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Matrix Magnum High Torque Performance Airsoft AEG Motor - Long Type

56 Customer Reviews

by nick s. on 11/23/2008
"do you think this motor or the matrix 3000 turbo is beter in an echo 1 wit a 9.6 2ooomah bttery wt do u think the rate of fire will be wit the magnum?
by Kip N. on 10/18/2008
"This is a great motor that is just as good as the systema for half the price. The magnum Works well for high torque or high speed. I use them in all my aeg's.
by Michael J. on 10/03/2008
"This motor will work fine in all Echo1 AEG. Magnum motors are not turbo motors where they spin too fast sometimes, so it pretty much will work for any spring from M90~ M170.
by Arthur K. on 09/11/2008
"Motor installation is pretty simple. Just make sure it is not TOO IN, or TOO out. You'll know what I mean.

take out the heat sink on the bottom of your pistol grip,

remember how the wires connects and aligns (VERY IMPORTANT)

Then disconnect the two wire (very easy)

Remove the motor, put in the new one, plug in the two wire.

Screw your heat sink back on.

Adjust the motor spacer. (If you screw it too deep in, it won't turn, slowly turn it outwards until your gun fires smoothly.)
by Joh M. on 08/16/2008
"This is a standard size long type motor. So yes, it will fit a M4 / M16 series and all the other variant such as Scar, FN2000, 416, SR-25....ect

Very high power motor, the magnet power is really strong, just like the Systema Magnum motor.
by Dave L. on 07/17/2008
"If you are trying to pull a high power spring get the magnum. If you are pulling / shooting under 360 then you can consider the turbo for higher rate of fire.
by wade f. on 07/15/2008
"awesome motor. after frying my stock ca motor i got this one. i no systemas are the best motors you can buy, but whenfunds are short you have to make do.

i got this motor for my ca m15a4 t.c with a buttload of upgrades. even tho it has a 120 spring, it works like a dream. very very fast rof. i intend to upgrade my spring later down the road
i would recommend this otor to anyone looken for a cheap motor with good perfomance.
by Karl A. on 06/27/2008
"Let me just start off by saying this motor rocks. It pulls my M120 spring back without a problem, but i would recommend a 9.6v battery to get a decent rate of fire with an M120. Yes this definately worth buying: its reliable, durable, strong and worth getting if you want your rate of fire back. A must buy!
by Jenny C. on 06/27/2008
"Works like a charm. Great increase of rof on my classic army M15. The only problem with this motor is its magnet strength will suck anything metal to your motor grip if it gets too close. Thats how powerful this motor is.
by Michael K. on 06/26/2008
"Yes, this motor have the same coil / magnet strength as the systema magnum motor. With torque up gear set and a 9.6V or above, it will pull a M160 with ease. make sure you shim your gears good and use a reliable piston at that type of high power.
by George W. on 06/25/2008
"This motor is STRONG! This motor is high torque and high speed just like the systema magnum motor. The magnet power on that motor is so strong my screw driver sticks to my gun's grip if they get close.

This motor probably have the strongest magnet power out of all the motor I used and I used a lot of them.

Get it! You will be impressed and see immediate improve on performance unless you already have a $90 systema which is around the same as this one.
by John R. on 05/06/2008
"Turns my M150 spring with a 9.6 volt battery with ease.
by Craig C. on 04/18/2015
"This is a great motor for the price! I buy these for the magnets because I just use the cans to build frankentorque motors. These magnets are on par with g&p devil jets, but they're about 90 bucks less. I highly recommend these for the magnets, but they work amazingly stock as well. My only suggestion and the reason for four stars is that the pinion isn't the best. Replace that and you have a great motor that will serve you well.
by Thomas S. on 05/13/2013
"I love the motor, the rate of fire increased on my P90 by a few rounds per second. I basically got this as a replacement motor and it works wonderfully, well worth the money! The only con is that it didn't fit in the P90 motor cage quite right, so the motor height is just a tad bit high for my liking. Still no screeching or anything like that, and it's only pulling an M115 so no gears will break.
by nick c. on 03/19/2013
"Well I'm not going to pull this motor out of the box and say "WOW THIS IS GREAT" without even installing it yet, like I did a year ago, but lets just say this motor has put down some really high end name brand motors in their place, I have run the motor on an Echo1 mp5 at 400 fps and 25-27 rps on a 7.4 lipo battery
and on a fully custom m4 at 330 fps and 35 rps. But enough blabbering, to the pros and cons

gives great ROF
pulls up to m130 springs +++++
great to have of you want a high speed build you can use in fields
lasts longer than your gun

On a 9.6 or any lipo the motor heats up really quick giving you a scare, however, its always fine

Overall:I would extremely reccomend this motor to any long time tech, or noob tech like I was when I got it!