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Matrix Magnum High Torque Performance Airsoft AEG Motor - Long Type

61 Customer Reviews

by Craig C. on 04/18/2015
"This is a great motor for the price! I buy these for the magnets because I just use the cans to build frankentorque motors. These magnets are on par with g&p devil jets, but they're about 90 bucks less. I highly recommend these for the magnets, but they work amazingly stock as well. My only suggestion and the reason for four stars is that the pinion isn't the best. Replace that and you have a great motor that will serve you well.
by Thomas S. on 05/13/2013
"I love the motor, the rate of fire increased on my P90 by a few rounds per second. I basically got this as a replacement motor and it works wonderfully, well worth the money! The only con is that it didn't fit in the P90 motor cage quite right, so the motor height is just a tad bit high for my liking. Still no screeching or anything like that, and it's only pulling an M115 so no gears will break.
by nick c. on 03/19/2013
"Well I'm not going to pull this motor out of the box and say "WOW THIS IS GREAT" without even installing it yet, like I did a year ago, but lets just say this motor has put down some really high end name brand motors in their place, I have run the motor on an Echo1 mp5 at 400 fps and 25-27 rps on a 7.4 lipo battery
and on a fully custom m4 at 330 fps and 35 rps. But enough blabbering, to the pros and cons

gives great ROF
pulls up to m130 springs +++++
great to have of you want a high speed build you can use in fields
lasts longer than your gun

On a 9.6 or any lipo the motor heats up really quick giving you a scare, however, its always fine

Overall:I would extremely reccomend this motor to any long time tech, or noob tech like I was when I got it!
by Hissan Q. on 11/04/2012
"Great motor, very strong however the pinion gear stripped after mag and a half.
by Walter C. on 03/09/2012
"Good motor and great price. Previously used a TM EG1000. I installed this motor along with an Guarder M140 spring and a 11.1 LiPo. With standard 18.72:1 gears, it fires and reacts quick.

Only complaint is that I had to swap out the pinion gear for the one that was on the TM motor. The stock pinion gear seemed to be made of a softer metal and was actually slightly too large to fit comfortably into the hole in the gearbox. Fitting the standard circular pinion gear onto the Matrix's half-moon shaft was no problem.
by Matthew H. on 11/18/2011
"copy that, the gear on the end of the barrel will wear quickly if not adjusted right. The motor is amazingly powerful and fast! strong magnetic pull, everything metal sticks to it. Once I upgraded my parts to fit the torque level this baby puts out, I was more than impressed. My gun sounds alot louder, but fires flawlessly!
by Chris W. on 02/17/2011
"this motor has a great amount of torque, and a great speed. i originally put this into my DMR to replace the JG red motor i put in, but as it turns out the JG red motor has alot more torque (better trigger response) so i left it in. i put this into a JG M733 for a CQB gun (280fps spring) and it rips. on a 9.6 i was getting about 18rps, and instant trigger response.

the only bad thing about this motor is the pinion gear. its angle is steeper than most pinion gears, so its much more likely to break a tooth (happened on the first one i got, sent it back got a new one), and makes the gun alot mroe noisy. it may go away in time due to wear, but i cant be certain on that.

id say just go ahead and get a replacement pinion gear when you get it. it takes the grub screw type, with a D shaped shaft, as opposed to the press fit ones on most motors.
by jose jesus l. on 05/23/2010
"powerful motor but the the motor should have had been built with CNC Machined End Bell the motor i bought from evike that is called matrix magnum .
i had a triple tuq up laylax gears 170%real pdi spring i have been a tech over 15 year even had my own shop year ago ,so i put the motor in and it rum smooth and very quit battery was G&P 9.6v3300 mah
after about 300 rounds i started fire one shot at a time then it sounded like broken glass and everything stopped .
so i took off the end of the butt plate and 4 black plastic parts came out out all the motors i have installed this i have never seen at all.
yes this is a powerful motor and yes the $ is good ! but this motor needs to be revised we did a test this is not even high grade Polycarbonate it is a brittle low grade plastic .
as soon as they fix this it will be the best motor for the money out there ..............
by Brendan M. on 04/03/2010
"These motors are 100% absolutely worth what they are listed for. These are half the price of the Systema Magnum and have extremely similar outputs. However, like every other motor, they arent without their flaws, however, the benefits definitely outweigh the problems.
STRONG! (hard to turn pinion by hand)
Works well
Great trigger response
Good ROF

