Reviews: Matrix Magnum High Torque Performance Airsoft AEG Motor - Short Type

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Model: MO-Magnum-S

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by Samantha T. on 2015-06-05 14:24:41
"Works great. Put in my sig 552 w/ a m140 and an 11.1 lipo. Great for the price.
by Rebecca H. on 2015-01-05 12:28:42
"This motor was an excellent deal. It works quite well, while it works. Mine died after firing less than 600 BB's with an M130 and a 9.6v NiMh. So, if it works, it will serve you well. For me, it was a waste of 35 dollars.
by david f. on 2014-12-21 16:43:40
"I just pick up one today it is awesome 5 star all the way!!!!!!! What I big difference in the way my gun shot before! The old motor was hyper 1000! My gun sounds way better now! I would recommend is motor to any one! Buy it buy it
by Rene G. on 2014-11-29 21:04:45
"I purchased this motor for an AKS74U, and just got to installing it tonight. It is wicked awesome. The trigger response is very snappy and RPS went up from 12 to 17 using a 9.6V matrix stick type battery. I am very pleased with this motor.
by Cynthia R. on 2014-07-09 13:56:25
"This motor is great.... except for one thing. The screws in the back of the motor stick out a little bit too far to fit in the motor mount for my cyma m14. However i did a bit of grinding on the mount and it fits great and works like a charm. Thumbs up overall
by Marek P. on 2013-09-27 02:34:40
"Great motor!
I have the Umarex/Ares G36CV, and the pinion gear broke after just 100 rounds! So I replaced the original motor with this one. The rps is higher (just cant say how much as I dont have the chrono), and it works much more smoothly with my M130 spring and 9,6 NiMH.
Recommended product!
by James S. on 2013-09-16 13:11:11
"Dropped In My SL9 Along With A M120 Spring And An 11.1v 20c Lipo, And WOW!

Pulls That Spring Like It Was Just A M100!

Also Its So Powerful That It's Kinda Annoying Working Right Beside It, Keeps On Pulling My Screws And Screwdriver lol.
by Steven D. on 2013-04-11 15:28:05
"i bought this for my CYMA/Cybergun Galil and i have to say, its a great motor. I would recommend buying deans connectors to replace the stock connectors because the ones in my gun got hot enough that i had to wait til' they cooled down to disconnect the battery. The motor is great for a light "DMR" type gun. I have found that with a stock 8.4v battery and an m130 spring it could raise the fire rate. i dont know how high tension of a spring this motor is capable of pulling, but im pretty sure its up to an m180. anything higher than that, id get a systema magnum! If you are looking for a reliable motor that can out out a good bit of power even with a lower voltage battery, get this!!!
by Kelly C. on 2012-08-30 15:36:18
"AMAZING MOTOR, NUFF SAID! This thing is great for efficiency and trigger response while still providing a very respectable ROF. My custom G36C is shooting 21 RPS with an M120 spring and standard ratio gears and wiring! Excellent upgrade for those of you who run a small battery because it will last a very long time. I would HIGHLY recommend a small or large 9.6v battery or a 7.4v lipo because that will bring out the awesome performance this motor offers! Don't listen to those guys who worship SHS or JG motors, Matrix makes some very nice internal components! BUY IT!!!!
by James S. on 2012-08-26 09:25:53
"I have to tell you, Matrix Magnum motors are THE BEST! I absolutely love these things! I have bought 2 of them. A short type for my ICS L85, and a long type for a custom M16 build I did. The motor can pull an M130 like it's a nerf gun spring! I would use at least a 9.6V battery with the motor to get the full performance out of it. great trigger response, great ROF, and this thing has excellent strength! I would recommend Matrix motors for any upgrade or build!
by George S. on 2012-07-25 18:05:22
"This is a great motor if you want your AEG to pull a hard spring but still have good rps at a fair price. I think that this motor, as many others say, is comparable to $100 systema motors. I use a 10.8v 5000mah battery with this motor and a m120 spring and still shoot 28rps.

-Pulls a hard spring with good rps
-High quality motor for a fair price

-Needs a fairly large battery 9.6 1600mah or higher is what i reccomend
by Lisa H. on 2012-07-25 07:53:42
"What can I say, this is a great Motor I fitted this easily into my Echo1 Red star and it shoots way harder and faster than before, I highly recommend it to anyone.

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