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ARES CNC Edition AW-338 Full Size Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle (Black)

11 Customer Reviews

by Christopher K. on 09/05/2010
"I got this gun 4 days ago, I bought it on black, and all I can say is that it leaves me speechless everyday. Great gun, super realistic (polymer stock like the real steel and full metal) and great accuracy. Indeed my favorite. I recommend it 100%.
by Brian K. on 03/29/2009
"ok now look i have this gun. Its extremely accurtate and i holds about 20 bb's in each stick mag i have 2. it has a very nice finish and weight to add to the realizum. i use .30 for better accuracy and im very impressed on the way this gun turned out. 5 stars no doubt about it
by Murray W. on 03/23/2009
"My friend bought this from evike, not so long ago, and we were playing in an "All Out Game".
.9 and 16% miles worth of land, and we were split in 2, Me and my friend, and my other two friends,.
We all had ghillie suits, and while I was crawling, I got shot in the Fore-Head I couldn't move for about 15 Minuits of Pain, It's Great, well worth the money.
by Dennis M. on 02/02/2009
"The reason why the bullets fall out is (what I have read other places) is becuse the magazine isent properly pushed in. Try to push it in until you hear a little "click" then it shouldent popp out any bullets into the barrel:)
by Paolo M. on 12/28/2008
"I love the way it looks. It's way too sexy to be used in certain games, but I believe it can take a beating even if it looks nice! 5 stars!
by Eric F. on 10/15/2008
"This gun is pretty sweet, I was wondering where I might get more magazines for it though
by ty t. on 10/09/2008
"This gun looks awesome does it come with the scope
by Paolo M. on 09/20/2008
"Mr. Patrick Walker, you can use heavier bbs like .25-.30 gram bbs. If that dosen't work then replace the spring with a slightly weaker one and use .20-.25 gram bbs
by John W. on 08/26/2008
"First look & feel:
When I saw it at evike super store I just had to buy it. It truly stands out among sniper rifles on it's finish, look and feel. The rifle has a very decent weight. The finish, scope, and bipod are all flawless. Lots of detail on the rifle.

Price: The ticket price might seem high, but the truth is, Evike is STAR's USA distributor, so the price is actually around $100 cheaper than most retailers and the price is cheaper than buying it over sea in asia! The scope and bipod are all upgrades that you would spend $100+ just to match this nice sniper.

If you are considering a Tanaka, Marushin or Marui high quality sniper, then you should really consider this one instead, because after you upgrade your sniper rifle to something that might be as nice as this, you will be over $1000. (Due to that Japan has too much limitation on power and metal parts on their Airsoft manufactures).

This STAR rifle shoots super accurately out of the box at extreme high power. The entire rifle is full metal. Everything you need, and will ever need to upgrade on a sniper is here.
by chris s. on 10/27/2008
"just got the gun. its really pretty, it shoots 430-450fps with .28s and the scopes seems good too. however i had one issue with it, bbs fell out of the barrel when i loaded it! I'm guess the bucking just sucks. aside from that, they gun seems good
by Jesse C. on 08/26/2008
"I love this gun. By far one of the best sniper rifles on the airsoft market today. The stock is not normal ABS is some sort of fiber reinfoced stuff. Its FPS is really good I am not sure exactly but you wont be needing any mods unless you are an FPS hog. Also the scope and bi-pod are great. This gun is not for the light weights! It is a beast, more of a sit and wait gun. I love it, by far the best gun i have ever bought. If you have the Money buy it. (Oh yes the 4 our of 5 is for the weight)