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Matrix Turbo High Speed Performance Airsoft AEG Motor - Long Type

31 Customer Reviews

by Tony D. on 05/22/2011
"3 words. BUY THIS MOTOR! This motor is extremely strong and super fast. I installed it in my VFC w/ Matrix 13:1 ratio gears and m90 spring + 8mm ball bearings and this baby worked wonders. Get these motors while they're still in stock!
by Miles C. on 03/11/2010
"this motor is amazing.
IF YOU BUY! you MUST have a 9.6v battery!!!! (at least you need to if you have an M120 spring!)
i have an M120 spring, i put this motor in with the 8.4v battery i already had, there was almost no RPM gain, very little
but BOOOOYYYY when i put the 9.6v in that i bought with it, this thing shoots...INSANELY fast!! with an M120!!
also the motor didn't heat up much, but i really didn't shoot it too long

also a word of warning; i bought the D-Boys heat sink for my M4 hand grip, it barely fits, i'm affraid of cross threading, but i hope i'll be okay
by Aaron L. on 02/13/2009
"I had this motor installed and I was amazed by the ROF of my gun.
If you don't mind shelling out the money, buy it!
by tammy h. on 01/08/2009
"this is amazing way better than the systema turbo!!!!
by Tracy D. on 08/25/2008
"This is a super high performance motor. It will work on any M4 series rifle and give you insane cycle rate.

Make sure your gun has heat sink (the cover for the motor grip has holes for air to flow thru because high performance motors can heat up if you use it continuously for a long period of time)

Good news is, its high torque and high speed, unlike most traditional high speed motors where they can only pull a M100 or below spring. This Matrix turbo motor can pull up to a M120. (Infact, at high power, it slows down the speed and the heat output too)
by William m. on 05/17/2008
"Great motor drastically increases the ROF (Rate of Fire) on my JG M16 with a 9.6v 4500mah battery. well worth the money and is the same if not better quality than the Systema motors
by daniel j. on 05/11/2008
"A great high speed motor, good alternative to the systems turbo motor.

- boost your rate of fire dramatically if you have stock motor
- Extremely high quality
- High torque at the same time. The Guarder one can pull at most M100 spring only.
by Dan S. on 10/31/2013
"Buyers beware, just confirmed that WITHOUT MODIFICATION, this will NOT fit into Tokyo Marui's P90 motor cage (Possibly P90s of other brands as well).

The problem is that the heads of the 2 black screws that secure the base plate of the motor are way too thick for the motor cage to shift far enough to latch back together.

The simple fix I've found is go to a hardware store and look for metric 0.5mm x 10mm screws that have comparably more flushed heads.

Once you got the new screws, simply replace the original black screws ONE AT A TIME (keep one black screw securely in place so you can screw the new screw in without the base plat popping open on you, as you'll need to use some force to fit the new screws all the way down. Once the first new screw is in tight, you can then remove the 2nd black screw and replace it with another new screw, again, make sure it sits all the way down.)

Also, originally there are 2 washers on each of the black screws (4 total), remember to place at least one washer in each of your replacement screws before screwing them in.

Obviously once you've done this you'll void all warranty, so do it at your own risk.

Once it's all fitted together properly, this motor performs flawlessly. If not a bit hot, which's a common problem for all the high speed motors anyway. So try to avoid doing long bursts with these high speed motors installed.

1 star deducted for the fitting problem and time spent replacing screws, but otherwise it works really well.
by Robert K. on 10/09/2013
"This is a great motor! The neo magnets are very strong. I put this particular motor in my Echo1 ST6 with a MOSFET and 16gauge wire. The stock motor with a M110 and the upgraded wire setup was getting about 14-15rps (tested with an excortech chrono). I put a M120 and this motor into the gun with a shim job, it now shoots at 23rps! The only problem i had was that the pinion on the motor was slightly to large for the opening in the gearbox, with a quick mod to the gearbox it worked fine.

