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Arena Anti-Fogging FlakJak Tactical Goggle w/ Razorback Technology

96 Customer Reviews

by Logan V. on 08/15/2015
"Had these for a looong time and they work amazingly! The only time iv had them fog up was when it was crazy hot/humid with fog out

Pros: Almost never fogs
has two lenses
very comfortable

Cons: the lenses feel kinda sharp so washing them could hurt a little if you have no grip or washcloth to hold them
by Elijah S. on 06/28/2013
"I have had these for about a good year now and while they were new on the market ($25), it was a good buy. They do what they need to which is protect the eyes. And like all, well most, reviews say that they do fog up. They will fog up! But it's goggles. Most goggles will always fog up no matter how good they are. But these don't fog for long which is good. I have used these goggles for everything. I've used them when riding quads out in the Desert dunes, match time in most terrain, hell I even went skiing with these. This pair has lasted me through a whole year of things they weren't made for and because of that i'll give 'em five outta five. Lenses do scratch easily but if you're willing to put the money down into these things then get new lenses. Easily replaceable. (not a real problem for me anyway)

They are durable
Good airflow
Removable vents
Survives damn near everything
Lenses easily replaceable
Fits good under my MICH2002 helmet
*good for the price when I got them ($25), sorry for you people now :/

Lenses scratch easily (can become a nuisance but i'm pretty chill with what I got)
*for some, fogging can be a problem but not for me really

Pretty good buy. I am happy I got mine when I did.
by Lampson N. on 04/08/2013
"Even though it limit my sight a little, it is super comfortable that i forgot i was wearing a goggle during gameplay. I attached the black screen on, and i feel like i was wearing the clear one. Worth the money
by Karen P. on 03/25/2013
"Overall these were good for $35
Dont fog
Feels like your wearing nothing
Clear Vision

You dont have them
by Chris C. on 03/06/2013
"Most comfortable goggles I have ever used. I would recommend these to anyone looking for an amazing full seal goggle. I personally do not like goggles, I prefer glasses but for the cost and razorback system you can't go wrong.
by Ben B. on 03/05/2013
"these are GREAT! definetly worth the 5 stars-and 45 bucks. just run around IF they fog. lol i LOVE THEM!
by Tevon T. on 01/29/2013
"Perfect goggles. Great fit, great price! I like how it comes with clear and tinted grey. Amazing buy!
by Paul C. on 01/17/2013
"These are a very nice set of goggles for the medium price range. So far they have been fog free. Fit nice over the matrix V.1 mesh lower. They actually fit over the mesh that goes over the nose and upper cheeks. Mine came with a tinted lense and a clear one. Very easy to change the lense.
by Mike D. on 01/05/2013
"Best Goggles I have ever worn. These will not fog up one bit. If they do fog just run around and they defog right away.
by Matt H. on 10/01/2012
"Its been hard trying to find truly 'fog resistant' goggles. I had immense trouble playing because of constant fog. The flakjak was my saving grace. They barely ever fog, and when they do it is because of extreme humidity, or, your face is essentially in the dirt. If you do have fogging problems, however, pop out the black plastic slats, and your issues will be gone. My only complaint would be lack of aftermarket lenses. You receive two with the package, but they scratch easily, which distorts your view. In the summer, use the smoked lenses, in the winter, use the clear.
by James R. on 09/04/2012
"These googles are the best goggles an airsofter can get at this price. The goggles have a great durable rubber around the lenses and 4 panels of Razorback Technology. In my experience Razorback Technology is one of the best venting systems for goggles. The neoprene foam is great around the inside of the goggle is very comfy but is a little thin around nose area. Also, comes with a very convenient silk carrying bag/Rag for cleaning lenses. For only 32 dollars this is a great goggles and they come with all the things you need to keep the goggles in perfect condition. These are the second best goggles that I know of just a hair behind Revision Goggles...So if you can't spend $60.00 on goggles buy these...
by Sam R. on 09/01/2012
"I wore these over thick black plastic framed glasses and they did not interfere at all. I'm buying a second pair as a spare right now.
by Carter P. on 08/26/2012
"Great Googles! I wear them with the dark lenses around my MICH-2000 replica, sometimes with a mesh half face mask. The desert tan can be a pro or a con depending on what camo you wear, (I have an ACU loadout, so the tan didn't phase me, but it might not pair so well with m81 woodland or woodland MARPAT).


Nice look
Fits well
Comfortable fit with the neoprene seal instead of a harsh foam
Doesn't fog hardly at all, and no fog at all with the vents removed
Color goes well with ACU, DCU, or desert MARPAT
Easy to adjust elastic strap
Fits around helmet, or can be worn solo
Lenses are easy to change
Comes in nice packaging with carry bag, two lenses, and quality manual with good english

Color can be an issue to wearers of darker camos
A little wide for some people's tastes, doesn't bother me

Get these if you're looking for some inexpensive, quality googles to wear with a helmet or be worn alone.
by Annette W. on 08/12/2012
"These goggles are awesome! I've had them for a while now and they are still working perfectly. They fog up a little but I also wear a half face mask so maybe it's just me. What I like most is that they fit over my glasses unlike any other goggles or masks I've had. I really suggest everyone should try these. They're anti-fog, adjustable, lightweight and overall great goggles.
by Trey R. on 06/11/2012
"GREAT goggles!!!!! i had them but unfortunately i lost them when i took them on a snowboarding trip. never fogged up, fit perfectly around my helmet, loved the fact that i could change the lenses really quick. overall amazing product, i think everyone should own a pair of these!