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Model: GO-Flakjak

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by Alexander P. on 2011-01-05 14:27:11
"Got these in the mail today. I wear a balaclava with them and there is no fogging. Worth every penny.
by Garrett C. on 2010-12-31 15:24:49
"I just got these goggles today and I must say they fit great! I got this for when I snipe and the alien mask when I run and gun. :D
by bob w. on 2010-12-27 21:15:52
"These goggles are amazing, it comes with the clear lens and the smoke lens (which i prefer). these things are impossible to fog up, even in the worst condition, believe me i know how stressful fog can be. they are also extremly comfortable, and look cool on helmets...jus saying. also comes with cleaning lens and carrying case

look cool

look big on ur face...but who cares about looks when you're good at airsoft
by Zachery W. on 2010-12-17 18:17:14
"These goggles are possibly the best investment in airsoft i've ever made! They're strong and reliable. I've used them since June of this year and almost every weekend since then. They don't fog at all! The only time I had any fogging was very minor and that was on an absurdly humid day (to the point fog was so heavy it layered on the ground). These goggles can take one heck of a beating, been dropped on rocks and tested on by a 560 FPS sniper rifle from 15ft away and didn't leave a mark!

Strong lenses
No fogging!!!
Easily adjustable
Easy switch out lenses (comes with clear and sunglasses style lens)
Pouch it comes with can be looped through for easier storage

I suggest these goggles to anyone and everyone!
by Flint S. on 2010-12-15 13:50:58
"Very good goggles. As long as you are not sitting in one place for 30+ minutes at a time, these will not fog up.

Make sure you clean them with a cloth after every match or sweat will build up making it blurry (but it will NOT fog).

Two Lenses
Carrying Case
Never Fog
Fit Great
ANZI Rated


Highly recommend.
by Matthew R. on 2010-12-15 11:04:33
"Very nice goggles. I highly suggest them
Good lookin'
Highly adjustable for any size heads (even fits around PASGT helmets)
Two lenses (at least when I bought it back when it was only $25)- one clear, one tinted
Nice MOLLE carrying case
Very strong- able to withstand constant shots to the lenses point blank (but when will that ever happen?)

Fog really quickly- just drill two holes in the top and bottom where teh RAZURBAX TEKNAWLIGY is (lol) and it will reduce fogging by a lot
Limit vision by a lot- you really have to be looking right at your target- completely eliminates periphreal vision
When the tinted lense gets fogged up, you really can't see anything
by Zachary N. on 2010-12-14 16:39:07
"These are some pretty decent googles for the price. They are surprisingly comfortable and the anti fog feature works okay. I say this because if you wear a neoprene mask, iron face or baclava, your heavy breathing will eventually start to fog up the lenses. If you don't wear a mask or wear a mesh one, this isn't a problem but, it your goggles do fog, there is a quick way to de-fog them, run like mad. Running gets a large ammount of air into the googles which quickly does alot of de-fogging, but if you don't run much, they will start to fog with a mask. Other than that, it is nice how you get two lenses, the clear kind of scratches easily but they are never that deep. For the money, they are a decent pair.
by Max P. on 2010-12-03 08:58:02
"Got these a couple weeks back. Wore them indoors running around with a MICH 2000 helmet & recon wrap over my face & wearing my regular glasses under these goggles. There was some slight fogging but as others have said, not really a major issue. I also watched a video review about these, where a guy was shooting them from point blank & they didn't ding or scratch. being a real combat vet I have to say I'm rather impressed with these bad boys. I highly recommend them! 5/5
by Andrew M. on 2010-10-30 20:37:40
"These goggles are GREAT! They have a wide vision of the field. The only problem u might have is that they do fog up a tiny bit. But over and all they are awseome goggls
by WILSON A. on 2010-10-21 14:51:36
"High quality goggles. These are on par with my USGI ESS NVG Goggles. For $30, you can't go wrong with these. If I remeber correctly, these are actually on the US Army APEL list, though I could be wrong. Regardless, these are a great deal.
by Michele M. on 2010-10-09 10:46:17
"I'm considering purchasing these goggles, though I'm not sure on one factor. To the webmaster or anyone knowing do these fit and mesh well with Iron Face? Thanks

Webmaster: Yes it does.
by Mike D. on 2010-08-30 12:31:28
"First, THESE ARE VERY COMFORTABLE WITH GLASSES. Main reason I bought these. Another reason was the 2 lens it came with.

-2 lens
-Comfortable with glasses (Not tilting them or anything)
-Very high quality glass-like material (Pretty sure it's some kind of plastic)
-Very strong, according to description, it's milspec protection

-Wide on your face (The side strap holders)

Displaying 49 to 60 (of 96 reviews)

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