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500rd Polymer Hi-Cap Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG Rifles by CYMA / Matrix

11 Customer Reviews

by Andy W. on 04/12/2017
"I purchased 3 of these and got them in decent delivery time. But when I received the box 1 mag was completely different from the rest, even so much so I the box was not the plastic like bag the others came in. I read the box and it seemed to be a different model of the same mag. BUT everything fits correctly in my gun and works fine, just they tend to be a little hard to push past the trigger assembly part that locks the mag in
by Alex S. on 03/02/2017
"Fits perfect for a Black Ops AK74!!
Feels great as well!
Very happy with this purchase!
by Jordan R. on 08/30/2016
"These work well with the CYMA AK Stamped metal, for $7.99 they are great, not worth the full $16.00...
they are a very nice feeling plastic ( polymer) and hold a good 500bbs, they feed most of them.

overall: fit, and feed flawlessly, great for $7.99 but not worth $16.00.
by Larry R. on 10/30/2015
"Can't really make any complaints for a 550rd Hi-Cap for $6.00.

It fits and works in my Cyma CM028-s. There is a slight wobble to it, but wrapping masking tape around the top fixed it for what I need. I have also had no problem with feeding or jamming issues with this magazine after putting around 1500 rounds through it.

I'm not sure if I would pay the full $15.00 for it, but for $6.00, I am happy with it.
by Michael S. on 10/18/2015
"Cheapest high cap Ak mags around, currently for $6 a pop.

feels like somewhat cheap plastic, and the top latch is a little loose on both mags i got. Also they didnt come in any sort of Classic Army packaging, perhaps these are the reasons why they are $6.

Both mags so far feed perfectly into my 3 cyma Ak aegs, and that is what matters most to me.
by Joshua T. on 11/08/2012
"me and my friend have this mag and it is awesome

hi cap
easy to unload


this mag is awesome
by Colin E. on 10/07/2011
"I recommend this mag for anyone using an AK47/74 model gun especially if they are using the CYMA CM031 AK74 (which this is the default mag for). Has not had ANY problems, no misfeeding, no broken edges, etc.
The plastic is strong, any cases of the edge breaking are not here.
540 rds may seem minimum for a high cap but the easy winding and occasional switch of mags ads to the fun.
nice feel, although its not metal the plastic smoothness helps with a easy reload.

I don't know how many AK mags have this issue but for this one I had trouble with getting the curve to fit correctly in the mag slot of my gun bag but it fits perfectly fine in any vests.
by Tommy D. on 10/09/2010
"is this compatible with the spetznas ak-74u JG sub machine gun, plz respond webmaster or someone else! :/

Webmaster: Yes
by Truate B. on 02/10/2017
"So the clip is all around pretty good, but the lip that fits into the gun isn't long enough and depending on which clips you get they can fall out of the gun while running. I got 2 extra clips one of them fit well enough the other won't stay in the gun. They both have smaller lips than the original clip for the gun.
by Matthew B. on 06/13/2017
"I ordered one of these last week and when I got it I noticed it said echo 1, it didn't not fit in my gun, it's a good mag, looks nice and is good quality but it doesn't fit in my gun. Other cyma mags fit but this isn't what I ordered...
by Rheon D. on 05/28/2017
"I think im the only person but i bought two of these magazines but when they came in i got 2 echo1 magazines and they did not fit into my cyma cm045 what so ever! They are good quality but they just dont fit! what a shame.