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Model: GO-Flakjak

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by timothy p. on 2011-10-16 16:54:54
"hey guys first off these are very reliable goggles but i have found in my airsoft adventures that they do tend to fog if you are wearing a hat or something that obstructs the air flow through the razorback inserts ( the black plastic peaces). Any and all of my fogging issues were remedied when i removed the black plastic inserts though.

pros: comfortable

cons: scratch easily
are still prone to fogging during certain situations

over all i would recommend these to any airsofter that wants the next level eye protection

by Philipp V. on 2011-07-08 14:43:13
"These goggles are great! They do an excellent job with not fogging up even in the worst conditions and I was wearing an iron face and a hat and there was absouletly no fog. These goggles are a must buy!
by sathya m. on 2011-06-27 22:00:14
"These are the best goggles on the market. Made for the US army, they do not fog easily and are extremely durable. I shot it once point blank with my m16 and it left a little smudge, which I wiped off.
The bad thing is that the lens scratch real easily. However, BUY THESE GOGGLES, THEY ARE THE BEST.
by Connor M. on 2011-06-17 16:52:41
"Overall, good goggles. I do have a slight issue with fogging while wearing them with glasses, but i'm able to position the goggles in a way so there not sealed around my face and allow more air in. It was also very humid so i don't know if this will be an issue during dryer conditions.They also get dirty easily which isn't a big deal, since there easy to clean. The goggles are also very comfortable. Overall there good and i would recommend them.
by Kevin H. on 2011-06-04 21:07:34
"These gaggles are THE best investment you will make in airsoft. They don't fog, and you can change the lens based on the weather. Plus, the fit well with most facemasks.
by Chris M. on 2011-06-01 05:02:43
"Great goggles! These feel as if they were made to fit with the iron face mask! there sooo comfortable too! (not exaggerating!) You can also use your glasses under these so if you were glasses these will work for you! :)

Eye glass compatibility
Straps are great!
great fit with my helmet
all together amazing goggles for 30 dollars (i bought mine for 15 from evike! haha suckers!
comes with a lens cleaning cloth
come with a bag to hold it in ofcourse (not like a publix bag but it feels like the cleaning cloth and is designed for these!

they do fog unfortunatly ***BUT*** if you pop out the black looking vent things which arent vents they wont fog up anymore!
Nothing else I LOVE THEM!
by chance M. on 2011-05-09 19:13:20
"The googles are AMAZING they work so much better aiming wise than my old mask. I can't wait to use them in a battle. GET THESE THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Charlie S. on 2011-03-18 20:24:20
"I got these goggles a while and i love them they dont fog up at all but after a while 'dew' builds up on the inside but thats easier to get rid of and less irritating. I watched a video review of these and some guys took a .22 pistol and a 12 gauge shotgun to them and the lense didnt shatter just a few dents. Amazing protection and very comfortable. Lenses are very easy to change if you want to also.
by Levi S. on 2011-02-19 13:44:21

I was very pleased with this mask. I live in Canada, and this works EXTREMELY well. The only fogging that has ever occured with this was on a cold, rainy day.

Looks sick with a lower face mask.
Anti fogging works almost perfectly.
interchangeable lens is perfect, and easy for even quick field change (though i wouldnt do it midgame :P)

fogged once or twice
adjusting needed if using lower face skull mask.
could potentially get in way of a smaller gun (mp5, uzi, ak74 etc.)

Overall Great mask! i would recommend for new, or experienced players alike.

Note: the colour does not blend in the best with woodland (where i always play) the best, but it works fine. this quality matched some of the 200$ plus fan goggles my friends have!
by Seth E. on 2011-02-11 16:51:56
"I do not have these goggles, but my friend does and, what can i say. They are amazing! He was useing them and i nailed him right in the face with my 430ish FPS AK-47 and it didn't even leave a scratch. While target shooting with them on they didn't fog up at all, they are very comfortable and easy to adjust. Overall I would easily recommend these to anyone any time. I just i have question for the WEBmaster will these be able to stop a 500 fps co2 pistol? Thanks for anwsering and hope this helped!
by Sean T. on 2011-01-26 14:32:36
"Easily the best goggles I've used. They don't fog, they're easy to adjust, changing lenses is easy, and they can take a beating.
I highly recommend these to anyone.
by Chris w. on 2011-01-08 11:02:26
"I just got these and they are great! I shot it with my 400 fps mp5 and it didnt even make a mark. Buy them and you'll love them to.

Displaying 37 to 48 (of 96 reviews)

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