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Matrix 2500rd Electric Auto Winding Drum Magazine for MP5 Series Airsoft AEG

7 Customer Reviews

by fiona m. on 05/22/2009
"Ok so i got this C-mag for my TM MP5 SD5 so it will fit any gun that is compatable with TM MP5 mags. It really is a great bit of kit works really well it does get in the way of the mag release lever but you can still accses the push button!

LOADING... Is a problem but one i solved before i had even put 100 bbs in through the stupid system in place. Open the compartment that holds the bbs you will notice the spring loaded bb pusher. if you pull it open as far as it goes then that is where the bbs sit when full. in the bottom of the mag i melted a hole with a red hot screwriver and cut away the excess. this hole allows me to pour the bbs into the compartment. All you do is pull the pusher back till it passes the hole pour in bbs then when you release the pusher it comes back past the hole and seals the bb compartment! obviously the hole needs to be as close to the pushers full position as possible to minimize storage loss! It is very simple to do and makes life alot easyer! I WOULD SUGGEST THIS PROBABLY VOIDS ANY AND ALL WARANTIES AND SHOULD BE DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

BUT all in all this is a very well made bit of kit an i love it infact im ordering another for the sorry day this one finally dies!
by Jordan C. on 05/15/2009
"it only holds around 2500 rounds, and yes the trapdoor by the spot is were u load it
by Bryce K. on 03/11/2009
"Will It work with a Aftermath broxa evoulution. Its boring winding my mag it only holds 560 tho to.

Webmaster: We do not carry Aftermath.
by NEIL M. on 12/06/2008
"does anybody know if it works with the classic army mp5

Webmaster: Yes, it will work with pretty much all marui compatible Mp5 (Including CA MP5)
by chris h. on 04/15/2010
"This mag is great for what it is, a huge mag. It is way huge and bulky on a small framed mp5 but will last forever ammo wise. Can be tuff to load sometimes and getting to the mag release is a chore.
by christian s. on 03/27/2009
"this mag is pretty good

-high capacity
-very reliable feed
-excellent price
-decent quality abs build material

-pressure button broke quickly
-heavy when fully loaded
-blocks the handguard (can be fixed with a veritcle grip)

definitely recommended. i have this installed on a tm mp5j
by Michael M. on 06/16/2008
"Mostly a great magazine!! Great material.. Great look.. And Great weight.. The wire that yo can auto wind it with is great, and also the buton. They never break.. BUT the biggest con is that you have to individually with a speed loader feed the bbs.. And that pissed me off..