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Arena Anti-Fogging FlakJak Tactical Goggle w/ Razorback Technology

96 Customer Reviews

by Shade F. on 02/05/2012
"I have these goggles, and let me tell you ; they are fantastic! They usually don't fog, unless your running in cold weather. Although they say "Anti-Fog" I would go with getting some Anti-Fog wipes to help with that. If you use a mesh lower-face mask; Works like a Charm.

4.5 out of 5 in my eyes.

Definitely get these. (If you want a great full seal professional looking goggle)
by ian w. on 10/20/2011
"These goggles are a very solid build. And the anti fogging works like a charm, I breathed straight onto the lens trying to fog them and couldn't. A+

Solid build
interchangeable lenses
excellent anti fogging


doesn't come in OD :/

doesn't work well with a PASGT helmet
by timothy p. on 10/16/2011
"hey guys first off these are very reliable goggles but i have found in my airsoft adventures that they do tend to fog if you are wearing a hat or something that obstructs the air flow through the razorback inserts ( the black plastic peaces). Any and all of my fogging issues were remedied when i removed the black plastic inserts though.

pros: comfortable

cons: scratch easily
are still prone to fogging during certain situations

over all i would recommend these to any airsofter that wants the next level eye protection

by Connor M. on 06/17/2011
"Overall, good goggles. I do have a slight issue with fogging while wearing them with glasses, but i'm able to position the goggles in a way so there not sealed around my face and allow more air in. It was also very humid so i don't know if this will be an issue during dryer conditions.They also get dirty easily which isn't a big deal, since there easy to clean. The goggles are also very comfortable. Overall there good and i would recommend them.
by Matthew R. on 12/15/2010
"Very nice goggles. I highly suggest them
Good lookin'
Highly adjustable for any size heads (even fits around PASGT helmets)
Two lenses (at least when I bought it back when it was only $25)- one clear, one tinted
Nice MOLLE carrying case
Very strong- able to withstand constant shots to the lenses point blank (but when will that ever happen?)

Fog really quickly- just drill two holes in the top and bottom where teh RAZURBAX TEKNAWLIGY is (lol) and it will reduce fogging by a lot
Limit vision by a lot- you really have to be looking right at your target- completely eliminates periphreal vision
When the tinted lense gets fogged up, you really can't see anything
by Andrew M. on 10/30/2010
"These goggles are GREAT! They have a wide vision of the field. The only problem u might have is that they do fog up a tiny bit. But over and all they are awseome goggls
by corey P. on 08/27/2010
"i just got my goggles today and they're awsome but i do have a little problem getting my PASGT helmet on right with them because they pertrude so far from my face, but thats probly just because i cut out the normal helmet liner and put in some velcro helmet pads (black, from this site) but its still well worth th $30 even though they will stand out a bit from my MARPAT cammo and black helmet and vest
by Evan C. on 08/19/2010

I've had these goggles for a while now and they are very good. I had previously worn a full face mask but now I wear these and a shemagh. Just as a warning for people who do wear a shemagh these goggles do fog a tiny bit if the shemagh is covering your whole face, but this isn't too bad. Also, I've found out that those problems go away if your moving frequently. All and all these goggles are very good besides for a tiny bit of fogging. Recommended.

-two lenses
-wide giving you a better field of view

-some fogging does occur if wearing a shemagh
by Lev C. on 06/06/2010
"I baught these a while ago and I love them, they provide everything needed in a airsoft war.
Good Protection it'll cover your eyes at every angle
Does not Fog up at all
easy to adjust
seems very clear when you put them on sometimes I dont even notice they're on.
If you need glasses they will fit, my friend can fit his glasses under them and its still fine

It looks really stupid and if you dont wear a helmet like me then it makes you look dumber Lol

But in all you should buy these because its afforadable and very good quality.
by Jason V. on 05/30/2010
"these goggles are pretty good i like that they have 2 lenses, i usually use the smokey ones because i live in texas they do fog a little but for the most part they dont i wear prescription glasses and they still fit perfect.
by Corey H. on 03/28/2010
"I bought these goggles after my old military ones rotted out (darn you crappy surplus!), and I have to say that I'm impressed. Unfortunately, they aren't wide enough to accomodate wearing glasses underneath them, but they are comfortable to wear, vent superbly, and can take a nasty hit from my KWA KG36 like a champ. The only down side is this: I wore them in the snow at college during a blizzard, and they began to fog due to ice forming on the outside of the goggles, but that is to be expected.

Comfy fit
Excellent venting
Durable as all get out
Two lenses

A tad wide, but not wide enough to wear glasses underneath
by daniella c. on 03/14/2010
"the goggles are really good but kinda big on my face so yeah
by luke b. on 04/09/2009
"these goggles are pretty good. they don't fog up at all. but definitely change the lens to black the clear looks really bad.
by Walter D. on 02/14/2009
"GREAT GOGGLES!!!! No more fog when i sweat is pouring down my face like a water fall in the amazon. Great Quality but the shade of the goggles could be darker. Other than that these goggles are awesome and are pretty cheap compared to other goggles.

Rate it at a 4/5 for the shade of goggles being too light.
by Chris C. on 02/02/2009
"Great Goggles! They don't fog, are easy to adjust and are just as tough as nails. They were actually shot a few times and I looked at the lens, it looks like the BB didn't even hit it, not a scratch. And this was from a distance of 10 feet. Overall great goggles, and they really will protect your eyes.

Don't fog
Excellent protection
Comes with 2 lenses (clear and a really badass looking smoke color)

they are a little wide, but the outstanding protection makes up for the bulky look
Why are the black and OD ones $40 more?!