Too strong (9.6v NEEDED, mine wouldnt pull the spring (M110) with an 8.4v)
Weak pinion gear (showing wear at 5k rounds)
LOUD, because of this precise tuning is a bit of a pain

Overall, a simple replacement pinion gear and you are 100% set.
by Jaren B. on 11/26/2017
"Strong motor BUT the pinion gear is a piece of crap. I have two of these and both pinion gears stripped in a few rounds. If you buy this motor, buy a good replacement pinion gear, too.
Another thing was that in the description, they advertise that it can pull a spring ranging from 300fps to 500fps. This is true, yet it pulls the spring insanely slow for higher fps springs.
by two c. on 01/22/2015
"Great motor, is my 'go to' motor in any gun I own. Strong enough for m130 (possibly more) and awesome rof on an m110 spring. Motor gets 5 stars.

Pinion gear is the exact opposite. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING! every single pinion gear on my first 5 of these lasted less than 2000 rounds, one of them less than 500 rounds. I no longer even try. Simply switch to an shs pinion and good to go. Pinion gets 1 star.

Overall don't let the pinion scare you off. Motor is stellar. Low rating to make people aware of pinion failure.
by Kenneth T. on 08/21/2013
"This motor has some ridiculously strong neo magnets, and decent rpm.

The bad thing about this motor is that the pinion is poor quality. I would change it right away without even using it. I also found that the motor shaft is a bit longer than usual. I had to cut a bit of it off to make it clear my M14 gearbox safely (it would've probably cleared on its own with about 1.5mm of clearance to the bevel gear but the pinion was sitting too high, so I moved the slotting down a bit while I was at it). I got about 14.5 rps pulling M140 spring in my M14 with stock gearing and 7.4V battery.

I would buy again if the price is lower. $25-$30 would be a more reasonable price.
by Bryan J. on 06/07/2013
"Just got this motor, and I was impressed with the trigger response and High ROF, for about 200 rounds. After that the pinion gear on the motor was stripped. Completely destroyed. I just ordered a replacement gear from another website that should hopefully arrive soon, but be wary of using this motor in conjunction with a LiPo or LiFe battery, because that higher ROF will shred that pinion gear fast. I have a flame 9.9v LiFe battery and it couldn't even stand up to 200 rounds worth of shooting. Overall, great motor, with a very disappointing pinion gear.

Pros: Fast trigger response, very strong and still fast

Cons: Weak pinion gear that will need to be replaced if you use higher powered batteries.
by Josh K. on 07/06/2012
"Great all purpose motor. I use it in my p90. works great for a 13:1 gearset and 110 setup for speed,
and m120 and 16:1s for field play.

Pinion gear is crap though. Broke within 100 rounds. Yes 100. 50+50.

overall pretty good motor
by jose jesus l. on 05/21/2010
"well this motor is powerful ,but when you make a product that is to perform ,you don't use nice product and then use cheep plastic on the rear of the motor !
i installed this motor with laylax gear and a real pdi 170% spring not the fake ones they sell now and try to make them sound like a pdi spring first of all pdi spring are teated so they dont lose any % through the life time of the spring second any spring that is silver of colored are junk !
i know this because i have been a tech for 15 year and pdi springs when in stalled right do not lose fps ,
i have aegs that are five year old that shot 400 fps with .25 5 years ago and to this day fire the same fps as the day it was built ,unlike silver springs or colored springs the thing with silver or colored springs is they can't be teated because of the type of metal , so don't be fooled .
ok so i put matrix motor in a customers weapon and it was in a mag p pistol grip motor plate was just right .
this is what get me about new parts is the people that build these parts ,if you know anything about airsoft aeg you would know that a powerful motor wants to twist in the grip so the bottom on the motor needs to be reinforced ,well the weapon shoot fine tell i head a awful sound that out of the 100 of aegs i have built this was a new sound but knowing the only new this i put in this aeg was this low end motor
well i took off the bottom of motor plate and the the bottom of the motor where the cheep black plastic held the rotor inline and also keep the bushes on the rotor ,the plastic blow up into 4 pieces .
now i can under stand if i was using a pdi 260% with a 11.1 v battery but this was a easy build ,so all i can say is until they reinforce the bottom of the motor i would stick with the g&p 160 or systema mag ,sorry if i have type o i have had a long 16 hour day but just thought you all should know and mybe they will fix this motor ,then again they might not care and keep selling junk ,i hope for you sake they fix this