Reviews: Matrix Magnum High Torque Performance Airsoft AEG Motor - Long Type

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Model: MO-Magnum-L
Location: D6-003 WO6-06 Y2-M10

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by Jeff M. on 2012-05-23 20:25:43
"This Motor is amazing. i Installed it in my M4 with ease, I also threw in a matrix m125 spring instead of the stock spring. This motor has no problem pulling it back even with just a 8.4v battery. It increased my ROF by about 5 bbs per second.
by Cole T. on 2012-04-14 20:47:53
"This motor is insanewho says you can't have high speed and high torque because this put out alot of round a sec this is also a seriously strong motor will stick to anything in it's way and does not wanna let go any time soon ether I have used it for a m140 and m110 the pinion gear is crap tho so get the guarder one over all this is a great motor you can 99% likely get 30rps with this motor if you had the right set up
by Walter C. on 2012-03-09 18:55:48
"Good motor and great price. Previously used a TM EG1000. I installed this motor along with an Guarder M140 spring and a 11.1 LiPo. With standard 18.72:1 gears, it fires and reacts quick.

Only complaint is that I had to swap out the pinion gear for the one that was on the TM motor. The stock pinion gear seemed to be made of a softer metal and was actually slightly too large to fit comfortably into the hole in the gearbox. Fitting the standard circular pinion gear onto the Matrix's half-moon shaft was no problem.
by Blake B. on 2012-02-16 21:32:25
"This is a flawless upgrade, I just slapped it in my gun and the firerate increased at least 10%. This piece is amazing and I reccomend it to all!
by erich p. on 2012-01-12 08:35:18
"very good motor!!! it gives your gun one heck of a boost no matter what battery! bought one for my echo1 p90 terminator with a 9.6v 5000mah battery raised the rof by a lot (you will definetly see the increase in rof insanely), and just bought another one for my agm m4a1 cant wait to install this beast.
by Lukas C. on 2012-01-05 20:19:52
"This thing is insane. Tore the crap out of a stock poly-carb piston. The trigger response is out of this world, not to mention the instantaneous high amount of torque. Pinion gear more obtuse that a usual pinion and the motors overall length is slightly less that a usual motor. I had to turn my motor plate in quite a ways. Do not get in a rush in installing this motor or it will cost you.
by Matthew H. on 2011-11-18 18:45:56
"copy that, the gear on the end of the barrel will wear quickly if not adjusted right. The motor is amazingly powerful and fast! strong magnetic pull, everything metal sticks to it. Once I upgraded my parts to fit the torque level this baby puts out, I was more than impressed. My gun sounds alot louder, but fires flawlessly!
by Jackson H. on 2011-05-08 13:55:01
"I bought this about 9 months ago and it still pulls my M130 spring with no problem. The rate of fire from this motor is also surprisingly 15~18 RPS (rounds per second). Best motor, Best buy, Most power. this motor also doesn't take out my batteries as fast as you may expect. My 2300mAh 9.6V last for 6hrs of play and i dont just sit in the corner not shooting. I run at least 2 400 rd high caps a game. (15 min)
by Chris W. on 2011-02-17 16:45:53
"this motor has a great amount of torque, and a great speed. i originally put this into my DMR to replace the JG red motor i put in, but as it turns out the JG red motor has alot more torque (better trigger response) so i left it in. i put this into a JG M733 for a CQB gun (280fps spring) and it rips. on a 9.6 i was getting about 18rps, and instant trigger response.

the only bad thing about this motor is the pinion gear. its angle is steeper than most pinion gears, so its much more likely to break a tooth (happened on the first one i got, sent it back got a new one), and makes the gun alot mroe noisy. it may go away in time due to wear, but i cant be certain on that.

id say just go ahead and get a replacement pinion gear when you get it. it takes the grub screw type, with a D shaped shaft, as opposed to the press fit ones on most motors.
by jose jesus l. on 2010-05-23 23:47:55
"powerful motor but the the motor should have had been built with CNC Machined End Bell the motor i bought from evike that is called matrix magnum .
i had a triple tuq up laylax gears 170%real pdi spring i have been a tech over 15 year even had my own shop year ago ,so i put the motor in and it rum smooth and very quit battery was G&P 9.6v3300 mah
after about 300 rounds i started fire one shot at a time then it sounded like broken glass and everything stopped .
so i took off the end of the butt plate and 4 black plastic parts came out out all the motors i have installed this i have never seen at all.
yes this is a powerful motor and yes the $ is good ! but this motor needs to be revised we did a test this is not even high grade Polycarbonate it is a brittle low grade plastic .
as soon as they fix this it will be the best motor for the money out there ..............
by jose jesus l. on 2010-05-21 03:17:06
"well this motor is powerful ,but when you make a product that is to perform ,you don't use nice product and then use cheep plastic on the rear of the motor !
i installed this motor with laylax gear and a real pdi 170% spring not the fake ones they sell now and try to make them sound like a pdi spring first of all pdi spring are teated so they dont lose any % through the life time of the spring second any spring that is silver of colored are junk !
i know this because i have been a tech for 15 year and pdi springs when in stalled right do not lose fps ,
i have aegs that are five year old that shot 400 fps with .25 5 years ago and to this day fire the same fps as the day it was built ,unlike silver springs or colored springs the thing with silver or colored springs is they can't be teated because of the type of metal , so don't be fooled .
ok so i put matrix motor in a customers weapon and it was in a mag p pistol grip motor plate was just right .
this is what get me about new parts is the people that build these parts ,if you know anything about airsoft aeg you would know that a powerful motor wants to twist in the grip so the bottom on the motor needs to be reinforced ,well the weapon shoot fine tell i head a awful sound that out of the 100 of aegs i have built this was a new sound but knowing the only new this i put in this aeg was this low end motor
well i took off the bottom of motor plate and the the bottom of the motor where the cheep black plastic held the rotor inline and also keep the bushes on the rotor ,the plastic blow up into 4 pieces .
now i can under stand if i was using a pdi 260% with a 11.1 v battery but this was a easy build ,so all i can say is until they reinforce the bottom of the motor i would stick with the g&p 160 or systema mag ,sorry if i have type o i have had a long 16 hour day but just thought you all should know and mybe they will fix this motor ,then again they might not care and keep selling junk ,i hope for you sake they fix this
by Matt B. on 2010-04-08 21:46:01
"I installed this in my BE Type-89 today and tested it out with an 11.1v Li-po and it makes the 3-round burst EXTREMELY sexy. I have my gun rewired with an AB-LONG-MOSFET and no Dean's connectors from the battery plug to the trigger contacts, so there is little to no electrical resistance. The torque on this motor is insane, it's harder to turn than my SRC Ultra torque motor. I highly reccommend if you are a semi-shot user or if you have a gun capable of 3-round burst.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 53 reviews)

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