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Matrix Maurshin Clone M500 SSB High Capacity Five round burst Full Metal Gas Shotgun (Full Size)

18 Customer Reviews

by Jackson S. on 01/22/2009
"THIS GUN IS OFF THE HIZZY, YEAH THATS RIGHT HIZZY. I had a problem with the front barrel it came off, but I used the tool that came with it and tightened the weird looking screw near the base and it works fine. Poifectly Foine.
by jason h. on 01/03/2009
"i bought this gun a week ago and it takes up lots of green gas can i use propane?

Webmaster: Use, the propane adapter is basically to replace green gas in the event green gas is not available. Just remember to lubricate regularly with silicon oil.
by phil p. on 11/30/2008
"okay great gun! forward pump handle is a bit loose and is made out of plastic, along with the stock. Sights are ghost ring sights, but are plastic. The rest of the gun is metal, but made of composite metal. (Magnetic sights dont work.) Mine was chronoed at Airsoft Playground at around 280 fps w/ .2g's. It DOES shoot five bbs at a time, and about a 5' spread at 20'. This "beast" chugs gas like an SUV! i just carry the gas can in my vest to make things easier. SIGHTS ARE REMOVABLE! If you go to you can find add-ons like stocks, better sights, sling mounts, rails, and pistol grips for this gun because it has the same dimensions as the real thing. stay away from the pistol grip version because it only has a heat shield and thats it, no sights. So if you buy this shotgun you save money. Aight thanx for reading! = cody
by GARY H. on 11/26/2008
"I have a question about this gun can you remove the rear and front sites to make it look like a real m500 thanks.
by jon c. on 11/19/2008
"i got this gun like 2 weeks ago and it blew me away!!! the capacity is amazing 150 shots the only drawback to that is its hard to load. the fps is awesome i think its 420 with red gas. if you shot one bb it goes almos 300 feet and super accurate.(with one bb) i got to shoot one of my friends in the crouch because he made a charge. overall practically the best for CQB its a gas and bb hog i would suggest getting a gas adapter and a bulk buy of .25 bbs.i shot the rest of my .25 like 1500 the first night i got it. best gun i own other than my aegs. amazing gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jose Q. on 10/29/2008
"it is a reliable shotgun. I was playing airsoft with one of my freinds and i was hideing in a bunker with a m14 sniper rifle, and my freind tried to flank me but before he could get a shot off i took out my shotgun and i owned him!!!!!
by lynn w. on 10/25/2008
"This is a great shotgun and if you like full stock style, its a good buy.

by CJ E. on 09/15/2008
"This is the best knock-off brand gas shotgun you can get. When you examine it closely, it's pretty damn fugly, but it performs like a beast and will last you a while.
by Andy H. on 09/04/2008
"This shotgun is super cool. The pump section has three inner barrel where you can load the bbs in. No magazine is required and it holds more rounds than any shotguns I ever seen. (Last you all day!)

Very high power, very realistic (the finish is perfect)

This Matrix model also shoots very hard out of the box....5 rounds shooting very hard = ouch!
by Dennis W. on 06/23/2008
"This gun is awsome! It shoots 5 6mm bb per shot. 3 barrels to hold bbs so the capacity is insane. Much better than the Marushin original! Tried many airsoft shot guns and this is the best I ever seen!
by nathan d. on 06/22/2008
"This gun is awesome! i was wondering if anyone could tell me if it shoots 6mm rounds or 8mm rounds? thanks.
by Eric U. on 01/06/2012
"I bought this gun a few nights ago. It works very well is battle and smoothly. Hasn't jamed or anything like that on me yet. The 3 internal tube mags give you the ability to shoot 30+ rounds (5 bbs per shot). When I first used it on a CQB field the noobs all went running. Funny enough it does not sound like you would think a gas gun would. It has a higher pitched "pop" like a spring gun would. However the report of the shotgun is nothing compaired to the devastation when the BBs hit. I find this to accuatly be a better quality gun the the origional Maurshion. One reason being the 3 tube magazines inside insted of just one on the Maurshion; two, the maurshin is made of plastic and this is metal. The overall build quality is just better. Oh and it is not a gas hog like so many people say. More then a blowback pistol proubab,y but nothing thats gonna break the bank. Now just one more point before I wrap this up, some of you may be thinking to yourself, "well for about $60-$70 i could just get a tri-shot spring gun with the shell magazines and have limitless ammo." While this is true I used a tri-shot for a whille when in CQB games. I quickly that even in a heavy firefight the need for all that ammo was not there. 30+ rounds is all I really needed. If you find yourself shooting so mutch in a CQB game that you are going through 10 shotgun shell magazines, you are way too trigger happy. Buy this gun. If you are somebody that know how to use it it is a great weapon for CQB and ok for field games too when it's not cold.
by Nicholas B. on 04/01/2009
"AWESOME GUN!!!! I bought mine in the bone yard. obviously the cocking and loading slides are a little weak. both were broken on my gun they are only made from pot metal. lucky most the broken parts were packaged with the gun and I was able to fabricate them out of steel at work, so mine is stronger than most but I still wont attempt the one hand cock. just no point in it, and not worth breaking your gun to look cool unless you only have one arm.


-5 ROUNDS in one shot!

-Heavy Weight (close to the weight of my real mossberg)

-REAL STEEL STOCKS FIT!!! (Just don't use a real steel stock screw they are usually standard and your threads in your gun are metric, go buy a metric screw or you will strip out the threads)

-Great distance, I bought this gun as a close quarters gun, but it's got a pretty high FPS so you get a lot of range as well as a good punch.

