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Arena Anti-Fogging FlakJak Tactical Goggle w/ Razorback Technology

96 Customer Reviews

by Evan B. on 04/27/2009
"By far some of the best googles I've used. Very comfortable and lightwieght. Also easy to change lenses. Would recommend to anyone looking for quality googles at a low price (would be $75 for black because miliatry can't use white, so that shows the deal. $50 off for a better color? Why not)
by brian r. on 03/24/2009
"these are badass goggles. so freakin cheap and they look perfect with my tactical helmet and my tactical vest. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
by Chawntou Y. on 03/10/2009
"I haven't used the goggle in the field yet, so I still need to test the "anti-fogging" to see if it works. Other comments about the "anti-fogging" have been mixed. But when I opened and looked the goggles, you can tell the goggle is not cheaply manufactured like other goggles. I think it's still a very good deal for the price.
by ben g. on 01/16/2009
"greatest goggles buy ever. And I know what im talking about. only reason these are so frickin cheap is because they are too bbright for the americans to use in iraq. so the other colors are 70 bucks. so lets see: 70 for 25? I would do that ANY DAY. I KNOW WHAT IM SAYING
by Michael L. on 01/06/2009
"Alright, heres the deal.

Yes these are by far the best goggles for the price. However, these are not manufactured by God. These will fog after about 1 hour or 2. Thats the truth with all goggles, they will eventually for unless they are open completely on all sides, in that case, there glasses. The good thing about them is they are ultra comfy, stay clear for a while, can take many shots, come with an extra lense, and look cool on helmets.

I give these 9/10

Cant beat the price!
by Michael L. on 10/27/2008
"Best Goggles in the World. The Frame feels cheap, but it isnt. Its Just Flexible to change the lenses, which is extremely easy. Everyuthigns great. Great Price. Dont fog at all. Comfortable. You cant wear glasses under though
by Ryan C. on 10/26/2008
"These are great goggles!
Pros: Don't fog that often(only after rain)
Great FOV
Changeable lenses

Cons: Cheap everywhere else
by wei s. on 10/25/2008
"Is this one able to cover my eyeglasses?I need a goggle that can cover my eyeglasses.
by Mike C. on 10/14/2008
"Flakjaks are the best goggles that I have worn. Great comfort and F.O.V. I dont use anything else. They are a bargain!
by Marques P. on 08/31/2008
"These goggles are great they fit well. The foam on the inside
is smooth so when you are running it doesn't scrath your skin.

great interchangable lens one clear one dark great for indoor outdoor use

if wearing prescription glases or sunglases you can fit them in without your glases or goggles falling off


doesn't fog

by Justin G. on 05/15/2013
"From what I've seen, FlakJak goggles are "the goggle" for airsoft players. I use them, my friends use them, and most people at my local airsoft site use them, and this is for good reason. The goggles are very sturdy, it is very easy to swap lenses, and the lenses don't break. I've been hit in the face with these, so I can vouch for there protection. The only main problem I've had with them is that (while wearing a mesh lower face mask) there is sometimes a slight gap by the bridge of your nose. This can easily be fixed by using a helmet to apply some downward force on the goggles (or spending a lot of time adjusting the mask). Another thing I should mention is they still fog up sometimes while wearing a mesh mask. Not as much as with a paintball mask, but they are goggles and people will always exhale warm air. Also, I feel obligated to say that when I bought these from Evike about a year ago they were only $30. I was about to buy a second pair today until I saw the twenty dollar increase. Don't get me wrong, the protection of your eyes is worth way more than $50, but I already have a pair.

Protects your eyes
Very durable (I believe they meet military standards)
Fits with most mesh and plastic lower face masks
Comes with two lenses (very extremely to swap them out)
Occasionally fogs while wearing a lower face mask (but there is nothing you can do about that)
Price was raised twenty bucks*

All in all, these protect your eyes extremely well. So if your looking for eye protection, FlakJaks do a whole lot better then shooting/sunglasses and I recommend them.

*not to go advertising a competitor's site, but AirsoftGI is still selling them for $27
(However they are currently out of stock (5/15/13))
by Bobby B. on 04/08/2012
"Great protection with little fogging compoared to other glasses, and to change lenses dont be afraid to use some force. trust me it wont break. great goggles but i do have some fogging issues when you have long hair that will get in the goggles so to eliminate this problem just make sure to keep your hair out of the goggles.
by mathew l. on 04/07/2012
"These goggles were reccommened by a friend and they were well worth the $32. they are very comfortable and look awesome. my only issue with them are they're a little big, not like big like to big so they dont fit but big as in the goggles them self are very large for your face
by ian a. on 03/13/2012
"good goggles i have no fog problems being that im from brazil and live in Ga i have absolutely no problem with the heat but anyway the price is high becuase i have seen these for 20 dollar + shipping i also plan on painting them woodland camoflage overall very good if you need a good pair buy these
by Charles C. on 03/04/2012
"Decent goggles, a bit more expensive then they should be, the anti-fog filament scratched off REAL easy from the tinted lens, so disappointed about that.