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Model: GO-Flakjak

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by Walter D. on 2009-02-14 16:59:44
"GREAT GOGGLES!!!! No more fog when i sweat is pouring down my face like a water fall in the amazon. Great Quality but the shade of the goggles could be darker. Other than that these goggles are awesome and are pretty cheap compared to other goggles.

Rate it at a 4/5 for the shade of goggles being too light.
by Chris C. on 2009-02-02 16:08:56
"Great Goggles! They don't fog, are easy to adjust and are just as tough as nails. They were actually shot a few times and I looked at the lens, it looks like the BB didn't even hit it, not a scratch. And this was from a distance of 10 feet. Overall great goggles, and they really will protect your eyes.

Don't fog
Excellent protection
Comes with 2 lenses (clear and a really badass looking smoke color)

they are a little wide, but the outstanding protection makes up for the bulky look
Why are the black and OD ones $40 more?!
by ben g. on 2009-01-16 13:29:02
"greatest goggles buy ever. And I know what im talking about. only reason these are so frickin cheap is because they are too bbright for the americans to use in iraq. so the other colors are 70 bucks. so lets see: 70 for 25? I would do that ANY DAY. I KNOW WHAT IM SAYING
by Rocky R. on 2009-01-14 23:33:14
"Very Good Goggles.. would reccomend to any airsoft player!!! The only thing that is wrong with these goggles is that they do fog up after a significant time playing... BUT there is a way to FIX this.. the only thing you have to do is remove the plastic accs. on the bottom and they wont fog up anymore.. just need good circulation of air!!! will work great if you do this!!! very good protection.. Alot of Bang for the Buck... Would reccomend to anyone!!!
by Michael L. on 2009-01-06 22:45:03
"Alright, heres the deal.

Yes these are by far the best goggles for the price. However, these are not manufactured by God. These will fog after about 1 hour or 2. Thats the truth with all goggles, they will eventually for unless they are open completely on all sides, in that case, there glasses. The good thing about them is they are ultra comfy, stay clear for a while, can take many shots, come with an extra lense, and look cool on helmets.

I give these 9/10

Cant beat the price!
by Michael L. on 2008-10-27 15:43:24
"Best Goggles in the World. The Frame feels cheap, but it isnt. Its Just Flexible to change the lenses, which is extremely easy. Everyuthigns great. Great Price. Dont fog at all. Comfortable. You cant wear glasses under though
by Ryan C. on 2008-10-26 14:20:12
"These are great goggles!
Pros: Don't fog that often(only after rain)
Great FOV
Changeable lenses

Cons: Cheap everywhere else
by wei s. on 2008-10-25 23:57:00
"Is this one able to cover my eyeglasses?I need a goggle that can cover my eyeglasses.
by nathan s. on 2008-10-20 15:15:26
"THE GOOD: these are good goggles. they have great peripheral viewing. they dont give a tunnel vision effect like other goggles. they are extremely fog resistant.

THE BAD: mine have fogged up on me twice when we were playing after a rain storm and the air was humid. there is a trick though if they do fog and that is to put band-ades on the inside of them right beneath the lenses. it sounds crazy but it works. the band-ades absorb the moisture before your lenses can fog.
by Mike C. on 2008-10-14 01:31:35
"Flakjaks are the best goggles that I have worn. Great comfort and F.O.V. I dont use anything else. They are a bargain!
by Marques P. on 2008-08-31 22:52:56
"These goggles are great they fit well. The foam on the inside
is smooth so when you are running it doesn't scrath your skin.

great interchangable lens one clear one dark great for indoor outdoor use

if wearing prescription glases or sunglases you can fit them in without your glases or goggles falling off


doesn't fog

by Raymond C. on 2008-06-06 15:07:00
"I didn't buy these from Evike, but they are good quality goggles for the price I got them at. It's a bit larger than what I'm used to wearing, but it has a good field of vision and are easy to adjust. It only comes in tan; would've been nice if other color options were offered.

Displaying 85 to 96 (of 96 reviews)

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