-Sights are easy to take off and looks slick with no sights (who needs sights when you got a 5 shot shotgun anyway. learn some hand eye coordination lol)

-Orange tip is a little piece of plastic lightly glued on the tip comes off very easy


-Cocking and loading slides are pot metal (pretty weak, but if respected should be fine)

-Gas Hog!!! this gun uses a lot of gas, but if you run propane it isn't too spendy to use (Always use silicone with propane, if you don't your seals will dry out and break!!!)

-Orange tip is a little piece of plastic lightly glued on the tip comes off very easy (could be a bad thing as well)

I can't say this would make a good first and only gun, it's a lot of fun but you'll find yourself at a major disadvantage on a field full of AEG's. kick in the *** for a gas gun only war...
by jon c. on 11/30/2008
"i had problem with this gun the cocking mechanism i busted the part on a real shotgun where the shells come out i messed up trying to send it in but they WILL NEVER ANSWER your calls and espically your email. so word to the wise call dont email and buy good guns if you cant drive to the store. learned that the hard way.
by John Y. on 11/13/2008
"great shotgun, especially for the price.
First off, it is not the ridiculously high FPS that evike says, they chronoed with a single BB
normally, you'd shoot 5 at a time, and with .20s you'd get roughly 300-320, which is great, and still higher then the Maruis. There is no hop up, but that isn't as bad as you think.
That means you can generally use any weight BBs, cuts down on jams, and lets you fire from any angle.
The range is still roughly 70-80 feet with a 3-5 foot spread, plenty for a shotgun.
The externals are very nice, and the paint is durable for a chinasoft gun. The pump bars wobble ALOT, and seem very weak. I'd upgrade to those new shooters design ones, or better, real steel ones, although I think the real steel needs modification.

One handed pump= bad, It even says in the friggin manual. I mean, I've done it before ( : ) ) but I don't do so very often. I find it easier even to do it with the weight alone: Hold the shotgun vertically by the grip, and jerk it downward hard, the weight of the pump itself with rack it, swing the gun forward and stop abruptly, the forearm should slam forward. Faster, and it doesn't stress the gun as much.


The pump is fairly smooth, although there is a bit of resistance at the very end (this is from the internal BB counter).

The barrel and mag tube wobble slightly ,although not enough to compromise the gun.
The sling mounts need swivels to accept slings ($10s most places, evike ran out of em), or a key ring, but I wouldn't trust one to hold up this heavy gun (maybe 8-9 pounds?)
The sights are somewhat cheap, but removable and well suited for use with this gun.
They are ring ghost sights with a front post sight. You might want to highlight the front sight.

Gas is charged in the shell loading area, and this gun holds a good 20-30 seconds of gas, and you should be able to empty all three ammo tubes on one fill, even when you don't let the gas warm up.

Ammo loading is both a blessing and a curse. Three ammo tubes hold 50 BBs each, and you load through a port on the bottom. Rack the pump, turn over, extend ammo tube, speedload until you can see a BB at the edge of the tube. This should be 45 BBs, I do this because it makes it easier to push down the tube. Be careful though, because if you miscount and load anything other then laods of 5, your last shot will have fewer BBs, which means a much higher velocity. This can lead to pain in CQB situations.

This whole system allows you to not need to carry mags, and admittedly, 150 BBs is a huge capacity for a standard shotgun mag, excluding the UTG AEG style high caps.
Personally, I'd have liked to see this shotgun use the TM mag system.
Not only would reloading be easier and more economical, but the shotgun would feel more realistic, and there would be less of a problem having few rounds on the last shot. I think it could be done by modifying extending the feeding port and moving the gas, and it'd be potentially awesome.
In fact, it'd be a design superior to any currently out.

The trigger pull is pretty heavy, and takes some getting used to, especially for users of light trigger pistols and rifles. But the result is awe inspiring. The moss makes a loud pop and a good one foot cloud of gas is visible, especially for the first few shots. The BBs will sail for a good 60-70 feet without dropping, and the gun as a whole is extremely intimidating. Almost ideal for CQB, minus the BB loading. For those fast room clearing and speedball style CQB games, I guess the ammo wouldn't be as much of a problem.

This is currently the most practical true gas shotgun out there, and a great gun.
Perfect as a backup or CQB primary.

I rate this 4/5 only for the ammo system, and the pistol grip version performs much the same, although it is much easier to have on you as a secondary (although no rear sling mount) and/or breacher gun

Personal mods to my gun:

There is an odd part inside that may come loose, if you hear scraping when you rack the pump, that is the most likely reason. You have to turn over the gun, then unscrew the nut at the end of the forearm. Pull the pump away from the action bars (this may take a bit of force) and slide it forward. You will see a metal clip secured by a screw. Remove this, then slide the clip into the pump while pointing it upward, then slide the whole thing back and return the screw. Slide the pump onto the action bars, and lock it with the nut. Test it out to see if the scraping persists. I lost the small screw holding the clip, so I removed it entirely; it seems to have no real effect on performance or feel

When I took apart the gun, I put an oring on the barrel end (the large silver plug) threading. I used the medium width ones, and this helps barrel stability, although I had to use a wrench to tighten the barrel all the way @[email protected]
This little oring trick is something I use for everything, especially threaded barrels.
Note: you must tighten it all the way, otherwise, the outerbarrel and mag tube won't slide all the way in.

Attaching a tac light is a pain in the ass, the only option is a mag tube mount, which may require you to break down the gun and remove the tube and barrel. This also keeps you from mounting a sling :(

I'm going to add a heatshield from a cheapy spring mossberg, and possibly a mock extension for the mag tube.

A side sling mount is one of the essentials for this gun as well.