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IKAZUCHI Type-0 Mid-Range Battle Rifle Airsoft AEG Advanced Player Package

20 Customer Reviews

by Joe M. on 06/04/2008
"OK, this gun does stand out in a crowd. It is very comfortable to use and carry.

I want to tell you it doesnt have a great range. This is only a CQB AEG. I have hit targets at 100 feet, but out past that it becomes a spray and pray. I used it to keep a person pinned down on a second floor widow so that my team could get out of reach.

The motor is looking as if it is shot. I need to take it to a smith to be sure. It has only been through 2 games. Very sad. Also you cant take the thing apart to break it down without feeling as if you are breaking it. They suggest a longer barrel, and I am doing that when it goes in for the full service after only TWO games.

The rate of fire is insane, very hot and fast. If you are not going to shoot short distances, DONT BUY THIS AEG. If you are going to use it at short ranges, YOU MUST BUY THIS AEG. It will blow away any one under 50 feet!
by John R. on 05/06/2008
"Unique Looking and very high rate of fire with my lipoly battery. Turns a lot of head during the game. Very useful in a CQB game with a bungee sling.
by kaiwen y. on 02/08/2009
"the stock inner barrel is about 195mm

okay so i had this gun about 3 weeks now, overall it performs well worth the money

evike's black gear box is indeed impressive for the money

but the exterior under the plastic body kit is low quality plastic that is really laughable. granted that the rubber grip feels nice but for 170$ the original m4 JG body is really dragging this gun down. sure it looks nice from a distance but once up close you will see that the materials are not exactly durable for the long run.

bottom line,
great performance,
great internals

wobbly stock
low quality external under the body kit
by daniel j. on 05/13/2008
"Thinking about getting one. Anyone tried to change the inner barrel to a longer one with a longer silencer?
by george s. on 09/06/2009
"iv had this for about 7 years and its the best im even thinking of getting the cutom painted version u can look at it at (
ish-p-30387.html) it sweet!