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Model: AEG-AK-D1

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by Jonathan N. on 2016-03-06 19:07:55
"Bought this quite a while back. Works great if you are looking for starter on a dmr build.

Hits hard right off the bat
Accurate at distance
Built in sights are spot on (wish i could find the parts to add to my other guns)
Good weight to it (personally love Full Metal)
Add a scope and there's a cheap dmr

Low ROF (Rate of Fire)
Grip heats up after a while
Not too friendly for CQB games
Battery IS tricky (found it easier to just remove the stock and slide in the battery that way, but later found out you can easily take off the butt plate with a little bit of time, patience, and lube)

Other than the cons, I'd say it is a good AEG. Can sit in towers or vantage points for lovely views.
by Andrew B. on 2014-08-02 19:18:33
"This gun is great so far and cheap for how good it is. The only thing i dislike is the crane stock is slightly wobbly but nothing too bad and after you figure out the batteries and how they go in it really isnt too hard. I like how its is mostly metal except the stock and grip and orange tip. I really like its heavier feel because i just prefer that and with the flip down sights you can put any sight on it and not have to deal with an annoying front sight post in the middle of a red dot. I give it 5 stars
by James L. on 2013-03-19 18:04:19
"This gun is an absolute beast!!! I wouldn't trade it for any other gun.

Full metal
Extremely accurate
Great fps and rof
Crane stock is nice
Comes with a decent vertical grip
Good size

The battery is a bit tricky to get in
A little heavy

This is an absolute great gun!! I would definitely recommend it to any airsofter from beginner to master
by Brian Y. on 2012-06-14 13:48:21
"I bought this gun two weeks ago and it it really sturdy it won't break anytime soon.


Mags do not go in well for a long time until you break it in (takes forever)
Not accurate past 25 ft
Rails scratch easy
ROF isn't that high at all I find it hard that it has a high torque motor

Good field gun
by David S. on 2012-06-14 03:11:45
"Ordered two(2), very solid. Accurate with good range. only modification i've done is wired in silverback mosfet with active breaking. Running 7.4v 1400 mah li-po. Good ROF with this battery. have fielded these for last three months with no problems. Uses both high and mid caps. Chrono'd both yesterday, 435 fps(highest) , 423 fps(lowest) with .2's. Impressed.
by jacob o. on 2011-11-13 07:48:06
"i love this gun. it is a great gun and it is just enough for outdoors but is to high for cqb play (mine chronos at 400 to 410). i plan to upgrade it into a sniper/dmr with a 500mm inner barrel and 20inch outer barrel. here are pros and cons
high fps
ok acurcy at 150 ft
all metal (except the crane stock so what)
can fit alot of difrent size mags

realy big mag well(most m4 mags are kind of lose in it)
almost to small for outdoors
not that high of a rof
thats all i can think of
by Ryan G. on 2011-08-03 15:57:26
"I have had this gun for about 4 months now and I must say overall its a GREAT buy for begginer/intermediate airsofters. I tend to bring this gun along with me when i visit my local airsoft field and almost always dominate with it every time. xD

high FPS
great ROF
mostly metal except the stock and handle.
Sexy looking gun

Stock is a bit wobbly
mags tend to be loose(however its nothing to get worked up over)
a little heavy

But other than the few Cons about the gun its AWESOME i would certainly recommend it. 5/5
by Josh P. on 2011-05-21 08:13:06
"This is an amazing gun I got it a little later than it should have come but get it it is quite heavy but has a very good range. I recommend to use it with .25 gram bbs and if you do it changes the accuracy dramatically. I also put a matrix 6.03 407mm barrel in it and mine shoots like a dream, but if you do by a barrel extension of make one.. Do not use for cqb unless ure playing in a warehouse of town has to mush fps for houses and that's my opinion.

accurate with .25
great for experienced players
If you want more fps and accuracy get the matrix barrel.

by Kimberly B. on 2011-05-01 13:45:13
"All right, I got this gun on spring break and I love it! This gun is very, very durable and is fully metal. The only thing that is a little tricky is getting the battery In the stock but it's amazing. 1 day I was sitting in my garage and i was shooting the house in front of mine no problem. (the house is about 110 feet away and I had a not even halfway charged battery.) when I do wars with my friends they always complain that my gun is better than theirs. This gun is pretty heavy to my friends but to me it's perfect. This gun is a beast and I recommend it to anyone who wants to scare the crap out of their friends with a 450 fps high-powered custom gun. P.S the gun is worth the price
by Niall N. on 2011-03-23 16:26:33
"Ive had this gun for a long time and it is amazing. Affordable and extremely accurate, this gun is the one of the best deals on this website.

-Realistic feel

-High FPS ( around 415 for me)


-Perfect range ( can shoot a target dead on 160 feet away)

-Extremely front heavy

-Crappy iron sights i recomend getting red dot.

-Low rate of fire.
by derek d. on 2009-12-24 17:38:12
"i got this gun over a year ago ago and was was very impressed
and i still use it today it works the same it did then its the first high end AEG i bought and its amazing
i reccomend it to anyone who wants a strong realistic feeling almost perfect gun


high fps
great feel
alright rof
full metal (upper reciever feels like abs but im not sure its wierd)

for my taste the flash hider is not that cool looking
but thats it

overall great gun and like i said i highly reccomend it to anyone
by Alex K. on 2009-05-03 13:57:24
"Ok heres the deal i will tell the truth about myself and the gun.
Decent Accuracy
Good ROF with 8.4 Volt Battery (Charge for About 7 hrs)
Good RIS System
Full metal
No Curve On BB's

Too Much Accessories=Too Heavy (Silencer, Grenade Launcher,etc.)
No Manual Came With It May Be Hard To Use For Begginers Such As Myself

Don't be an idiot like me and leave you're battery hanging off the crane stock.(It snapped of for me)

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