model

65 Customer Reviews

by Kyle B. on 10/13/2008
"OMG!!! 4 DAYS GROUND SHIPPING!!! wow that was fast. anyway i got the gun and these are my pros and cons:

tri-shot really hard to cock

shells only comes with 2 shells

good fps expensive

sturdy, good material

looks awesome

comes w/ speedloader & strap

overall this is a great buy. I was dissappointed to find that it REALLY takes some strength to cock. its hard, and on the field it will take longer. but this is one of the best shotgunz on the markiet because it can shoot 3 bbs at once. it has a cool /navy-seal/ type look, its heavy. im glad i got it. -hope this helped.....
by Taylor H. on 05/11/2008
"So, you want to try out a shotgun that actually scatters? And you don't want to blow $300 on it? Well my friend, I have the perfect gun for you:

Size & Build Quality:

This version has a very compact feel. It has a sturdy ABS plastic body, rubber pistol grip, rubber pump grip, metal shell door, metal barrel and pump construction, metal sling mounts, metal sights, metal trigger/saftey assembley. It has an extremely durable coat of paint, tough as nails build, and is a manageable sub-compact shotgun. The sights resemble that of a Glock handgun and help you zero in on moving targets. But a downside is that instead of trades you get a warning etching on the fake ejection port.


It has a though pump action that gets annoying after a while, but it's worth the price cut. Distance is great, this thing reaches out two around 100ft with 2g bbs and at that distance has about a 7.5ft spread at 25ft it has a 2.5ft spread and has a perfect spread rate, very easily controled and judged; Spread ratio: +bb weight=-spread and visa versa.


Magazine capacity is great for a shotgun, the shells are a nice addition compared to the almost to common occurance of bad mags of cheap single shot mid powered shot guns.

Pro's and Cons:

- Great Build
- Shells are cheap as dirt
- Scatter
- Very affordable
- Good sights
- Warning instead of trades
- Not a very clean look, they're are a few random levers that just get in the way, but that's Benneli's fault
- Hard pump

INSERT PICTURE of gun with accessories if you have them, or of where accessorie can/can't connect


I love this gun, even though the pump is annoying, the pros simply overload the cons. I feel that UTG has really done well, and I would be overjoyed to see more shotgun type weapons go into production from them. The UTG M3 shotgun blasts 8 scatterd bbs, out of 10.

8/10, Great buy for the price.
by zachary m. on 02/08/2011
"I bought this gun from a sporting good store locally. it was really well made besides the weak shell cage to hold it in. the hinge was not up to par. the trigger pull was easy, and the cocky was TOUGH. I'm only into airsoft to spent time with younger family members who often play. And my 15 year old brother has trouble cocky it.

the 3 round shot is nice but only in cqb would this gun serve any battlefield purpose. Its very durable and actually loud when fired.

3 shot burst
ROF (slam fire mode)
great fell to the weapon
weight is significant

hard to cock
small mags
fragile mag cage hinge
delicate shell mags

final say: its fun to mess around with, i would not bring this to any match. Your better off getting a shot gun with a high cap magazine with a single barrel
not accurate over 40-50 feet
by michael c. on 10/27/2008
"I got this gun. It was only 55 dollars, and Evike has shipping. It is a wonderful gun,but I would go toSportsmen Warehouse and get it for 55 with no shipping and Handiling and would not have to wait for it to come. Now, about the GUN Itself. It is a high of 360 FPS, really fun to use, comes with 2 shells, each with 30 bb's (20 shots in all) and is very reliable. But the bad part is that you of course have to cock it back every time, and it is hard to cock back, but it gets easier. I would go to Sprotsmen Warhouse, but if they do not have it, or there is none in youre state, buy it from here. For the Price of Evkie: 3 stars.

Store: 4 stars.
by mason s. on 10/04/2008
"does the gun come with the hand too!!!!!
jk i hate when ppl write ?s in reviews
ive seen many of these in use shoots 3 at a time w/shotgun style shell mags,

range about the same as a stock echo 1,... not bad overall