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Matrix Turbo High Speed Performance Airsoft AEG Motor - Long Type

31 Customer Reviews

by Collin P. on 04/29/2016
"Well the gbb mac-11 was my fastest gun, then I put this in my m4... Let's just say that isn't the case anymore. (Rof was 2-2.5 times faster)
by Sam W. on 05/09/2015
"I bought this motor a few weeks ago for my g&g gr 15 and i am very impressed! I did not realize how fast it would shoot because for some reason i was using an 8.4 v. I purchased a 9.6 and this thing sounds like a polarstar but way cheaper!

Super high ROF!
Awesome trigger response
Thats all you need right?

The grip can get really hot but sometimes i play at night so it warms me up lol
by kyle r. on 05/23/2014
Fast (obviously)
Does not eat up battery
Very magnetic (if bbs were metal I'd be out instantly. Its just really magnetic)
Heavy... for a motor (makes my gun more balanced.)
Did I mention fast
by James R. on 02/18/2013
"If i only had 1 word 2 say about this motor, it would b AWSOME! I put this motor in my echo1 scar-L tan and it increased my ROF 250%! B4 i bought this motor, ppl used to make fun of me because of how slow my gun shot. Now there running away and scream after i waste a whole midcap into them in a matter of seconds. This is probably the best possibly motor ever!

All metal
Strong magnets
Fires as soon as u pull the trigger

NONE!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!
by Jason S. on 07/06/2012
"Great motor for the money. I haven't used it in a game yet, but tested the fire rate:

Original motor
7.4v Tenergy lipo - 10 rounds per second
11.1v kong power lipo - 16 rounds per second

This motor
7.4v Tenergy lipo - 16 rounds per second
11.1v kong power lipo - 21 rounds per second

This is in an A&K Masada gearbox with a Modify 120+ spring shooting around 390 with .25s.

I'm please as I can now use my 7.4v in the gun as the 11.1v really doesn't fit very well... we'll just see how long it lasts.
by Kevin T. on 05/11/2012
best buy par none i see some of the reviews on here saying it "can" pull an m120 it will pull it with 22 rps with the Matrix gearbox (with a lipo)

-High ROF
by Joe R. on 05/03/2012
"Outstanding performance!
Just a few hours ago i installed this motor into my G&G Blowback MP5A4.
The motor is very well packaged, insulated in a plasic case with foam padding.
Installation is very basic, slipped into place with no problem.
I plugged in my 9.6v 3600 Mah and let 'er rip!
The rate of fire is absolutley ridiculous!
It ripped an amazing ~22 Rps!!
Thats an extreme improvement over the ~13 Rps the stock crappy G&G motor put out.
However, once installed you may need to re adjust your motor height.

Great price
Outstanding performance
Easy installation
Decently power efficent

May need to re-adjust motor hieght after installation.
by Cole T. on 04/14/2012
"This motor is just plain super duper pooper epic I mean it's insanely fast when I pull the trigger to my gun everyone is like WOW even the guys with the polarstar's well I get around upper 30's low 40's with this motor m110 16:1 gears and 11.1 lipo and that minimum with the battery not charged all the way

Reallllllllllllllllllllly fast
Realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly fast
And fast
It has pretty strong magnets too so I would even put in a m130

Price depending on you price range but this is a great price for what you get

Over all I would rally recommend you get this motor and get a new heat treated pinion gear because you will have serious fire going down ( you don't have to get one just a suggestion for the future
by mckee c. on 04/08/2012
"If I could rate this higher I would; Infinity out of 5 stars. This is THE best high speed motor on the market for the money for 2 reasons: 1. Better trigger response; 2. Your friends will run in fear of the monster your AEG has evolved into. I've had this in two AEGs and have had no problem with installation. Don't buy Systema motors, they're overpriced and overrated. You can get this one for $55 cheaper and same performance! Be gentle with the motor terminals though, I've had them break on me before, but that was just me being too rough.
by Mark G. on 03/26/2012
"This motor shoots really fast. I had to get a better magazine to keep up with the ROF.
Good motor, good price.
by Zachery W. on 02/09/2012
"For the love of Bob this motor is insane!!!
I finally tested it today and with my current set up of:
KWA 1st Gen gearbox with everything basicly stock except for a custom rear wire set with deans connectors and a 9.6v 5000mah fat crane stock battery.
With this set up it's putting out 40+ rps no problem at all. But it has also caused my gearbox shell to break simply because of this extravagant ROF so I recently had to order the Matrix CNC 8mm gold gearbox to hopefully fix this issue with some much needed reinforcements. Ok now on to PROS and CONS

Super high rotation rate
Really strong magnets (can move the metal folding chair in my room)
Has great torque!
Could be used for high power springs very easily
Has a strong outer casing and is very durable

None that I can find.

(WARNING: Before buying this motor be sure you have some good reinforced parts as you should do with any advanced upgrading you do.)
by jared a. on 11/15/2011
"This is a great motor shoots very fast and very hard
by Joseph D. on 06/28/2011
"This motor is pretty awesome i got this along with one of them tornado speed gearboxes and they make my gun shoot really fast.
by Joshua W. on 06/18/2011
"This motor is the best motor ever i have m 100 spring in it with a 11.1 lipo and this thing shoots 40bbs a second if you are not tech savy and want a fast motor to just install then do it. make sure everything is right before you fire cause if not it will mess up your gears. amazing motor but to be safe i would replace the pinon gear if you are using over a 9.6 battery
by Hunter M. on 05/25/2011
"I would first like to start off by saying this motor will up your rof if you have a m120 in your gun. When I dropped this motor into my gun with a 9.6 it gave me like maybe 20 rps. I am going to get the short type for my m249. I love this motor so much, and its not the expensive for what you get. Over all I would recommend this to any wanting to make a high speed weapon.