Its a neodymium motor
Huge increase in rof

Pinion was slightly to large
by Evan W. on 04/30/2013
"Awesome high-speed motor. If you're looking for ROF, this is your choice. Is a little loud, but that doesn't matter too much. High quality and super fast, but does heat up quick. It can handle the heat, though.
by Joseph W. on 12/20/2012
"This is a great motor for high speed applications. I had it paired with a AIM Top Tornado Speed gearbox in an M16 and was achieving around 25 rounds per second with a 9.6v large type. You will want two things with it though: first you'll want a vented motor plate because this motor gets pretty hot (to be expected). second, as everyone else says you will definitely want a different pinion gear. I wouldn't even fool with the stock one as it will strip. I must say though the motor magnets are so strong that when it does the metal shreds will go down and stick to the motor (not all of them, but alot of the shreds). Personally, I was flanking a team with a friend and this stripped right as our postions were compromised which left us totally screwed. Other than the pinion gear its great though.

Very high speed
Pulls up to an M120

Pinion gear is crap
Gets pretty hot
by Debbie M. on 12/10/2012
"This is a good motor for price but i do suggest buying a new pinion gear mine has already stripped after no more than a few hundred shots. The rof is good as long as you have a weaker spring.

old jg motor with 8.4 m120 spring shot 12-13
old motor 9.6 shot 15-17

new matrix motor with 8.4 m120 shot 15-16
matrix motor 9.6 shot 19-22

this is a decent motor besides a few cons

weak pinion gear
heats up a little fast but not to bad
with to strong of spring the gearbox can lock up so don't use over m120
by Tim R. on 07/30/2012
"Bought this motor to upgrade a GR15 for a friend. It's alright. Like all high speed motors, it heats up quite a bit. It doesn't have a whole lot of torque either, but that's also expected. It does have very strong magnets and is constructed quite well. However, the pinion gear is garbage. Stripped after no more than 500 rounds with perfect shimming to the bevel. New SHS pinion shows no wear after several thousand rounds on the same shimming and set up.

-good quality
-alright price

-pinion is crap
-heats up and doesn't have a lot of torque (compared to SHS, Lonex, and AMP high speed motors)a

This motor is something to consider, but the other options tend to be cheaper and slightly better.
by Alfonso B. on 09/03/2008
"This motor is very very good. I think it can pull an m130 easily. The magnets are stronger than my kwa hi torque motor and my CA hi torque motor and this is only a speed motor. This thing really boost your rof. My only problem with this motor is that the pinion gear is really crappy and does not last that long. It strips pretty easily and I can almost guaranty that it is not thermal treated like the guarder motors pinion gear. If this motor had a better pinion gear I would definitly buy it over the guarder motor, because the magnets in this motor are definitly stronger.
by Christopher P. on 02/25/2016
"So before I start of this review I'd like to mention that this was MOST LIKELY a bad motor, but I'll share my experiences none the less...

I originally purchased this motor for use in my CYMA M14 EBR. Lo and behold I didn't read the part in the description stating: Recommended for 280-400 fps. I was going for a DMR set up based around an M130 spring and found out the hard way that it will NOT pull back an M130. Strangely enough the motor that came stock in the EBR managed to pull it at a whopping 4 RPS with a 9.6v 1600mAh battery. Needless to say it was a waste of cash. I tried it in my JG SOPMOD M4 but to no avail. Even with the M115 spring that's in there it simply didn't have enough torque! I'm quite surprised considering the countless reviews stating almost 25 RPS was achieved with this thing on an M120 spring! Keep in mind both gearboxes were shimmed, AOE adjusted and well lubricated. I'm overall pretty disappointed in its pulling capabilities but I might have gotten a dud... Oh did I mention the pinion gear is a joke? Hopefully I can find a build to use this in but until then I'll be in my misc. parts drawer.

Nice packaging
Neo magnets
Flashy motor!!

Couldn't get it to spin even an M115 spring!
Practically no torque (In my experiences)
Pinion gear is laughably bad

Overall if you're going to purchase this motor make sure it's used in a low fps build!